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    The novel was integrating but at the same time boring, I love this topic aviation mystery but I had to keep myself reading there was little flow The information was great, Fred Goerner s trials to get what little facts he could out of the government and the locals was groundbreaking I could be that I m reading this book 40 years after it was written, but I couldn t get in the grove of the story line and I feel like I could have just read the last chapter and been satisfied.

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    Fantastic book What a ton of research this man did Not for a minute do I think he was on the wrong track, he was just given the run around for many good reasons by the US Govt and Military, because he was on to something that was being suppressed Then once the reason why it was suppressed no longer mattered govt wise, it did matter that they no longer had the much of the evidence and probably couldn t explain to a modern world why any of it happened as it did They possibly could have saved Amelia and Fred Noonan, but it would have put the US in the war in the late 30 s and the country wasn t having it at the time If you like war history lot s of the information would also be interesting to you Too bad the writer never saw a conclusion to all his tedious research and travel.

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    It took me awhile to work through this book I am fascinated by the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan But I struggled to get through this book.If you are a fan of American naval history, you will probably enjoy this book There were a lot of names, dates, and locations thrown at the reader I struggled to keep up with all the extra information discussed in the book.But it did do one thing Caused doubt in the belief that AE and Fred simply had been lost at sea The author found convincing evidence to perhaps prove another theory It was interesting to read about that.I m sure we will never know what happened that fateful day But it was interesting reading about a very probable theory.

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    In 1960, reporter Fred Goerner heard that a woman from Saipan claimed to have seen Amelia Earhart on the island in 1937 This set off a four year search for witnesses who could corroborate the story and hopefully solve the mystery of what happened to the flier and her navigator when they went down in the Pacific He finds his search hampered by government red tape, military bureaucracy, and corrupt locals But through it all, he begins to piece together a probable story of what happened that July day in 1937.This book was published in 1965 There are many things that have come to light since then that throw doubt onto Goerner s hypothesis, but the book is quite an interesting story There are lots of adventures to exotic places, exciting discoveries that end up to be dead ends, and interesting people to meet Though at times Goerner seems a little braggy and the book drags a bit, overall he comes up with a very fascinating hypothesis and it made me want to know about Earhart s disappearance.

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    The disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan has fascinated for decades Theories abound that their plane crashed and sank in the Pacific Ocean, or they wandered onto some remote island and became castaways, or that Amelia began a new life under an assumed name In 1960, a woman told a story of having seen the two fliers on her native island of Saipan, and claimed that they were held prisoner by occupying Japanese forces Thus began Fred Goerner s six year quest for a final, definitive, answer.During his search, Goerner traveled to the island and interviewed any natives old enough to have been alive, and aware, in 1937 He found many supporters of the woman s story not all of the information was identical, particularly the question of how Earhart and Noonan may have died, but there was enough similarity to convince him that he was on the right path During the span of his investigation, he also contacted representatives of the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard in an attempt to piece together the government s potential involvement in Earhart s flight The the military refused to assist him, the determined he became and convinced that there was a cover up involved, that Earhart was on a spying mission to determine the extent of Japan s fortifications in the Marshall Islands.Parts of the book read like a novel, and at times he is a bit too self congratulatory, but Goerner s research was exhaustive, and he presents a plausible scenario for the last leg of Earhart s flight There is no way to know, for certain, whether or not his depiction is accurate, but it is as believable as anything else The disappearance of the aviatrix and her navigator will likely remain a mystery and continue to draw theories, but this book is thought provoking and worth a read, even after 50 years.

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    Great, informative read on the disappearance of Amelia Earhart After reading Georner s evidence and conclusions it s hard to fathom an ending to Amelia Earthart other than her going down in the Marshall Islands after being sent to spy on the Japanese, being held captive in Saipain and dying there And it s even harder to believe that the government didn t know about it.

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    An excellent account of the search A clear, interesting, active book describing Fred Goerner s hunt for evidence about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart But for the occasional bad word I would give this book five stars A must read for anyone interested in the Earhart mystery or historical archaeological mysteries in general

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    Fred Goerner dedicated years of his life researching the mystery of Amelia Earhart s disappearance on July 2, 1937 He uncovers so many unbelievable facts, but it s very disturbing to realize that Japan and our government have chosen to leave the truth buried in classified files Her last days must have been terrible and I feel so sad because she was an incredible person

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    Goerner s personal search for Amelia, and clues as to what happened to her Great stuff, and cool photos also If you are at all interested in the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, this book is the place to begin.

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    Even if Goerner was on the wrong trail, the description of the U.S s pre war relationship with Japan and post war dealings with Saipan is fascinating I enjoyed following Goerner along as he tried to solve this mystery.

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