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    Okay friends You know I m not one to write slam type reviews But there is just one way to describe this book I have never used this phrase before and I hope to never use it again But honesty is my highest priority here on Goodreads, and I have to say it This book was a HOT MESS Avoid this mess of a book, which was about elephants, psychics, and who knows what else, because I got to page 170 and threw the thing across the room I know there is supposed to be some sort of amazing twist ending to this story, but honestly these characters were so unlikable and so completely unbelievable that I truly couldn t care less what twisty ending I m missing here I ve never read this author before and now I have no plans to ever, ever read anything by her again I know that she is very popular, which is one reason why I m not holding back my feelings I m sure my little one star review will get completely lost in the shuffle of 5 and 4 star raves But I just need to say it HOT MESS HOT MESS.addendum As much as I disliked this book, I would never want to spoil the ending or give away too much of the plot for any reader wanting to take it on Please use a spoiler tag if you d like to comment on anything that could ruin someone else s reading experience I hate to delete comments yes, even the mean ones , but I will delete a comment if it contains a spoiler that is not hidden Thanks addendum 2 I can t believe I m saying this but I went back and finished this book at the urging of some very good folks who believed that the conclusion of the story would justify all the pain it takes to get there I have to respectfully disagree, however The ending, in my own opinion, was atrocious and manipulative and like so many have already said, view spoiler a complete rip off of The Sixth Sense hide spoiler

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    The most brilliant, moving, emotionally resonant novel I ve read in a long time Loved the elephants Loved the intrigue Once again, Jodi Picoult brings the magic

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    This newest Jodi Picoult left me a little dazed and confused Picoult used to be one of my sure bets for a great read and no one quite wrote like her This being said, I m not really sure what direction Picoult has been going recently Leaving Time was such a mixture of characters, stories and subplots that for me just didn t flow Maybe if I was an elephant fanatic I would of found it interesting To me it was like putting a nonfiction learning experience into the middle of a novel Throw in a young girl looking for her mother who disappeared when she was a child, a psychic who has fallen from stardom and an ex cop who prefers a drink,not to mention a murder, elephant stampede and dad in the mental institution Put them all together with the excerpts on elephants, weave a story and the blow it out of the water with an unexpected ending I almost put this one down halfway through but skimmed through it and I will say I did like the ending as strange as it was.I wish Jodi Picoult would just go back to dealing with people and human interest stories and just write a good page turner again.

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    I rarely read books about psychics, ghosts and the like But this was Jodi Picoult so I was always going to make an exception, as she is a favourite author As soon as this book arrived I put aside all others waiting here to read this One of the reasons I find her books interesting is she usually makes me think about an issue, and look at it from than one position Even when I do not agree with her stance on some subjects and I sometimes don t at least she makes me stop and think and consider whether there is another way of looking at things That said, I m not sure that is the case with this novel Yet it still got me in and I raced through it at breakneck speed as I usually do one of her novels She has a knack of capturing my attention and keeping it so I have no choice but to keep reading When I had to put it down I wanted to get back to it As so often happens, Jodi Picoult went with multiple narrators This is one of the features she does extremely well I liked the use of different narrators between Serenity the psychic, Virgil the detective, Alice the mother who disappeared when Jenna was a small child and Jenna I wouldn t say I am a particular fan of elephants but I liked the information fed in along the way about elephants and their habits There are several touching moments, mostly to do with the elephants As usual it is obvious Jodi Picoult has done a lot of research and so the story has that ring of authenticity about it, but I think her characters are strongly portrayed There is also a murder to be solved during the course of the story My one quibble is the ending For me the ending didn t quite work, but that could be a personal view Will I read the next book by Jodi Picoult Without a doubt, because she is always gets me in and I never fail to enjoy her books.

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    The author became so caught up in her mission to spread the word about the plight of elephants that she forgot about the plight of readers who expect a good story The end was full of cheap tricks to finish it off so she could tell you about elephants If that s what I wanted to read, I d have chosen the National Geographic Some of the writing is brilliant, lyrical, heart stopping That only makes it worse when you get to the end and feel like she s stuffed a page of marvel comics in to finish up so she could go on writing what she really wanted to write I m usually a Picoult fan, but this may be the last hurrah for me.

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    This review is based on a galley, an unpublished version of this book We all have things that we may do over and over again but question why we do them Sometimes we just can t help it This is the case with me and Jodi Picoult We began our relationship when I read Salem Falls and was happy with the characterization and the twisty plot I read My Sister s Keeper I read a bunch And started to realize that she loves using courtroom scenes with a surprise twist Somewhere, later in Jodi s career she changed her format from courtroom scenes and surprise twists to a researched topic with a surprise twist ending She picks a hot topic and decides to write a novel around it, doing research and creating a plot around it We have the school shooting We have the gay relationship We have the previous book, Holocaust themed Now we have a book revolving around elephants Yes, Jodi, we get it, you do a lot of research for your books and decide to exploit a hot button topic in your novels But try something different once in a while Why not write a simple family drama Why not write a book that doesn t seem super preachy about whatever topic you are prattling off about Okay, back to the plot A young 13 year old girl named Jenna is trying to find her mom Her mother has vanished and Jenna is convinced she is still alive She enlists the help of a washed out detective and a psychic named Serenity I enjoyed Serenity the best, she was the most interesting character in the book The mother had chapters talking about elephants which got less and less interesting as the book went on, and almost to the point where I wanted to skip it The surprise twist at the end While I did not see it coming, it was nothing new that hasn t been done Jodi, have you seen certain movies from the late 90 s early 2000 s Yes, they did that already Will I read Jodi s next book of course

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    I ve averaged my rating all things elephant related are 5 stars, with the people stuff being 3 stars Picoult uses her trademark multiple points of view to good effect in this novel, which has heart than some of her recent novels If you re not enthralled with elephants the way I am, you probably won t feel the emotional attachment to this novel that I did, beginning with the Alice s first section, written by the scientist doing field research on elephant memory and their grieving process A pretty hefty amount of disbelief suspending got me through to the ending count me among the population who is skeptical about psychics , and while I did anticipate some of the twists, the biggest one I did not Now I want to donate all of my money to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee Which I guess is something Picoult would be pretty happy for a reader to take away.

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    Thirteen year old Jenna Metcalf is determined to find out what happened to her mother, Alice who disappeared from her life when she was just three years old Alice was a scientist who studied elephants in Botswana, Africa from there she went to New England Elephant Sanctuary Jenna was eleven when she started actively searching for her mother, but getting someone to help her search would come at a cost, so she started taking up babysitting jobs Jenna had asked her grandmother for answers, but she wasn t giving anything away and as for Jenna s father he was catatonic in a psychiatric hospital, so Jenna knew she wouldn t get any answers from him.Together with the help from Serenity Jones who was a psychic and Virgil Stanhope a former detective, Jenna does all that she can to find the answers that she has desperately been trying to find in relation to her mother s disappearance But ten years is a long time and trying to piece together information from that long ago is proving to be a challenge for everyone Will Jenna find out what really happened to her mother all those years ago or will she be left with unanswered questions What a brilliantly written novel by Jodi Picoult I cannot begin to tell you just how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book The research that Jodi Picoult has done for this book really shows throughout this story and I found all the facts and information on elephants extremely interesting A compelling read that will keep you entertained right to the very last page And oh my goodness the twist at the end had me speechless as I did not see it coming If you re a fan of Jodi Picoult like I am then don t let this one pass you by HIGHLY recommended With thanks to The Reading Room and Allen Unwin for my copy to read and review.

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    It s been a long time since I ve picked up a Picoult novel I enjoyed the first few I read, but then got worn down by how formulaic they were Pick a topical moral dilemma, weave a story around it, throw in some court room action and hey presto a bestseller.Given it s been awhile, I was surprised to find Picoult has strayed from that tried and tested formula This book does not have a story worked around a moral dilemma, and there s no court room drama either Instead, well, there s a bit of a mess actually So there are two very different plot lines sitting alongside each other The first relates to Jenna, who decides to try and locate her mother who disappeared a decade earlier She enlists the help of a drunk former detective and a psychic who has lost contact with the spirit world Yeah, it s as bad as it sounds The other storyline follows Jenna s mother Alice, who worked first in Africa studying elephants, and later at an elephant sanctuary in the US I really loved the story lines with the elephants I give the elephants 5 stars, but I don t know enough about elephants to know how much of what Picoult writes is factual and how much is anthropomorphism The blurb of the book speaks of this book being about the mother daughter bond I get that with the elephants completely demonstrated with the examples from the elephant world I m guessing Picoult wanted the experiences of the elephants and of Alice Jenna to be reflective of each other but it doesn t really happen For us to believe in a bond between Alice and Jenna that transcends death we need to see that loving bond Instead, we see Alice regularly dump Jenna on others, or leave her alone, so her mother can attend to the elephants or The problem is we don t see Alice spend any quality time with Jenna or show that she loves her We see far love and concern for the elephants.My major problem with the book is that the two story lines aren t integrated well at all, and they read like two very different books with only the link between Alice and Jenna tying them together And I m feeling cheated by the ending, because those two disparate storylines suddenly make sense when you realise the author has set up the whole 400 odd pages just for the twist I m getting a little tired of authors who add a twist to their books and then demand all this secret squirrel business around not revealing the spoilers and blah blah blah Hey, once you put it in the marketplace people can talk about the book all they like So, if you want to know the oh so fantastically derivative twist without throwing money and time down the toilet, then voila view spoiler So After reading some 380 approx, give or take 20 pages we find out that Alice is alive, but that Jenna, the drunk former detective, Gideon the guy her mum had an affair with , and a whole host of other characters we were introduced to are in fact DEAD Sixth Sense anyone hide spoiler

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    Thirteen year old Jenna Metcalf had spent the last ten years of her life researching her mother, Alice s life learning everything she could about the mother who disappeared when she was only three years old Alice was a scientist who studied elephants, first in Botswana, Africa then at the New England Elephant Sanctuary in the US, where both African and Asian captive elephants were able to live out the remainder of their lives in a natural habitat, free from the chains of bondage.The Sanctuary was where Jenna had been born, where her mother and father Thomas Metcalf worked together, caring for their beloved elephants, and learning of the close familial bond which elephant families share Alice, Thomas and Jenna lived and worked with Gideon and his wife Grace, and Grace s mother Nevvie, all devoted carers for many years But one night everything changed a tragedy that no one had foreseen, and one which caused the culmination of events which led Jenna to enlist the help of strangers to find her mother.Serenity Jones was a psychic but her powers had been lost several years before after she famously gave the wrong information to grieving parents Virgil Stanhope was the detective who originally went to the scene of the tragedy ten years previously and had since left the police force As Jenna, Serenity and Virgil dug deeply into the past, trying to find information which had been missed by the police all those years ago, tantalising snippets began to emerge But what did it mean Were they any closer to finding out what had happened to Alice all those years ago Could Jenna get any measure of peace by knowing the answers I absolutely loved this book It is a wonderful story of love and respect, grief and loss plus the love between a mother and her child, be it elephant or human the telling is shared between Jenna, Alice, Serenity and Virgil This very moving and poignant story is full of mystery and intrigue, but the twist at the end of the book blew me away Absolutely brilliant, and something I most certainly did not expect Jodi Picoult has a winner with Leaving Time, in my opinion Highly recommended.With thanks to TRR and Allen Unwin for my copy to read and review.The link to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

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Leaving Time summary pdf Leaving Time, summary chapter 2 Leaving Time, sparknotes Leaving Time, Leaving Time 9e29b86 For Than A Decade, Jenna Metcalf Has Never Stopped Thinking About Her Mother, Alice, Who Mysteriously Disappeared In The Wake Of A Tragic Accident Refusing To Believe She Was Abandoned, Jenna Searches For Her Mother Regularly Online And Pores Over The Pages Of Alice S Old Journals A Scientist Who Studied Grief Among Elephants, Alice Wrote Mostly Of Her Research Among The Animals She Loved, Yet Jenna Hopes The Entries Will Provide A Clue To Her Mother S WhereaboutsAs Jenna S Memories Dovetail With The Events In Her Mother S Journals, The Story Races To A Mesmerizing Finish

  • Hardcover
  • 398 pages
  • Leaving Time
  • Jodi Picoult
  • English
  • 15 January 2017
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About the Author: Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is the author of twenty four novels, including the 1 New York Times bestsellers Small Great Things, Leaving Time, The Storyteller, Lone Wolf, Between the Lines, Sing You Home, House Rules, Handle with Care, Change of Heart, Nineteen Minutes, and My Sister s Keeper She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.Her new novel, A SPARK OF LIGHT, is available in hardcove