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Ishmael's Oranges chapter 1 Ishmael's Oranges, meaning Ishmael's Oranges, genre Ishmael's Oranges, book cover Ishmael's Oranges, flies Ishmael's Oranges, Ishmael's Oranges 5b856780869d9 It S April , And War Hangs Over Jaffa One Minute Seven Year Old Salim Is Dreaming Of Taking His First Harvest From The Family S Orange Tree The Next He Is Swept Away Into A Life Of Exile And RageSeeking A New Beginning In Swinging Sixties London, Salim Finds An Unexpected Love With Jude, A Troubled Jewish Girl Struggling With Her Own Devastating Family Legacy The Bond Between Them Flourishes In The Freedom Of The Age, Bringing The Promise Of Thrilling New Worlds But Before Long, Childhood Conflicts And Prejudices Reawaken To Infringe Upon Their Life Together, Pulling Them And Their Children Inexorably Back Towards The Middle East And Its BattlegroundsFrom Russia S Pogroms, To The Summer Of Love And The Middle East S Restless Cities, Ishmael S Oranges Follows The Journeys Of Men And Women Cast Adrift By War To Tell The Story Of Two Families Spanning The Crossroad Events Of Modern Times, And Of The Legacy Of Hatred Their Children Inherit

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    A goodreads giveaway book.A keen insight into the Jew Palestanian conflict and the way it affects human lives caught within it.I couldn t help compare it to the The Almond tree by Michele Coran Corasanti which handles the same theme from a different point of view The Almond Tree book deals with the story of an Arab who battles poverty and the strife in the country to rise above his stature, he makes his way to the US as a renowned professor and then comes back for his family who were unable to escape as he could Hajaj s story is about a Palestanian boy, Salim and a Jewish girl, Judith who are on the opposite sides of the strife They find love on neutral ground and attempt to build a life yet find their prejudices and differences constantly threatening their happiness.The Gist As a boy, Salim flees his house, forsaking his beloved orange tree in Jaffa when the war breaks out between the Jews and Palestanian Arabs To make matters worse, his mother leaves the family too, taking only their youngest sibling Rafan with her Years later, Salim heads to London to pursue higher studies and falls in love with Judith, with a story of her own Despite scepticism and stiff opposition, they get married and start a new life away from Israel, but eventually find themselves at crossroads, confronting their past and prejudices.What works The characters come alive in the pages and win the empathy of the reader This need to break away from the strife when everything else reiterates their cultural notions is done quite well.The story flows very well and offers a objective view and emotional repurcussions of the situation in Israel The narrative is powerful and the writing style is smooth.What doesn t The pace is a bit slow in the beginning, the letter in the beginning did not make sense till I read the end and then I had to read the beginning chapter again to make sense of it But that highlights explains the skill of the writer and credit to her for handling such a difficult subject with such tact.In a nutshell, a great read, well written and offers an interesting perspective on a conflict that needs to be documented in literature.

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    How can I start reviewing this book It s this kind of book that you end it with an ache in your heart, I believe in this case because the story still continues in real life It s a story of a boy, with a kind heart who got lost in the life he grew up to live That s a simplified version of the book But when the reason he is torn is the loss of a home and a mother, the pain is magnified I really felt that Claire wrote this book from the heart, from a pain she has endured This made me resonate with it, and feel the pain too It s one of those heavy, must read books.

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    The premise of this book is pretty solid I was really looking forward to reading it However, it failed to deliver I can t quite understand why It maybe down to writing style,but it was just too slow Disappointed.

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