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The Soul and the Seed chapter 1 The Soul and the Seed, meaning The Soul and the Seed, genre The Soul and the Seed, book cover The Soul and the Seed, flies The Soul and the Seed, The Soul and the Seed 35d2dd63bba77 Aranka Is A Moderately Normal Teenager Until Those Who Hold True Power In Today S World Decide She S A ThreatThe Accepted Image Of The Modern World Is An Illusion A Clandestine Force Usurps The Desires And Emotions Of Individuals, And Those Who Won T Conform Must Be Crushed To Preserve The Appearance Of Free Will Aranka And A Few Others Stand In The Way, Not Because They Are Rebels, Just Because Of The Fluke In Their Genes Those With Power Will Stop At Nothing To Protect Their Supremacy Aranka Is Kidnapped And Forced To Watch As Her Fellow Prisoners Are Killed One By OneA Small Band Of Outlaws From Every Corner Of The Globe Fight To Free The Captives And Preserve Their Own Freedom Kenyen, A Young Doctor, Ventures Into The Heart Of Oppression But He Can T Stop The Terror He Just Wants To Save One Life In The Process He Uncovers The Seed, The First Flicker Of Hope In A Thousand Years

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    Emotional Wow The characters in this book are like real friends I miss them already I wish I wasn t done or it was longer or something.I guess it is supposed to be dystopian, like Divergent or The Hunger Games, but this is a lot realistic It s right now for one thing, not in the future, and the society is like now, except for some secret cult that pulls the strings of power Not really sure if this is for teenagers because it is a lot intense that most teenage fiction You can so easily believe that this world is out there, right now It made me look over my shoulder and shiver like 1984, except with better characters and action Even when people who look like elves show up in the story it feels plausible because the multicultural characters prove that there are legends about elf looking people all over the world in vastly different cultures The argument is that if a myth is that widespread it must have some truth to it If you ve ever wondered why everyone from Vietnam to Ireland has myths about elves, this book has one amazing answer Everything in there logically fits and makes for a great story.I stayed up way later than I should have and read it almost without stopping I need the next one.

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    Premise When you were in high school, were you one of the popular girls Always hanging with your clique discussing superfluous things and giggling and making fun of those you deemed inferior Or did you not belong in any groups and mostly kept to yourself Maybe drawn to a person or two but never beyond that What if there was a scientific reason for that It s just a normal day for 16 year old Aranka, who s never been one of the popular gals or belonged to any cliques She and several of her classmates are subjected to some medical tests at school and, well, that s when things start getting weird Positives The book has a premise I am sure a lot of people out there can relate to, old and young, so it has a wide range of an audience The fact that the action does not take place in the future but in the present day has great value to me somehow it s much easier to imagine a fantasy book in another time and place, so this is a true challenge Throughout the book, the author presents the life of Aranka in a way which can t help but make you relate to her Every action has just the right pace and emotion It is just fast enough to keep you turning the pages The way the reasons to why those things are happening to Aranka and her friends are presented is so beautiful, like little pieces of a puzzle they are informative to a degree, but leave you begging for The Soul and The Seed is filled with new, believable concepts, and once all the pieces fit together, you can truly imagine our current world being explained that way, as well as past history So much stuff you know is justified so well under such a different light that you can t help but get carried away with the what if s The first third or so is thrilling, exciting, disgusting, sad It shows the best and the worst in people As the book progresses, you almost watch Aranka grow up and grow strong despite being so fragile and struggling the whole time The combination of strength and weakness makes this a very real character And the depth of this character makes you care about her and what she goes through and what comes next You get a great idea of who the other characters are and what moves them again, you relate to them in one aspect or the other Each has their own voice and personality The Pronunciation Guide at the end was a pleasant surprise and shows the author s dedication in creating and developing a whole new language Negatives The book s beauty and strength of character lies in its progression, and this is where I think the synopsis fails It practically ignores the first third or so of the book, which is so important, influencing the reader to possibly not experience this progression in such an enjoyable manner I think that by adding different voices to the narrative besides Aranka s, the author managed to give a whole new dimension to the book I would however have changed the chapter division I would have only changed chapters when the voice changed, leaving the current chapters as subchapters Having the same name title chapter after chapter wasn t very appealing to me The ending was pretty disappointing to me I would have preferred a bit closure to the book, even though there is a sequel Conclusion The Soul and the Seed was one of my fastest reads for good reason It is the very definition of a page turner If not for real life interference, I would have read it in its entirety at once I did enjoy the first half or so of the book than the rest Discovering Aranka s struggle and inheritance was a thrill view spoiler As soon as she and Jace started arguing about strategy and they went out to look for other Kyrennei for some reason I lost a bit of interest, but not by much hide spoiler

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    gripping, set in present time with both ancient and futuristic storytelling I like the concepts which are fresh and very interesting basically a good versus evil tale, with very interesting developments A young girl protagonist and an adventure set in rural areas Very realistic with the problems that a rural setting would have, both advantages and disadvantages This author obviously knows and cares about rural families and the geographical area, making it very interesting to the general population, and so to the small town folk of america The story is fantastic, and hits on topics of current interest ebola super virus, homeland security and terrorism, and divided political factions try it, you will like it.

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    Arie Farnam s The Soul and the Seed is a promising start to an exciting new fantasy series I m not even sure where to start for this review, because there were so many things I enjoyed about this book I guess I should start by saying put aside any expectations you have about genre before reading this book Yes, there are elements that many would point to and say, This is YA fiction, or, This is another dystopia novel, but this novel transcends those labels The Soul and the Seed is a well crafted tale, full of dynamic characters and showcasing some of the best aspects of fantasy literature world building and meaningful social commentary by way of holding up a fantastical mirror to our own world This is modern fantasy, with no vampires or werewolves or inane teenage romance, and it succeeds where so many similar books fail.The core of what makes this novel is its focus on characters, and the way these characters stories feel so real It s this attention to detail on the level of characters that makes it easier to fall into the world of The Kyrennei Farnam creates characters that are flawed, full of emotion, and that invite the reader to consider the gravity of what s at stake in the pages ahead.The narrative starts with Aranka, a teenager whose inability to meld herself into what society expects makes her an outcast When she and some of her classmates get pulled out of school, amid claims of a dangerous outbreak, Aranka discovers that she s part of a new generation of the legendary Kyrrenei, an ancient race of people that was exterminated by their rivals, the Addin She s held as a prisoner by the Addin, who want to stop the reemergence of the Kyrrenei by any means necessary When a member of J Company, a secret organization sworn to fight the Addin, comes to her aid, Aranka becomes part of a resistance fighting for the very soul of her people.I was pulled into the narrative early by the sincerity in Aranka s voice, along with her intelligence and humor She s a character with a lot of depth, both mentally and emotionally, that seems to be sorely lacking in many teenage protagonists I cared about what happened to her over the course of the novel, and when I finished I couldn t stop wondering what was in her future I was especially fascinated by her later in the story, when the introduction of other characters viewpoints makes many of her thoughts and actions inscrutable to the reader Some of her biggest moments are shown through the eyes of another character, and, in this case, I actually found that to be a plus her actions spoke volumes about her character, and I didn t always need to hear her interior monologue to experience her growth over the course of the novel.The second narrator, introduced in the fifth chapter, is Thanh my favorite character in the book Thanh is a Meikan, one of the people whose ancestors were allies to the Kyrrenei in ancient times, but he has a hard time relating to the traditions of his people Meikans live in very tight communities, and they re forced to practice their ways in silence as part of an old treaty made with the Addin Thanh doesn t participate in prayer with other Meikans, though he does respect their devotion He s had a difficult life, full of tragedy and loss, and he struggles to understand his relation to the modern day practices which Meikans continue to participate in as a way of carrying on their heritage When he comes face to face with one of the legendary Kyrrenei, something he once believed to be a myth of his people, Thanh s left with even questions than he had before I really enjoyed the chapters narrated by him, and I was fascinated by his reflections on religion and his place in the world as he s struggling to adapt to the mythological made real.The world building aspects of the novel were my other favorite parts The plot moves at a good pace, but Farnam manages to inject pieces of the language of the Kyrrenei and their ancient oral tradition Some of the most fascinating moments in the novel come when the reader is given a glimpse into the history of the Kyrrenei even if it s only a few lines of an old prayer or a brief dream sequence where Aranka sees into the past These elements never bore the reader, and there s never a point where the text is burdened by their inclusion I wanted to see of it, because it really added depth to the world of the story, but I got the sense that there s plenty of this to come in future installments of the series One of my favorite scenes in the entire novel was when Aranka begins to have ancestral memories of the Kyrrenei and finds that she is able to recall their ancient verses, which had been lost due to the efforts of the Addin to erase the Kyrrenei from history Speaking of the Addin, I did wish they d featured in the story a little However, like I said before, I m guessing that they ll be expanded upon later in the series.If I had one complaint about this book, it would be the rather abrupt ending There s still plenty to be resolved after you get to the final page, and some readers might be bothered by that For me, this was a minor thing and didn t really change my enjoyment of the novel at all I don t always expect to have everything wrapped up neatly for me, especially with a series I m just glad the next book is coming out soon, because I would have been going crazy if I didn t know when to expect it.I could go on, really There were plenty of great character moments in the novel, I liked the dialogue, and I think it struck a good balance between fast paced action and evenly paced character building moments The bottom line on this one it s an impressive debut from an independent author, a story filled with genuine emotion, and it sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting, epic adventure The Soul and the Seed isn t a perfect book, but I m giving it the highest marks because it presents a fantasy world that is wondrous in its own way, while still accomplishing the important feat of making us take a hard look at our own dark world.

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    Where do I even start All I have to say is WOW I am completely blown away I haven t read a book this thought provoking, this unique, this captivating in quite some time Aranka Miko is just your ordinary misfit living in La Grange, Oregon with her brother, Elias and her father, Adrian One day she and a few other classmates are told they have contracted a mysterious illness and are abruptly carted off to the hospital and quarantined When she finally pulls through the dreadful infection she is not the same Her entire world has been turned upside down, and nothing about her life will ever be the same again.I just can t get over how compelling this story was First off, I was utterly terrified throughout the entire first few chapters Like sitting at the edge of my seat, biting my nails, afraid to turn the lights off It was just that good And I pretty much stayed that way throughout the entire story There were a few parts toward the middle that lagged a little bit but by lagged I really mean they were just less exciting than other parts and the history these sections provided were honestly vital to the background of the story and that is literally my only minor complaint about the entire novel This story was so unique It just felt so real And I think that s what terrified me the most Everything about this book feels like something that could really happen at any given moment in time Or perhaps it already has And that is a very scary thought indeed The author s characterization was amazing She crafted genuine, distinctive characters who made me feel every emotion Aranka was just extraordinary Both courageous and vulnerable Resilient and fragile Her journey throughout this book was truly awe inspiring Right before your eyes she grows from a weak, weary victim into a rebel Someone willing to put themselves in danger s way to fight for her people I think what was most touching was just how much her fight to survive in both the beginning and the end of the novel truly mirrors the ever resilient human spirit And Kenyen My heart bled for him I still can t imagine how he mustered up the strength to remain undercover in that lab day after day, knowing he would have to watch and participate in the horrible atrocities being inflicted upon the very people he wanted to protect Will there be a love story in the future for him and Aranka I m not sure, but I really loved the chemistry and comradery between these two and I desperately hope for the development of something Jace was the perfect leader Rugged and straight forward I loved how the author illustrated the true bravery he showed by giving his entire life to fight the Addin cause, but at the same time highlighting the fact that most of his victories have been won by standing by and doing nothing J Company was a beautifully dysfunctional rag tag band of oddballs and I loved the bond they shared and that they represented a unique variety of cultures and ethnicities Cho and Rick were some of my favorites The world the author created was quite breathtaking and I truly admire all the hard work and research that went into making it authentic The writing was simple yet poignant The details were thorough but not overwhelming I am waiting on bated breath for book two and I just can t say enough good things about it One of the best indie books I ve read thus far I don t know why it isn t sitting on the top of the best seller s list, but I plan on spreading the word This book is truly a must read

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    I just finished this book on Sunday morning, the day after I got the 2nd and 3rd books at the author s book release party So I m really happy that I can immediately start the second one and find out what is happening I waited to get the paperback because I wanted to have the book on my shelf, so it took me a little longer to finish the book and write my review.This book is not too long but it really brings you into the world created by the author and the characters lives I grew up in Eastern Oregon and I loved the setting of the book and the descriptions of the Grande Ronde valley and the little roads on the mountainsides where the characters lived One of my favorite things about it is that the story offers an explanation for our society s vast complacency in the face of real social justice problems Of course it is a fictional, somewhat fantasy dystopian present it s not set in the future, it s now conspiracy theory kind of explanation But still, I immediately felt a connection to the author disclaimer I ve known her for many years and to the characters when the topic of the Addin and keeping the world in line came up People not rocking the boat, fitting in, and at the same time covering up historical atrocities and trying to control other people just really tugged at my sense of justice I see many parallels in real society The main character is great A lot of people have compared this book to YA fiction such as the Hunger Games and Divergent I have read the Hunger Games trilogy and I would say that Aranka is similar but also very different from Katniss She is a great character in part because of her vulnerability People adults and teens will identify with her as she s an average kid in a little town in the country But she is also special, and when she is dealt a huge blow by being forced into something she never imagined, and learning about her specialness that she never knew about before, she is strong enough to stay in the fight and stand up for other people and especially children like her I m excited to see what happens in the next two books in terms of her growing into her new specialness you ll have to read the book to know what I m referring to Like the author says in the back of the book, the story doesn t fit well into any one genre But that is completely fine with me I love how it brings in a little fantasy not exactly elves but tying in legends of elves with the true history in Aranka s world and also some sci fi mind control conspiracy genre, if that is a genre I am an avid reader and I m sure I ll finish the next two very quickly and be able to review them soon I hope Arie keeps writing because I know I ll want books when I m done with these.

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    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book was a good surprise, I really liked it.The mythology is believable, although at this point, it s not really mythology any, but history and reality The world building is really good and well thought out.The characters are compelling They are all interesting, have volume These are characters I would love to spend time with, in order to get to know them better.The story keeps us in suspense The pace is just right, not too slow in order to keep the reader on tenterhooks, but not too quick either so that he still gets the time to register all the discoveries, changes and events happening.The writing style is also impressive It s fluid, well written I have only one regret, it s the ending of this book It feels like the ending of a chapter and not the ending of a book I know the book is supposed to be part of a series and therefore cliffhangers are to be expected But I believe that books, even if nothing is resolved by the end of it, making space for the following ones in the series, still need some kind of closure, which I did not feel at all here I was totally taken by surprise by the end and even wondered if I was not missing a few chapters.But all in all, this book is a great read and I can t wait to read the following one.

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    Definitely begin reading this on your weekend.you will be up too late devouring it Set in today s world, Aranka is an average 16 year old in a the sleepy NE Oregon town of La Grande, living with her father and brother on the side of Mt Emily Unbeknownst to her and to most everyone, we are already living in the dystopia that we fear The majority are unaware of how the world actually runs.and that the conflict between the popular people and the conspiracy theorists goes much deeper, and extends much further back into history than anyone would guess Most who know the uncomfortable truth about those in power try to avoid confrontation, for the relative safety of their families and their comfortable way of life An occasional child here or there is lost, but it is accepted as inevitable, since standing up to those with the true power would mean annihilation But ancient genes resurface in the children of Aranka s generation, and an old prophecy suddenly seems to be much than a myth or a children s nonsense rhyme, as unexpected occurrences force those who know the truth to take a stand This book is right next to Uglies and The Giver as one of my favorite dystopian fantasies of all time, and I m waiting very impatiently for the next book to be published

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    The Soul and The Seed is an extremely powerful book A Fantasy thriller that is very realistic Sixteen year old Aranka lives in a trailer with her Dad and older brother, she has few friends and is unpopular at school Very quickly the action starts when medical staff insist on a preventative health screen involving a blood test from all the students There is a suspected super virus going around and from the results kids are quickly taken to hospital.Fear and horror follow with the kids cut off from their families, they are given drugs to fight the illness The treatment they get made me want to turn away in disgust, but I also needed to read on and find out what happened.I don t want to give away any of this compelling plot, but there are myths and ancient runes mixing the past with a heart breaking discovery of hope in the present, and an echo of many communities around the world who keep their own traditions but suffer from others who are hungry for power.No I wanted to shout when the book finished but the story had not Can t wait for book 2 in the series.

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    This is one of those absolutely fascinating fantasy novels that draws you in so slowly and thoroughly that you don t even realize how hooked you are on the story until you run out of pages to read A very unique tale that combines science, myth, and magic against the backdrop of our own reality to create a truly different world that is still both comfortingly and terrifyingly familiar The book follows Aranka, a high school student, as she is taken from her school along with several other students to become part of an experiment run by a secret group who are the real power in the world Aranka is utterly transformed into something even the people running the experiment couldn t have predicted She slowly watches all of the other children taken with her die, her own life hanging in the balance, before the reader is introduced to a group of rebels who are trying to overthrow the secret power structure Aranka may be the key to their success if she survives all the danger awaiting her An excellent read, I can t wait for the next book in the series.

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