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Lets Be Frank files Lets Be Frank , read online Lets Be Frank , free Lets Be Frank , free Lets Be Frank , Lets Be Frank 0dd0d2765 Nate Bingham S Successful Career As A Pediatric Nurse Provides Plenty Of Personal Satisfaction And An Endless Supply Of Lollipops , But At The End Of Every Day, He Comes Home To An Empty House He Claims He Wants Domestic Bliss A Wife, Some Adorable Booger Munchers, And A Pooch But So Far, A Picket Fence Existence Has Eluded Him Is Finding The One Really That Difficult, Or Is Nate Sabotaging His Own Chance At Happiness When His Obnoxiously Perfect Older Brother, Nick, Announces His Engagement To The Only Woman Nate Ever Came Close To Marrying, Nate Decides He S Ready To Do Just About Anything To Secure His Own Happily Ever After Even If That Means Sliding On Some Skinny Jeans And A Pair Of Fake Specs And Tricking The Chick Lit Reading Public Into Believing He S Their Latest Overnight Success It Thrills His New High Maintenance Girlfriend, The Real Writer Of The Books, But Her Interests Soon Become Nate S Smallest Motivator In The Venture And That S A Major Complication That Doesn T Fit Into Nate S Tidy Five Year Plan

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    Nate Bingham is a children s nurse, who is looking for his happily ever after His brother, a doctor, announces his engagement to Nate s ex girlfriend, and the whole family, especially their psychiatrist parents are alert to signs of emotional angst When Nate starts dating Frankie, he finds out that she s a fledgling chick lit author in search of an alter ego, and the emotional angst quotient jumps up a notch or ten This is a funny and playful story, which has lots of heart too The twists and reveals are such fun, whether they take you by delicious surprise or whether you guess them ahead of time Although a few scenes feel a tiny bit forced, the vast majority of them sparkle The author has a way of taking you right into the drama so you can see it, feel it, and I think that has a lot to do with her vivid characters and the tension often played for laughs between them The occasions where Frankie and Nate meet each other s parents are really entertaining.I m a huge fan of Nate I don t think any reader could resist falling for him He s in touch with his feminine side than any character I ve known, but at the same time he s all man, which is a very attractive mix I m looking forward to reading stories by Brea Brown.

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    I started this book after reading about it in my Book Bub email and I made it as far as page 15 What I thought I was getting Nate Bingham is than ready to settle down, but he hasn t found The One When he s talked into posing as a bestselling chick lit author, he lands in a scheme that could make or break his search for happiness An irresistible tale about finding love where you least expect it summary from Book BubWhat I got This is a book about Nate Nate is a whiny guy who seems to be embarrassed that he is a nurse and thinks he should become a nurse practitioner, but it is just so much work and would take an entire year While looking for his boss after seeing a patient, he runs into her and is embarrassed because he didn t buy her house when it was for sale Then the day ends and he rushes home to get ready for a blind date He takes a call from his brother on speakerphone so he can shower at the same time His brother, Nick the handsome and masculine doctor, invites him to his engagement party on Sunday it is Friday in the book Nate thinks he is joking, but Nick is serious and tells Nate that he is marrying Nate s former fianc e, Heidi Nate says he isn t mad and is just so happy for them Seriously All in about 15 pages Whiny Nate is just too much so I am done This book may be your cup of tea, but it wasn t mine I am just grateful that it was free it is currently available for free download for Kindle.

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    Brea Brown s latest book will grab you from the very beginning I loved the fact that it was written from the perspective of a man and applaud Ms Brown s ability to create such an endearing main character We follow poor Nate on a difficult journey to happiness, filled with bumps and pitfalls, and frankly one character that I wanted to throttle It may seem a little odd to wish ill will towards a fictional character, but that just confirms Brea Brown s creative talent Because of a disastrous romantic history with an uncomfortable amount of involvement from his family and the resulting fear that he will spend his life alone, Nate forces himself to continue in a tumultuous relationship with the incredibly manipulative Frankie But when he meets Frankie s best friend Betty, he realizes that there just may be hope for his mangled heart Various hijinks ensue and we are brought to a very satisfying ending I highly recommend reading this witty, charming and delightful novel You won t be disappointed

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    When I sit down to read a novel I have three things in mind that will, almost without fail, make me at least respect the writer, if not downright love the book In Let s Be Frank Brea Brown continues to garner my respect and love for her writing by 1 Telling an engaging story 2 Creating believable characters and 3 Leaving the reader satisfied but wanting Plus, she throws in a thoroughly likeable and completely human leading man, a couple of folks to drive him crazy, a few surprises, and lots of laughs along the way I appreciate these things as a reader, especially not seeing the biggest surprise of all as it hurtled toward me The only negative thing about this book is that, despite my efforts to savor every word and put off the inevitable, it does eventually end I m hoping Let s Be Frank is just the first in a looong series.

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    Bravo Brea Your blood, sweat and tears have paid off on this one I adore your work and this book was the icing on the cake Great job I laughed, cried and cursed And your mention of Dog the Bounty Hunter cracked me up as did many other parts of this book Keep up the great work, as I appreciate what you do I was left wanting I couldn t wait to see what happened next but then was sad when it ended thank you

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    To quote Nate the main character, she figured out the thing that good writers do that keeps you saying, One chapter, after every single chapter Brea Brown, the author of this fantastic book, definitely kept me up way past my bedtime I am looking forward to tackling of her books soon.

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    I enjoy the idea of chick lit from a male perspective Nate was a likeable character, many women s perfect man, but in an adorably awkward way He was SUCH a pushover, though It just seemed unrealistic and made you dislike him for playing the martyr all the time That part of the story really bugged me.

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    It took me a bit to get into this one It felt like everything was either over explained, repeated or just drawn out I hated the way Frankie treated Nate and Betty, but when it came down to it, they allowed the treatment to continue so I couldn t find any sympathy for them.

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    Funny Nate was a quirky and interesting character, definitely too much of a pushover But he was so endearing with his pathetic ness Loved it.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE What a FUN book, and so original I adored this book.

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