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Acting Out explained Acting Out , review Acting Out , trailer Acting Out , box office Acting Out , analysis Acting Out , Acting Out d8cc After One Very Long Tour Of Duty In Afghanistan And An Honorable Discharge From The USMC, Elijah Preston Comes Home To Nothing He Barely Scrapes Up Enough Money For A Cheap Motel In Quantico, Virginia, With No Money Making Opportunities In Sight A Chance Encounter In A Local Walmart Finally Gives Eli Hope For Employment Elijah Is Ready To Sign On With Royce Mackey S Proposition Until He Hears What S Required Royce Operates A Gay Military Porn Site And Wants Eli As His Next Star, Never Mind That Eli Isn T Gay Desperate And Broke, Eli Grudgingly Accepts Royce S Offer And Soon Finds Himself Immersed In A Strange New WorldHamish Turner S Been There Before Taking Eli Under His Wing, He Teaches Him Everything He Can About Royce S Operation The Two Quickly Become Friends, Easing The Way For Their First Scene Together Awkward At First, They Both Ease Into It And Find There Is Of A Connection Between Them Than Either Expected Curious To See Where Their Mutual Attraction Takes Them, They Begin A Relationship Off Screen But Life Gets Complicated When A Crazed Fan Of Hamish S Starts Sending Threatening Letters Demanding The Scenes Between The Two Men Stop Or Else

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  • Acting Out
  • Scotty Cade
  • 22 December 2019

About the Author: Scotty Cade

Scotty Cade left Corporate America and twenty five years of Marketing and Public Relations behind to buy an Inn Restaurant on the island of Martha s Vineyard with his partner of over twenty years He started writing stories as soon as he could read, but just five years ago for publication When not at the Inn, you can find him on the bow of his boat writing gay romance novels with his Shetla

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    Oh no, what happened Things were travelling along really well Interesting and believable story line and then the last 10% It s a story about a young straight ex marine s introduction into Gay for Pay porn Down on his luck, Eli is taken under the wing of a veteran Hamish , who shows him the ins and outs pun intended to making a living in the industry It is well researched and I can imagine that this is very much how things are done when starting out and filming various scenes There s a lot than one thinks In becoming the next Colby Keller Levi Karter I did like how the author broke down the whole concept of porn gay and the issue of labels I hate putting labels on anyone, he said, but technically, most people define being gay as anyone who has relations with the same sex And maybe that s true for the masses However, in my opinion, being gay might be what you are, but it doesn t define who you are And in its basic of porn terms A blow job is a blow job, and a warm hole is a warm hole Once you get over the taboo of having sex with another man, you realize that sex is sex, it s all the same, and you re home free I didn t quite feel the connection between the two MCs but this was only a minor glitch Where the wheels fell off for me was the suspense drama side of things view spoiler having a stalker or two come from completely left field hide spoiler

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    I would like to start by saying that it s been a long time since I ve read such good smut Man, the hotness level reaches critical levels It bas basically reading porn instead of watching it SCORCHING HOT Then why 3 starts you ask Well then the 80% percent mark happened and it s all downhill from there There s a plot twist that was completely unnecessary from my point of view I mean Why Why view spoiler a stalker situation happens gah hide spoiler

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    2.5 stars BR with my girls, Karen, Tara and Elsbeth Spoilers ahead I am angry at this book Really angry.This book started out great We have Eli and Hamish, who meet in the gay for pay business Eli is struggling with his feelings about having sex with men for money while he s not gay, so he takes it slow He starts with a solo job and works his way up to the real sex.So far so good.I wasn t sure how the whole gay for pay thing would be explained But I was happy with how the subject was handled I hate putting labels on anyone, he said, but technically, most people define being gay as anyone who has relations with the same sex However, in my opinion, being gay might be what you are, but it doesn t define who you are Most guys come into this biz thinking they are most definitely straight, including myself, but most of us leave identifying as bisexual Hamish looks out for Eli and the two form a great friendship When they have their first scene together, it was so hot, my underwear caught fire.So I was feeling very content about this book so far.But then at 80% it suddenly all went downhill Let me list the things that bugged me Bigtime We get angst, major angst Eli cannot wrap his head around the fact that he has feelings for Hamish, but feels that he is not gay So he tells Hamish they cannot see each other any These guys go from being friends to being angry with each other all the time The guys are threatened by some crazy stalker all of a sudden I felt this could have been completely left out It did not make sense to introduce us to this story line at 80% The police get involved and make totally unrealistic conclusions based on a hunch When Hamish goes out for a run, Eli is scared something happened to him Hamish promised him he wouldn t go out alone So Eli gets so angry with him, he punches him Right in the face How on earth is that okay If you are angry at someone you don t go around hitting them I don t care that both of them are men After the big stalker scene everything is suddenly alright They say I love you and all is forgiven The end scene with the kidnapping and the HEA literally lasts 8 pages A bit would have been nice There was a lot of unfinished business It was very confusing.This book could have been a 4 star book for me, but now it only gets 2,5 stars and even that is stretching it The last 20% just sucked, big time I am not happy.

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    OMG What a Hot Read Scotty Cade did his work Gay for pay as well as our military jargon Terms This storyline was hard for me, being I was in the same position as Eli processing out of the Military Army only 2 days ago to simply begin reserve duty It felt to close for comfort I am very glad I decided to read this I found it to be a bit refreshing Just knowing it could be worse and just get better.I totally enjoyed this read My heart went for Eli, love at first read But I must say Hamish, was my absolute FAV Sigh And the HOT smexy scenes Yum I always believe someone is always looking out for us, and right on time Royce, appeared in a time of need I love that part.I enjoyed the well written plot, straight Marine, in desperate times Mind you this is at no fault of his However, The gift of fault goes totally to the grubby greedy parents shoot them Eli is left with little choice for survival which is where gay for pay porn begins Love the stalker storyline I found plenty of cops action and guns, fun fun fun Military storylines, I am often critical in this sector So I must say once again Scotty Cade, did his work well I found one thing that made me smile, when Royce called Eli a Soldier, yeah I know he is a Marine Semper Fi Remember Royce, was Army so like me In the real world, I do that often So once again I smile Scotty kept it real The rainbow in that end the end we are all one family, out to save our little section of the world Oh and speaking of the end I absolutely loved the sweet sweet ending SCOTTY CADE WELL DONE HOOAH

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    I came into this with high hopes, but they were dashed.Both MCs were likeable enough, and initially the chemistry and banter was excellent.I am sure that the porn side was realistic I have no experience so I m just guessing here , and it was hot, no doubt about that, but while my organs may have engaged, my head did not.Once the guys discovered they may have feelings for each other 3 weeks i desperately wanted something to happen that wasn t sex, be careful what you wish for Then thrown onto the mix was relationship angst gay angst plus a ridiculous plot twist that seemed solely insert into the book to bring everything to a swift conclusion Overall clich d and disappointing.

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    All military men, gay for pay porn

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    This was a bit of surprise for me in the best way I completely expected the heat The gay for pay thing never gets old, but often it stops with the heat This one followed through with depth and emotion The emotions Eli felt made sense to me and served to allow me to connect with him and Hamish I read it for the potential points for a challenge and walked away a fan of this author.

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    OK.I was actually laughing out loud at the cafe this morning waiting for my coffee finishing off this book.I liked it I mean I read it right through and finished it.but that huge laugh at the end probably wasn t supposed to happen.Eli, straight out of the military, has been royally screwed over by his folks, he s down to his last scrap of money with little prospect of work when he is approached by a guy to come do a bit of gay military porn as always when I read these scenarios I thank God for the Australian welfare system.anyway a porn career awaitsThings begin, escalate and surprisingly he finds himself making a stronger connection with a co star, Hamish, than he ever expected.The story unfolds quite well, the pacing is good and the characters are unveiled and connections made The sex scenes are formulaic but it is reflective of what they re doing it s a porn shoot and you realise how much of a job this is to these guys It s the lack of connection that makes the sex scenes appear prescriptive you know if you ve ever watched gay porn.or something the portrayal of this was quite good.Things kind of dipped right into the melodramatic after that view spoiler The threat set up was OK but then the pacing and interaction between Hamish and Eli seemed a bit off once they were at Hamish s house The cooking was weird, I find American cooking descriptions so strange anyway broil is so close to boil that I always wonder what the hell you re doing to your meat I don t eat canned veges so was just thinking canned peas and mash on the stove Wouldn t it catch and burn you know all those stupid things that completely take me out of the story Once cooking scenes start that are nothing like I would ever cook I The dialogue seemed kind of false and strange and not consistent to how the characters acted the whole rest of the book the pacing went a bit off hide spoiler

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    2.5 stars The main reason this didn t quite reach 3 star status for me was the lack of a connection or chemistry between the guys I just didn t believe it, and I m not sure how much of that was the writing and how much was the narration The narration wasn t bad, but it just felt so casual There was only one time that real emotion was brought to a characters voice view spoiler Eli crying over Hamish when he thought he d been shot hide spoiler

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    It s not been that long since I first heard of gay for pay A few years, maybe I know, I know, I m naive It had never occurred to me that straight men would, or could, do gay porn Having a strong military kink, myself, the description for Acting Out , by Scotty Cade instantly appealed When I got into it, and saw the closeness this family had for one another, it was easy to see that for a number of these men, the camaraderie was much like what they had while serving It was comfort and family, and they were all doing it for the same reason Money Each of these guys was doing gay porn in order to support themselves, or family, or both, and thus they all made sure to treat one another with respect, and no shame.Eli just got honorably discharged after an eight year stint in Afghanistan as a Marine, only to come stateside and discover every ounce of money he d socked away was used by his parents to fund their alcohol addiction As bad as he wanted to get away from them and life in his small hometown, it never occurred to Eli that they d actually steal from their only child Twelve weeks he s been living in a crappy motel, spending every day trying to look for a job in his field, or, anything, actually, that he can do, but money is running out That s when he meets Royce who tells him about his online hotmilitaryguys.com site, and invites Eli to come check them out There, Eli meets guys just like himself, including Hamish, and once Eli sees the pay scale, he really has no other choice The next day he moves into the mansion, and begins to work.Eli starts off very, very slowly, in front of the cameras In fact, he s not even sure he ll ever be able to do blow jobs, anal, or rimming He and Hamish become friends, and Hamish answers all the questions Eli has, and some he didn t even know he had And when Eli decides it s time, he asks Hamish to take his anal virginity, on camera, of course Their first time together is skyrocketing hot, and even Royce has never seen the like in his ten years of owning an online gay porn site What happens, though, when the feelings go beyond just friends And will they get a chance to explore those feelings, or will Hamish s stalker have the last word I really enjoyed this book The author didn t take the easy route, and, instead, allowed the main characters to struggle with their choices, and really agonize over how loving another man could change them It was a refreshing change of pace because none of it was easy, and it came across as very real I can easily recommend this as a very good book.NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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