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House of Korba (The Ghost Bird, #7) chapter 1 House of Korba (The Ghost Bird, #7) , meaning House of Korba (The Ghost Bird, #7) , genre House of Korba (The Ghost Bird, #7) , book cover House of Korba (The Ghost Bird, #7) , flies House of Korba (The Ghost Bird, #7) , House of Korba (The Ghost Bird, #7) 9dbc18d146bf9 It S Homecoming Week At Ashley Waters, But Sang Sorenson Has A Lot On Her Mind Than Dresses And Crowns Silas S Troubled Past Full Of Secrets He And His Team Thought They D Buried Comes Back To Haunt Him, Threatening To Ruin EverythingSilas Tries To Deal, But Guilt Weighs Heavily On Him And Sang Realizes She Might Be The Only One Who Can Help Him Keep It Together Bomb Threats Have Increased They Are Followed At Every Turn The Principal Is Resorting To Drastic Measures To Make Sure They Re All Going To Be Kicked Out Pushed To Their Limits, Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke And North, Along With Other Members Of The Academy, Have Finally Had Enough This Time, Academy Members Are Brought In To Help Hunt Down The Culprit, And Keep Everyone Safe It Ll Cost The Boys, But In The End, Even A Bittersweet Victory Is Better Than DisasterThis Time, They Re Getting What They Need All It Takes Is Learning The Line Of When To Let Go, And When To Never Give UpThe Academy, Together

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    You are probably wondering, if this series is bad, and i hate it, why do i keeping on reading it It s simple curiosity is a bitch And between us i m reading this for the eye rolling and the lols This is ridicules, come on This is the SEVENTH BOOK, THE SEVENTH and what is happening NOTHING that s what.Honestly i m baffled by the high ratings Lets see Sang sneezed lets write a chapterSang needed new panties another chapterSang kissed a boy another chapterBut Sang liked that boy too and the other one and that one too and she held hand with that one and she slept next to that other boy ANOTHER CHAPTERMaybe, MAYBE, if this series was written better i might have liked them I mean the fundamental plot is there but there is so much going on and it s like the author has the attention span of a child anything and everything is interesting for about a chapter then she moved on There isn t any focus on anything And everything seems silly and unbelievable 7 books wow How is that even possible to have 7 BOOKS and you solved NOTHINGBecause of what i wrote aboveIf the characters showered, dried themselves, dressed and ordered pizza BOOOM BAAAAM half of the book is gone why Maybe the editor didn t know what he she is doing Maybe there isn t even an ediot I m just guessing here and honestly i couldn t even bother to go and find out Ugh and don t even get me started on the characters WHAT IS GOING ON Honestly worst characters ever And Sang wow i can t even find words for her What is this get a backbone girl She can t even tell when she s hungry the boys have to tell her she have zero opinions O.o God this is horrible and just disturbing All of them are a bunch of 16 years old kids KIDS The oldest is 19 and he acts likes he s 50 highly unbelievable and horrible events and characters I m all for mystery and spy books but this is just plain stupid Will i ever recommend this to anyone HELL NOOOO Will i read the next million books of this series maybe because i m a masochist and likes to torture myself, and besides i wanna know this horrible disaster s ending If it ever will Random thought Alot of people HATES on twilight but when you think of it, it s really good regardless if the language isn t for your highness s liking, but nevertheless it was good 4 books and tons of things happened and alot of things were solved and alot of issues were presented I actually like twilight, and those so called books are not really any better Which makes me wonder about this high rating and maybe it s about what other tells YOU to like and not like hmmm i m NOT comparing those books together They are completely different i was just trying to make a point about what is mainstream in books world.

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    Will Silas finally have his chance Guess which hot football player is nominated for homecoming king That s right, Silas Will Sang be nominated for Queen Ooo, how cute would their dance be Living situation Woohoo, Sang is outta her house and into Nathan s.Shopping Another fun shopping scene with Sang and the guys looking for formal wear Gabriel helping her get dressed is one of the best scenes Sang and Mr Blackbourne meet up with flirty Dr Green for everyday clothes shopping and Mr B picks out a date dress first Volto I ve got some respect for this cheeky little bugger, he s one step ahead of the game He seems to know an awful lot about what s going on with The Academy and of Mr Hendricks s plans for Ashley Waters High School.Danger Who keeps making these bomb threats during homecoming week Oh yeah, local abandoned churches are being set on fire too.Silas s family What s up with Silas s brother and their past Humor Luke and Victor team up for a prank on Silas Gabriel licking her, If I lick it, it s mine Sang trying to steal Silas s body heat while in bed.Hotness Victor s abs Nathan stealing kisses with her and cuddling on the sofa A hot bathroom scene with North In the kitchen with Silas The closet with Gabriel.This is a must read If you ve made it this far, you know you just gotta keep going You re hooked, addicted, in love, whatever you wanna call it, you need to have this book.Silas Sweetie, you better believe if I have to run, it s going to be me chasing after you.

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    I was this series 1 fan, until this book Sang s timidity is way overkill at this point Gotcha, she was extremely sheltered Gotcha, she is shy and unsure However, if we are to continue to believe that 9 guys are falling over themselves in love with her, we HAVE to see substance from her character I mean, seriously She doesn t even know when she is cold or hot, when she is hungry or not The guys tell her to put on clothes clothes they picked out, bought, and packed for her no less or to eat and drink This is getting ridiculous and a chore to read at this point.

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    My order of the boys 1 Mr Blackbourne MY MAN 2 North3 Dr Sean Green4 Kota5 Silas 6 Luke7 Victor 8 Gabriel9 Nathan

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    BEFORE READINGGive us something ANYTHING A blurb, a teaser Have mercy and dish something out already, Please on my knees AFTER FINISHING sigh these books are so ridiculous it s hilarious but so addicting it s embarrassing I remember when I finished reading Push and Shove and I read the excerpt for House of Korba I feel the need to say that shrieking and squealing were low key compared to what I did After that day stalking was also a nice term to what I did to this book It became at least a weekly obsession that only got worse with the nearing release date So to say I was excited was to put it mildly Sooo you can imagine my disappointment when I read this and all it basically englobed was Academy business It feels safe to say that we don t read this because of the Academy plot Pish posh, we read this for the sole well, not literally sole , like 9 reason of the guys I know everyone reads this for that exact same reason, no other Don t deny it, the truth will set you free So yeah, like I was saying, this book was scattered all over the place.It had one too many plots Volto, the fires, Theo, the bombs, Mr Henricks I feel like I m forgetting one Every scene was interrupted by something and I feel that took away from the magic that these books have because come on, these things have to be voodooed to have me coming for every single damn time This is actually the first time in a review I critiqued them It s not that the others didn t have flaws God knows they did but I never felt the need to elaborate because they fulfilled that need in me of never having to choose between guys.

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    We have an official date October 27, 2014 I can t wait for this one

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    Ok y alllet s be honest.None of us who are reading this series really cares about the scary drama It would be a lot better if there was just one bad guy instead of 4 or 5 We want all of them to fall in love We want the relationships to progress.Unfortunately, this did not happen in this book There was a lot of external drama that took away from the growing relationships I appreciated the look into Silas s life but I feel like the drama with his brother could have been put in a later book, after the whole Volto thing got resolved.In a weird way, this series reminds me of LOST where there is a lot going on and drama is introduced without much being solved We got rid of Jade That s about it so far.All of that being said, I still enjoyed this book Silas is amazing His interactions with Sang are careful, like he is extremely aware of how big he is and how small she is in comparison He doesn t want to break her and it is so incredibly cute North is jealous and protective in this book which suits him I love that he is playing the protector role because I guess he was the first to really fall for her But goodness, view spoiler I wish his kiss had been a lot hotter In a bathroom That vanilla Really He had the opportunity to do the hot forget your name hands pinned up against the wall overwhelming heart stopping kiss and he didn t He bites her neck and pins her to the bed in the last book and he just barely kisses her in this one Ugh I keep waiting for something aggressive and dominant from him and I so wanted that in this book hide spoiler

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    Rating between 1 and 4 starsWhat i ve learnt reading the Ghost Bird series I m a bit of a masochist Fiction is an amazing thing where there is leftover bacon I have no shield against cuteness I m rooting for unconventional relationships I might have a soft spot for super pretty heroines Having 9 boyfriends seems really difficult to handle I m so thankful that authors exist.

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    I read this slow and it still went by so very fast In all honestly, I wasn t expecting half the things mentioned in this book until the next one So I m very happy with how fast it progressed Blackbourne is such a softy and he s not making it easy not to fall in love with him Some of our favorite friends foes are back Silas hot blooded Greek perfection Pranks Gabriel licking people Dr Sean swoon My boy love order has been updated 1 Dr Sean always 2 Mr Blackbourne3 Victor Gabriel4 Silas Luke5 North6 Kota7 NathanDo I really have to wait for till April until the next one I don t know how I ll survive Re read 10 13 15 10 14 15

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