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William & the Missing Masterpiece pdf William & the Missing Masterpiece , ebook William & the Missing Masterpiece , epub William & the Missing Masterpiece , doc William & the Missing Masterpiece , e-pub William & the Missing Masterpiece , William & the Missing Masterpiece 41681f69804 The Mona Cheesa Painting Is Missing, And Only Cat Detective William Can Solve The Crime Debonair Cat Detective William Finds Himself At The Center Of A Mysterious Theft When The Mona Cheesa Is Stolen From A Parisian Gallery Can William Put The Clues Together And Solve The Crime Fans Of Helen Hancocks S Penguin In Peril Won T Be Disappointed In This Hilarious Tale Of Cat And Mouse

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    Although I didn t like this one quite as much as Penguin in Peril, I still enjoyed it After all, it features William, a very smart and observant cat, and an art related mystery that has a pun or two The book s pencil and gouache illustrations are lively and will bring smiles to readers lips When a famous painting goes missing, William is quick to go to work finding out who is responsible for the theft I enjoyed watching William follow his suspect, but didn t really care for his side trip to chat with his artist friends since that distracted me Readers may not surprised at how things are wrapped up in the end, but they will enjoy the journey I ll be looking for from this talented woman from the United Kingdom.

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    I read a description of Helen Hancocks work as being ostensibly for children which strikes me as a very appropriate description I loved this book and giggled my way though it William is dashing with a hint of Inspector Clouseau The plot is somewhere between a Cary Grant movie and an episode of Scooby Doo Dry wit and cheese puns abound.Of course, this means that even though you ll find this on the picture book shelves, and it is filled with bright joyful pictures that kids will like, there is a lot going on in there that might not click with younger readers Sort of like the Muppet show, where I m still just now getting some of the jokes.

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    Loved the wordplay in this story

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    Tr s dr le Slightly too wordy for my usual storytimes, but would work well with older preschoolers or elementary age kids.

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    William the cat is about to go on a much needed vacation when he receives a frantic phone call from a museum in France where the most important painting has been stolen So much for vacation Off William goes to Paris to help solve the mystery He finds a few clues at the museum but decides to take a walk and eat some lunch While he eats lunch he catches sight of a strange character He follows this strange individual until it s time to attend a party he promised to attend At the party he sees a very strange piece of art that he realizes is an altered version of the stolen painting William the cat for the win Cute story the illustrations are static and child like and the numerous cheese references will fly over children s heads.

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    William the Missing Masterpiece Helen Hancocks William bears a startling resemblance to our own reading buddy, Calder Alexander Eno, who is a very big cat He d be even taller than William , I think, were he to start walking about on his hind legs William is trying to solve a mystery about an art heist during the Cheese festival Calder is mysterious and is named after an artist All of the humans and some of the cats in our house are crazy about cheese.There was no way we weren t going to love this book.Library copy

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    Libro per bambini gradevolissimo, storia semplice e immediata dal finale meno scontato di quel che si direbbe Mi hanno steso le illustrazioni, con la chicca dei quadri famosi riadattati al mondo felino, e la quarta di copertina con quel bel micione bianco e nero che nella vita fa il detective.Ottima lettura per tutti i bambini e specialmente per gli amanti dei gatti

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    Fantasy 2014 This is an excellent book to share with kids The main character is a cat named William who needs to find the missing Mona Cheesa The story is humorous for children and adults The story has clues within the pages to try and lead you to guessing who stole the painting which I really enjoy and think makes the story even engaging.

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    Had been meaning to pick this up for a while I have a soft spot for children s books about art or set in museums art galleries or libraries I liked the colourful, expressive illustrations, the setting in Paris and the clues scattered throughout which will get children engaged in predicting who the baddie will be.

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    This was rather a clever and fun read The mystery was easy enough for an eight year old to work out although the kittens were baffled My only complaint would be whoever put black type on a medium blue background must not be over 40.

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