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Beyond Bridalveil Fall pdf Beyond Bridalveil Fall, ebook Beyond Bridalveil Fall, epub Beyond Bridalveil Fall, doc Beyond Bridalveil Fall, e-pub Beyond Bridalveil Fall, Beyond Bridalveil Fall 834f1029657 Oria Is Celebrating Her Eighteenth Birthday In Yosemite Naltional Park When She Goes Into The Pool At The Bottom Of Bridaleveil Fall, Only To Come Out Beyond ItIn Another World She Learns She Is The Golden Queen Fairy Of The Ahwahneechee Tribe, And That She Is A Shapeshifter Here The Dwellers Of Ahwahnee Fight The Evil That Tries To Get Into The World Of Man Will She Find Her Soul Mate In Grey Wolf Or Is He Than He Appears To Be One Thing Is For Sure, With All The Magic And Shape Shifting Happening, Only The All Knowing Grandfather Can Guide Her Through The Evil Beyond Bridalveil Fall

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    BEYOND BRIDALVEIL FALLS Is the first book in this amazing series by author Sheryl Seal The story begins with a young girl who is destined by her tribe to be Queen of the Ahwahneechees There are wonderful descriptions of Yosemite National Park, and as our heroine, Oria, learns of her future as a shapeshifter, she also finds love with Grey Wolf As her grandfather teaches Oria about her heritage, there are sprinklings of wisdom throughout that add authenticity and a magical feel to this book that kept me reading well into the night.BEYOND ORIA FALLS is the next book in this Native Paranormal series, which is next on my list to read I highly recommend BEYOND BRIDALVEIL FALLS A well deserved 5 stars

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    Beyond the Bridaveil Fall is the first novel of the Dwellers of Ahwahnee series I have the luck of reading the first three novels of the series all together, so my review is written considering the entire series The first book of the story starts with Oria, a normal girl who discovers, the day of her 18th birthday, that she is special Her grandparents guide her through a magical process that transforms her into a heroine In the background, author Sheryl Seal manages to deliver us a beautiful landscape of the Yosemite National Park, where the story is set Oria will be aware of herself and who she is, as a Golden Queen of her tribe Unluckily, despite her lovely encounter with a charming male character, not everything is good to Oria, who will be forced to face the evil that wants to destroy the world she now belongs to Beyond the Bridaveil Falls is a brilliant novel for all ages, but I would recommend it especially to teenagers due to the precious messages that author Seal delivers being a young adult and find the real self might not be easy nowadays Oria did it with the help of her family despite of all her troubles, and I think this is a great inspirational model for everyone.Kudos to Mrs Seal for the amazing magic creativity in depicting a new dimension and for her grace in the writing style, which is something above the average.

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    From the first paragraph, the author creates a world where you will be totally engrossed in this wonderful and imaginative story.The book takes place in Beautiful Yosemite National park and is interwoven with the history of the Ahwahneechee tribe The eighteen year old Oria learns on her birthday that she will be a shapeshifter and a Golden Queen to this tribe that lives Beyond Bridalveil Fall.There is plenty of Native American wisdom from the grandmother and grandfather who teach Oria to become the ruler of her nation.She also meets Grey Wolf and her powers are tested as a queen and in the fight for her soulmate.This is the first book in the series of The Dwellers of Ahwahnee It is a fast paced and spiritual journey and a great beginning to the series I look forward to book two Beyond Oria Falls.I was given this book in exchange for a hair and honest review.

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    Highly Recommended mystical book Author Sheryl Seal has written an inspiring read in Beyond Bridalveil Fall.The Native American wisdom delivered by a grandfather of the Ahwahneechee tribe, teaches the young new queen about her heritage and how to become a leader Oria has much to learn but with the help of her new shifter friends and family becomes strong.The Dwellers of Ahwahnee series is a journey which starts in the beautiful mountains of Yosemite and goes Beyond for a magical action packed adventure.I really enjoyed the relationships between Oria and her family and how the author interweaves the Native American history with this coming of age story A pure love story develops with Grey Wolf and Oria and I can t wait to see what will happen next with the two young shifters

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    I have never been to, Yosemite National Park, but can picture it now, just as I can picture all the beautiful scenery written about in this novel I am so happy I chose this book to read I love any story involving Native Americans and also like mythical stories and this novel gave me both The romance was also in the mix and was told in a tender way This combined with a great story, which was well written in vivid colours has me now buying Beyond Oria falls I hope to read many of this author s novels She is a very gifted storyteller and one who will hopefully be rewarded for her excellent work.

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    I enjoyed the manner in which the Author depicted the heroine going into the water and emerging into a different world I also enjoyed the good VS Evil in the story, it gave it a realistic edge.If you enjoy fantasy reads then I recommend this It is a well written and well rounded read.

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    This story takes place in Beautiful Yosemite National park and there is great history of the Ahwahneechee tribe Our heroine is eighteen year old Oria and she learns on her birthday that she will be a shapeshifter and a Golden Queen of the Ahwahneechee which live Beyond Bridalveil Fall Native American wisdom from the grandmother and grandfather help Oria become a great ruler of this tribe There is also a love interest with Grey Wolf who says the Great Spirit has sent her to him With a great Ale thrown into the mix there will be a battle to control the Beyond A spiritual journey with a beautiful setting, the author has caught my attention with this series I was given this book to read for an honest review and I look forward to book two Beyond Oria Falls.

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    Masterful, magical storytelling Oria is a wonderful character who suddenly has to deal with incredible responsibilities, find and understand her power, all while falling in love typical teenage girl stuff but this is no typical story The reader is taken to an extraordinary world, one we could explore forever The pages speed past and I found myself trying to slow down to make it last longer Along the way there are surprises, wisdom, magic, excitement and much beauty What a pleasure can t wait to read the next one

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    This story, Beyond Bridalveil Fall Dwellers Of Ahwahnee , is very well written and the plot is perfect I totally love it I admire the author dedication for writing an incredible story This story grabs my attention from the very start of the book and couldn t put it aside till I finish it It was a wonderful read From me, I will definitely rate this book and the author s hard efforts a 5 STAR I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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    Native American Inspiration Beyond Bridalveil Fall by Sheryl Seal is a captivating read The Dwellers of Ahwahnee series promises to be a magical and mystical series as a young new shifter and soon to be Queen of the tribe rises to power The journey is action packed and beautifully described as the reader travels to the Beyond for a native paranormal adventure I was gifted a copy for an honest review and highly recommend Beyond Bridalveil Fall

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