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Mateguas Island (Mateguas Island #2) summary Mateguas Island (Mateguas Island #2) , series Mateguas Island (Mateguas Island #2) , book Mateguas Island (Mateguas Island #2) , pdf Mateguas Island (Mateguas Island #2) , Mateguas Island (Mateguas Island #2) cb194be382 What Could Be Idyllic Than To Live On An Island Off The Coast Of Maine That S What Bill Andersen Thought When He Moved His Family To Mateguas But Mateguas Is Than Just Pristine Beaches Nestled Between Rocky Shores No, Mateguas Is Really Something Quite Different Surprising Twists And Turns And A Powerful Old Box Filled With Magic These Are The Elements Of A Fine Horror Story That Slowly Builds Its Plot With Believable Protagonists And Engrossing ColorAny Who Like Horror Stories And Gothic Fiction Will Find Mateguas Island An Exceptional Read Diane Donovan, Senior EBook Reviewer, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW The Human Drama And Supernatural Dread Intertwine, And Watkins Keeps The Reader Invested In Bill And Karen S Fates PUBLISHERS WEEKLY A Fast Paced And Unpredictable Story That Is Both Spooky And Entertaining Mateguas Island Is An Absorbing Horror Tale And Is Highly Recommended Jack Magnus For READERS FAVORITE OUTSTANDING NOVEL IN HORROR SUSPENSE, IAN BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDS FIRST PLACE AWARD In CONTEMPORARY GOTHIC, PARANORMAL AWARDS, CHANTICLEER REVIEW GOLD MEDAL WINNER, SUPERNATURAL FICTION, READERS FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARD COMPETITION Honorable Mention In General Fiction, HALLOWEEN BOOK FESTIVAL, LA

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    I m throwing in the towel at 43% The internal monologues on every single page are killing me No joke Half the book comprises of these characters basically talking to themselves Add to that the douchecanoe parade of players The asshole husband and bitchy wife The slimy guy and girl conveniently trying to destroy their sham of a marriage And don t even get me started on the twin girls Holy shit If my kids ever spoke the way these two kids do, I would run away screaming So unrealistic it s frightening than the book itself Which, by the way, isn t scary at all No plot, just boring boring dragged out storyline that really isn t any story worth reading I m done Zero ninja bunnehs ARC provided by NG for an honest review Thank you, NG

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    Mateguas Island is a crisp story for a stormy night when the house is creaking, rain is rattling the window panes and you know Something is Out There.It certainly is Out There on Mateguas Muh tug wus , an isolated island off the coast of Maine It s ancient, spectral and greedy, preying on a vulnerable family The author, Linda Watkins who lived for some years on an unhaunted Maine island makes sure her readers and the family feel the sense of isolation and hear of an ominous local Indian legend She opens by implanting a cascade of questions in her readers minds then takes her sweet tension building time to provide the answers and the horror behind them

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    Have you ever read a book that was so bad it actually made you angry each and every moment you read it I can t explain why I felt compelled to finish this book and I wish I could take back that time and do something enjoyable like flossing or clipping my toenails My faith in Goodreads has declined significantly if this is the 26th best Gothic novel of all time Seriously The WORST book I have read this year.

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    A dark, rainy Boxing Day in Devon What can you do Grab a horror story and a Baileys and lose yourself to a stormy night on an isolated Maine Island Sounded a very good idea to me Only trouble is, I m not sure this is the great read I d hoped it would be It appears to have been written by thesaurus for a start you know the kind of thing, constant finding of different words for the same thing Annoying, once you ve spotted it And the povs Good God Not everyone can have a pov in the same scene, even the same sentence It s cheating and weird And has the author ever heard of the theory of less is I don t need to be told that a woman with her head in her hands crying is feeling desolate I think I could have worked that out for myself Damn I will probably finish as it s a short novel and it s still raining, and with enough Baileys I can read anything As usual, I ll update when done.Okay, 50% down and I can t read any I ve tried Hell, Turner and Hooch is on the telly oldies watching it and even that was entertaining than struggling with this appallingly written and boring book I mean, what s with the povs Not only do they swap person in a single sentence, suddenly you get this While Karen was enduring another experience in the woods, Bill and the girls were building a sandcastle Who knows this If it s Karen s pov, she won t know about the sandcastle, and if it s Bill s Oh, so we have an omnipotent narrator as well Huh 50% and nothing has happened Nope It s Turner and Hooch, then Tom Hanks in weird 1980 s black Y fronts Okay, I ve just looked at the reviews for this book on Goodreads Am I in an alternate reality universe Seriously, 5 stars for this That s scary than this book Hooch has just been shot Hell, that s scary than this book.

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    I received this book as an ARC for review on L.S.K Sweetheart Reviews and BOOKS TO CURL UP WITH BLOG This is the story of the Anderson family Do to the downward spiral of loosing his job Bill moves his family across the country to an island Where he has inherited a house from his aunt Thinking of this a new start they move to the island, Not knowing what they were getting into As they arrive on the island old feeling of mistrust and abandonment start creeping up on themKaren and Bill are keeping secrets from each other Terri and Sophia are in the middle The girls find a old box full of secrets As the secrets continue to mount and the legends come true Will they make it off the island but better yet will they make off the island alive This story had me from the second page of the book The characters are well written, Miss Watkins weaves a terrifying tale of native American lore Keeping me in suspense the whole time This book had me staying up late into the night Reading with the blanket over my head There were some parts of the book that you wanted scream at the book Watch out get out of there , Run away now I had goose bumps in some spots If this is a first book for Linda, I can see great things in her future She did a great job in every aspect of this novel There aren t a lot of authors that can keep me engaged in a book Linda did that for me The characters were all consuming even the secondary characters So if you want a great book that will keep you reading all night long , Check out this book , I don t think you will be disappointed I know I wasn t

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    When the evil deeds of those who came before pass into legends Truths become distorted and the horror fades with each telling The reality of the past becomes nothing than a campfire story Every once in a while, though, the thinly veiled truth seeps out and even the innocent cannot be protected from the oncoming storm Reeling from the loss of his job and trying to mend the growing cracks in his marriage, Bill Andersen moves his family to the isolated island home he has inherited from his aunt All hopes of a happily ever after fade as pieces of the true legend come to light Mystic symbols and hidden relics may spell doom or be the key to salvation Linda Watkins delivers a frightening read that only gains in intensity the further you dare to go Building on a Native American Legend, Linda takes a simple cautionary figure and devilishly twist it into a macabre nightmare that any one would be lucky to escape The perfect read for those who take their wooded strolls with a dose of terror.

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    What is it about Maine So many tales of horror and suspense seem to happen in Maine, it shouldn t be surprising to find another one This is the story of Bill and Karen, forced by the recession to leave their comfortable life in California and move to an old home on an island off the coast of Maine Linda Watkins describes the island and its people with the charm and insight only a resident would have It was fun to see the island through the eyes of Bill s family as they traveled to their new home.I instantly liked Bill, who bravely tried to keep his family together and their spirits up in spite of the hardships they had suffered I instantly disliked Karen, who seemed the shrew, always there to criticize dampen his efforts Their twin girls exploring their new world led us into the what I thought was a subplot, but turned out to be much .The characters evolved with changing circumstances on the island It wasn t hard to understand Bill being drawn to the seductive and scheming Maggie I almost welcomed seeing him find some happiness in his life But as Karen s character develops, and she works to overcome her resentments and keep her family together, I found myself developing a growing respect for her This would have made an interesting drama by itself But that was when the evil forces began to emerge.If you like eerie tales, tastefully understated, this is the book for you From the first goose bumps when you learn of the old Indian woman s death to the final conclusion of this book, Linda Watkins keeps you mindful of that macabre presence waiting for you just beyond the shadows where things can and do turn deadly.I, for one, hope there are Mateguas Island books coming.

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    Bill and Karen Andersen are taking their twin daughters to their new home on Mateguas Island, where locals jest about the Rabbit King who ruled the Land of the Dead Once there, things take a turn.At first, it is simply small things disappearing and the onset of bad dreams However, matters worsen and despite the desire to stay, the family must face the awful truth that that not all is at it appears to be.Coming on like a classic and blending the finest elements of Amytiville, The Wicker Man, and James Herbert s Magic Cottage , this slick psychological horror transcends its genre to speak directly to the reader with a highly polished subtext.The beauty of this book is the theme of past and ancestry We all have a past, and the weight of our ancestors can weigh heavily at weak points between our world and the next The actions of the creeping shadows represent that primal, almost animal, part of ourselves, and as the terror increases so is reason, and the trappings of civilization stripped away, to reveal the vulnerable people within.This will achieve instant cult status with fans of David Pinner and Anne Rice, and those who like the works of Poe and Lovecraft will love this.

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    This is everything you would expect from a great horror book I read it in two days because I couldn t put it down You know when you really like a book, when you are sad to that it is finished That s how I felt when I finished It was fantastic and he had me on page one I m expecting a movie now It was a another excellent novel by Linda Watkins I enjoy her writing style Good summer read and a must read

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    I was immediately transported to this rocky sea side setting, and the sense of isolation was conveyed easily I enjoyed the exploration of the old house by the children, as it was reminiscent of my childhood explorations of my grandparents 1800s farm house There is just enough suspense to keep the reader hooked, but no gore or violence that is sometimes found in suspense novels I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good page turner to curl up with

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