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  • Kindle Edition
  • 513 pages
  • Ordnance Went Up Front
  • Roy F. Dunlap
  • English
  • 15 August 2017

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    Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics Gen Robert H Barrow, USMC Commandant of the Marine Corps An excellent account from a man who served in the very crucial logistics field of the U.S Army Most casual readers aren t interested in reading about logistics They d rather have to drink blood I imagine, but logistics are everything to a modern military or an ancient one for that matter Dunlap served in the United States Army Ordnance branch during WWII He was in Egypt, New Guinea, Philippines and Japan during the war years An accomplished gunsmith and competitive rifle shooter before the war the Army actually assigned him to an area where his skills were useful The book is a fascinating technical account of the many different small arms rifles, handguns, machine guns, sub machine guns that Dunlap worked on German, British, Italian, American, Japanese during his time in the Army to include in depth descriptions of the ammunition used by the various factions However Dunlap was also a very capable observer and his writing is very interesting in it s detailed accounting of the day to day life of a soldier Dunlap wasn t in combat as a direct participant though he experienced artillery barrages, air attacks and so on , but he got up close at times and he got to visit some interesting places that many American troops never saw such as Durban, South Africa and Cairo because of his various postings If nothing else the book ,while a very good read, shows just how important logistics were in the war It s truly astounding the amount of work that went into repairing and salvaging firearms within the various theaters of operations The book will give you a real sense of the vast scope of World War II if nothing else.As a gun buff collector I also enjoyed Ordnance Went Up Front for the technical info Dunlap wrote the book shortly after the war and there is no nostalgia or excessive flag waving cluttering up his writing There were problems with the U.S Army and our weapons and Dunlap wasn t afraid to say so He wasn t a fan of the M1 Garand for example too heavy, eight round bloc clip, gas piston prone to rusting and he isn t afraid to say that he thought the British Army better than the American Army Dunlap was an educated man with a college degree His writing is readable and interesting Written in the late 1940 s there is ,of course, some politically incorrect aspects at least as far as the modern reader is concerned , but overall the book is fascinating It is heavily illustrated with photographs and technical schematics Now for the bad news The book was originally published in 1948 and then re printed in 1998 for the National Rifle Association Firearms Classics Library I got lucky a couple weeks ago and found one of the 1998 re prints in a local thrift store for 5.00 Either edition will set you back between 50.00 200.00 on most book selling sights on the Internet, but if you want to an excellent account of the logistical side of World War II this would be a good choice.

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    Good rifleman book Roy Dunlap was a legend to me before I read this book He is so now, with me having gained a great insight into how the bureaucracy of the army worked Roy showed that common sense and creativity really counted than all the drilling, marching and rituals did to win the war.

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Ordnance Went Up Front characters Ordnance Went Up Front , audiobook Ordnance Went Up Front , files book Ordnance Went Up Front , today Ordnance Went Up Front , Ordnance Went Up Front f0904 Dunlap Was A National Match Shooter And Gunsmith Before WW For Once, The Army Put The Right Man In The Right Job And Assigned Him To The Ordnance Corps Serving In North Africa And The Pacific Theater, He Made First Hand Observations Of A Wide Range Of US, Allied And Axis Small Arms, And Other Weapons And Ammunition After The War, He Recorded His Extensive Experiences In Ordnance Went Up Front, A Truly Classic Gun Book