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  • Paperback
  • That Stranger Next Door
  • Goldie Alexander
  • English
  • 22 April 2018

13 thoughts on “That Stranger Next Door

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    Disclaimer this is not my own review, but a review from Elli, who doesn t have a Goodreads account Goldie Alexander s novel is set in a rather overlooked period in Australian history the post war era of the 1950s and the outset of the Cold War Early in the story, we learn that the stranger of the title could be Eva Petrov, the victim of what came to be known as the Petrov Affair Teenage readers who are unfamiliar with this twentieth century event will discover political values and religious issues that are very different from today s ideals and philosophies Teenagers themselves, however, have not changed Heroine, Ruth is perplexed and challenged by the same sort of issues as her contemporary readers, the opposite sex being the obvious one Ruth is a Jewish girl but her love interest, Patrick, is a from a prominent Melbourne Catholic family It s like Romeo and Juliet all over again without the bloodshed and the poison, but with plenty of drama Elli HousdenEnglish Teacher and Reviewer

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    The premise is good but this book is an example of the dangers of self publishing The writing was jolty, some scenes were unnecessarily lengthy while others needed to be explored further A good editor and publisher would have found these errors prior to publication.I couldn t finish the book which is a shame because the concept was excellent but alas, the execution poor.

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    An enjoyable YA read that has a bit of mystery, history and romance in the plot.

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    Synopsis it s the 1950s Melbourne is still reeling from WW2 When a mysterious woman moves in next door, Ruth is convinced she is a Soviet spy.

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That Stranger Next Door characters That Stranger Next Door , audiobook That Stranger Next Door , files book That Stranger Next Door , today That Stranger Next Door , That Stranger Next Door ca8df In , Melbourne Is Still Reeling From WWII, The Cold War Sees Suspicions Running High And The Threat Of Communism And Spies Are Imagined In Every Shadow Year Old Jewish Ruth Is Trying To Navigate Her Own Path, Despite Her Strict Upbringing And The Past That Haunts Her Family A Path That She Wishes Could Include Her First Love, Year Old Patrick But The Rich, Catholic Boy Is Strictly Off LimitsWhen A Mysterious Woman Moves In Next Door In The Dead Of Night, Ruth Becomes Convinced That She Is None Other Than Eva Or Evdokia Petrov, A Soviet Spy And Wife Of Famous Russian Defector, Vladimir Petrov

About the Author: Goldie Alexander

Goldie was born in Melbourne just before the 2nd World War Her parents had migrated from Poland in the late 1920 s, and when she was small, she hardly spoke any English Her earliest memories are of a time when young children were allowed to wander the streets without anyone worrying too much about them getting into trouble.Her first four Young Adult books were Dolly Fiction novels published un