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    Books published in France have famously boring covers, but the Babel series of paperbacks from Actes Sud is a pleasant exception I bought this novel or less entirely on the strength of the Audrey Kawasaki artwork on the front well, that and the title The author, Muriel Cerf, was still alive when I got the book in 2011 having just finished it after finding it half read in a box , I now discover that Cerf has died in the interim, aged just 61.She was a Hot New Talent in the 70s, after which she sadly spent most of her career trying to repeat the huge success of her first book, a Malrucian travelogue called L Antivoyage 1974 But she was producing work continually until the end and still selling with a writing style characterised by its fascination with intense emotions and sexual obsession, gifts which are well deployed in this novel.It takes place mostly in the paranoiac imagination of Gilles Morgenstern, whose wife Ariane has disappeared for a weekend with a female friend a trip which Gilles is convinced heralds the start of a lesbian love affair in which Ariane can find all the sexual fulfilment she never got from her marriage The tone is pitched somewhere between Jewish humour and languorous sexual reminiscence rather as though Woody Allen had adapted volume four ish of la recherche du temps perdu.Proust is, indeed, a presiding spirit over the book Gilles treasures his earliest memory of his wife as his own petite madeleine, and Ariane herself is introduced as a proustienne incurable And there are the long sentences though here the idea is about capturing the nervous flurries of Gilles s train of thought, often hilariously over the top, as in the memory of a teenage Ariane eating an ice cream voir comment, avec une langue dard e de crotale cette nymphette est un animalier elle toute seule , Ariane D arase spire par spire la froide ziggourat sucr e qui lui fond dans la glotte, oh mon Dieu, se dit il, la fellation doit tre quelque chose du m me genre et il ferme les yeux pour mieux voir la fillette ne d vaster qu une glace lorsque sous ses paupi res la petite langue s attaque, papillonnante, puis insistante et doucereusement lente et lourde, sur une verge dont elle sait tout les replis.which I will leave demurely and lazily untranslated I should point out that she s only 13 here and frequently classified as a nymphette and need I specify that Nabokov is another huge looming presence behind the narrative And he and Proust aren t the only ones Like a late Russell Hoban novel, there is a vast proliferation of artists and artworks that the novel references and draws on, including LiteratureColette s La ChatteShakespeare s Othello and A Midsummer Night s DreamIbsen s A Doll s HouseAlbert Cohen s Solal and Belle du SeigneurHenry Miller s Quiet Days in ClichyStory of OPetrarch Proust, toujours Proust Film The Seven Year Itch Billy Wilder La Grande Bouffe Ferreri Gilda Charles Vidor The Shanghai Gesture Josef von Sternberg Blade Runner Ridley Scott A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick Bu uelLuchino ViscontiArtHokusai s The Great WaveCourbet s The Origin of the WorldIngres s The Turkish BathRubens s Venus FrigidaNicolas de Sta lMusicGigliola Cinquetti s Non ho l et Elvis Presley s Heartbreak HotelFrancis Cabrel s Je l aime mourirBob Marley s Get up, Stand upBach s St John Passion and Goldberg VariationsNicolettaBobby SoloAnd I like books that do this very much, you have the feeling that you re being given access to this shared world that s been jointly created by every artist and writer and filmmaker that s ever lived It is interesting too to see a female writer applying herself so assiduously to inhabiting the male gaze, with long voyeuristic descriptions of Ariane, her underwear, and her imagined frolics with her girlfriend, that manage to be beautiful, ludicrous, sexy, silly, hilarious and moving, somehow all at once Women are capable of anything they can have ten orgasms in a row and then go and repaint the ceilings afterwards, frets Gilles, shuffling through his wife s copies of Cosmo It must be super fun for a woman to write a male character like this, and I must say I found it much less annoying here than when I read Portnoy s Complaint with which this book has some similarities.It s lightweight perhaps, but it s got some lush descriptions, lots of ironic perving, several good jokes and a delicious sense of its own literary and artistic ancestry Dec 2013

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