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    Before I wrote this review, I did a quick blog search for others reviews of it And what I found stumped me this book is adored everywhere except for a few places that do like it, just had qualms about the character development I m wondering just how this became everyone s pet I must ve not read the same novel as everyone else.In the first three pages, it s established Phoebe s a runner, her mom s a therapist, and her mom s getting married with a man she s known for six days and tells Phoebe this right after Phoebe s done running a very important race Like, in the middle of the track And she says it s love Oh, and they re also moving to Greece because the dude s Greek and can t leave his job.First of all, is it just me, or is informing your daughter that you re moving her thousands of miles overseas in the middle of a cross country meet about the most inopportune moment in the history of crappy timing Who drops that kind of a bomb out of the blue like that A therapist It doesn t stop here either when they re getting to the island where they ll be living in Greece, on the ferry ride, Damian that s hubby hunk explains that the school Phoebe is going to is populated by descendants of Greek gods.Yes In the ferry.And they expect this to sink in quickly and for her to keep in quiet.Just oh, I ll let you form your own opinions Let s go back to the opening scene.So, the mom s a psycho therapist who expects her senior daughter to move to an isolated Greek island because she fell in love with Damian in the six days she was in Greece for a family reunion with her late husband, Phoebe s father Phoebe wasn t able to make it because of this Very Important Race that would decide if she d get a scholarship to her dream school, USC She s all blushing, heaving bosoms, and being clingy like a teenager to this Damian.WHO DOES THIS I m wondering why there was this opening scene at all Why not just begin with Phoebe in Greece And why make the mom a therapist Why not one of those obsessive compulsive, needy women who would actually move halfway across the world with a man they ve known for six days and claim it s love I m sorry, but the plot s got holes than the ozone layer.It doesn t really get much better Characters all clich s right down to the misunderstood environmentalist, obsessively tree hugging best friend named Granola by her hippie parents , never really developed the mother goes on random bouts of psycho babble, but frankly, given her lack of consideration to her daughter s needs, namely not moving in with some random dude make her a caricature to me , and most of the time nonsensical she meets Love Interest 1, Griffin, in a beach run where he just miraculously show up so we get the Fateful Meeting of Lovebirds apparently Psycho Mom didn t teach her not to speak to strangers, especially descendant of gods who might zap her to Saturn strangers.The writing lacks transition There s no logical connection between what happens in the story I mean, the sudden move to Greece is semi explained in the end, but I just don t buy it it s too much make believe even for a book where the Greek gods are alive that it s like fantasy within fantasy.The plot s.meh I could ve done without the whole Nicole Griffin drama, and frankly, I thought the whole thing was a little too dramatic and rushed The actual, primary plot is predictable than night following day, but by the point where all is revealed, I didn t really care any.I thought the concept was brilliant Greek gods having descendants, descendants having to work for their power, the high school clique scene determined by which god is in your family Emos are the Hades harem , so on, so forth , etc It was really original, and being a Greek raised knowing mythology myself, I thought this book could ve gone deeper It s obvious Ms Childs knows the gods The question is When will we get to see of the premise and less of these overly comical setups that are neither commonsensible nor funny I, for one, found this disappointing I just cannot do with clich s, y all Perhaps if I was a little less anal retentive I m not sure this would work, even then Liked the premise not so with the execution Blog review link

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    This book was cute It was like a Hogwarts for the teen descendants of Greek mythology When Phoebe s Mom marries a Greek principal of a Greek school she realizes that mythology is real The descendants of Greek gods and goddesses have a school on a secret island in order to be educated and learn to control their powers.Phoebe is coming to accept the changes in her life as well as being the new kid and boy trouble.The book has all the normal cliches the hot jock she crushes on, the mean popular girl, the nice boy that likes her but she sees him as just a friend But the book has enough fun and imagination and touches of mythology that it is able to go beyond these It s charming.This won a RITA romance award for best new author, so I was expecting it to be of a teen romance like Twilight or Wicked Lovely While there is some romantic aspects in it, I would not say that it s the focus of the story Not that it s a bad book I just would classify as a teen urban fantasy and not as a teen romance.

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    I don t even know where to start I guess first off, I should say that I ve been looking forward to reading this book since I first heard about it, I m a huge fan of Greek Mythology So, to say that I was expecting a lot going into it, doesn t quite cover it I don t know if anyone else does this, but I always look at the thickness I have left of a book to read once I start a good reading spell, and I either think two things 1 okay I only have this much to go Or 2 oh no This is all that s left This book definitely falls under the later I loved Childs writing style, and her interruption of the Greek gods What is so good about this book is the reality mixed with the myth I mean, we have a honest portrayal of a girl struggling to make sense of the world, and it works even a mythical one The characters are distinctive, and each portrayal of their god or goddess remains in tact within the distinctiveness What else can I say, I absolutely loved it I loved the story, Phoebe, her struggles and triumphs, and of course the catalyst to any good romance, the boys What else could you want

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    I only wanted to read it because I love the Percy Jackson series so much, I had hopes it would be at least somewhat close to it There was a glimmer of hope towards the end that it might have some improvement in writing, but the first half of the book Seriously awful Really a mother meets marries some guy in another country within 1 week while at a reunion for her dead husband s family Shows up at her daughter s biggest race to introduce the new husband at the f g finish line Better yet then uproots her, moving her out of the country for her last year of high school Then on the last boat before landing on the new island from which there is no escape, drop the bomb that everyone there has special powers, are descended from gods except for our main character, who is going to be the outcast because not only is she the new kid, but she s also not Greek and she s also powerless Nice And mom is a THERAPIST Yeah, no Full of clich s, utterly predictable not at all original the only bits I really enjoyed were the scattered pieces about running, with the exception of the constant references to Nike shoes.

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    It was similar to Percy Jackson series but with less humor.The character building was too shallow.

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    This YA novel of losing one s identity, being forced to adapt to a highly charged new emotional environment, and redefining what love and friendship mean to you is a cute, nicely thought out romp.Greek gods, we all know, are myths Right Well, not so much in Childs s book She s updated the whole gods are real trope that s so popular in romantic fiction these days to include teens I think the intended audience will lap this up, since it plays into adolescent exceptionalism the illusion that we are special and unique among our fellow creatures, but unrecognized.This is Childs s first novel, and it has some first novel y clanks eg, the mother and stepfather are simply not developed at all, and they re frankly badly drawn the better solution would have been to have them not appear at all except in the main character s reports of their doings But the main character, Phoebe, and her antagonists are all given snappy dialogue and put in situations much like the ones I remember being in during my adolescence back in the dark ages The additional level of effort required of the author to incorporate the idea of the reality of the Greek pantheon pays off in humorous possibilities for supernatural pranking That was fun.I think Childs will be a fun writer to watch over the next few years, as she seems to be getting good editorial advice and help I hope she ll keep taking it and getting even better than she is now Recommended to anyone who needs to take a vacation from serious stuff Do not read if whimsy challenged, or of a dour temperament.

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    I really wanted to like this book The premise was SO different and potentially clever, but it just really failed to deliver There are so many things that could ve been great but were just left out Like, all these kids are descended from different Gods and have their own cliques based on which God they re related to, but aside from a few cosmetic distinctions, the differences pretty much stop there Despite being descended from the Gods who are known for things like lightening bolts, or controlling the seas, or love, all the kids have exactly the same powers , and that power is zapping Most often they zap pieces of paper to each other and change the writing so that they can communicate privately, without speaking Seriously They pass notes in class With magic.While I was willing to go along with the mythological school idea, despite it s awful setup Phoebe s mom goes to Greece to visit her long dead husband s family why and comes back 6 days later engaged to a man she just met and now they have to move to Greece because he s headmaster to a school for descendants of the Greek Gods I could not go along with the increasingly ridiculous and at times insulting plot For example, I honestly thought that the fact that Phoebe s mom met this guy and got engaged in 6 days was going to be a big plot point, you know, like the man used his powers to seduce her in order to get his hands on her powerful daughter But no We were just supposed to believe that this woman, a therapist, would fall in love in 6 days and then force her daughter to move to another country for her senior year of high school.It s never fully explained how some kids can be 50 generations away from the God they re descended from and others, like Phoebe s dad can be a grandchild of one The Gods have not been seen or heard from in over a thousand years they say, but apparently they are still getting busy with the common folk and producing heirs How does that work Then there is the most ridiculous and pointless love square going on I found it really almost offensive that Phoebe would decide she is IN LOVE with a guy, Griffin,who is not only incredibly rude to her for no reason other than that she does not have any blood of the Gods in her veins, but actually physically assaults her by magically tying her shoelaces together and causing her to fall while she s running just so that she won t make the track team She makes repeated excuses for his behavior, deciding that he s a terrible person because he had a rough childhood, and she knows he s got a good heart Even when she finds out that he was part of the most convoluted and non sensical bet of all time if the bet is to see if Griffin can make Phoebe fall in love with him, why encourage her to try and get him to like her the author missed a great opportunity to set up a double cross or something else fun , she still thinks it s not all his fault At one point she actually thinks that because he only called her the less offensive slur nothos and not a kako think mudblood or any other racial slur that he s actually a good guy Because the fact that he viewed her as less than, is apparently not the point, it s how he let her know she s not worthy that makes him a good guy At the end of this book which is no surprise, you can see it coming almost from page one I was annoyed with all of the characters than anything, which was disappointing The concept and set up had so much potential but it just didn t live up to it.

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    Phoebe s mother goes away to Greece for one week and comes back not only engaged but plans to get married that weekend and whisk Phoebe away to Athens with her Once Phoebe arrives in Athens she is informed that the school she will be attending is a school for the descendants of the Greek Gods but they are allowing her to attend the school even though she is a mere mortal I loved the sound of the book It sounded like a light ya read with Greek mythology which I love what I ended up with was a mediocre teenage angst book Phoebe finds herself as an outcast in a school of descendants She makes two good friends, one being a boy that likes her However, Phoebe pines away at the unavailable moody and sometimes down right rude, Blake She also has an evil stepsister who hates her on site when her father randomly comes home with a new wife and her kid Which was never really talked about I thought maybe there would be some magical reason why the mother just randomly up and ran off with a practical stranger but I guess it s just suppose to be love at first sight Either way the majority of the book was Phoebe pining away for the unattainable rude boy.I did like the mythology aspect and how the descendants resemble the gods talents Pretty much the descendants were branched off in cliques based off of their heritage I think the story could have been so much better but it just felt rushed in some places and unbelievable in some Which is saying a lot since I was reading a book about the children produced from the Greek Gods all converging at one school Favorite quote Were you possessed by the Furies after we met this morning Or did I just catch you off guard before you d had your jerk juice

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    Childs, T.L 2008 Oh My Gods New York Penguin Group.9780525479420Phoebe, a high school senior and runner, is uprooted from her home, friends, and college plans, when her mother decides to marry a headmaster of a prestigious school on a remote Greek island and move them there On the journey, Phoebe learns that her new stepfather, stepsister and all of her soon to be fellow students are descended from Greek gods Phoebe will have to battle hoaxes, secrets, discrimination, cliques, insults about her bad blood Harry Potter, anyone , pop quizzes, Secrets, too much homework, uncertainty if she ll be able to continue running and get a scholarship to her dream college, SECRETS and liking a popular boy who seems to hate her.It was a decent feminist narrative as far as teen romance novels go Phoebe is strong, motivated and hardworking While she seems to be attracted to a complete jerk for most of the story, engages in catty fights with other girls and is happiest when involved with a boy, she still manages to fight her own battles That alone goes beyond many other romantic narratives teen girls enjoy.I found myself strangely engaged with this book Granted, I love fantasy and I love myth While containing many of the contrived plot constructions of romantic narratives such as bets on characters trying to get others to like them, a male best friend who s secretly in love with the girl, etc I still managed to be surprised by one or two of the directions Oh.My.Gods went Plus, I totally love the idea of wandering around, threatening to smote people But that s me.On a side note, I usually have no shame when it comes to wandering around my city, getting caught reading trashy or even beautifully written teen and children s books But something about the cover image of this book made me take off the dust jacket before venturing out with the book In theory, it s cute It s related to the topic of the book I don t think my problem is just the naked statue I think it was the naked statue in full light, combined with the pink, combined with the title that made me feel slightly ridiculous to be reading this book And I am secure in my geekdom So, please, Ms Childs and Penguin Group publishers, don t be insulted when readers take off the dust jacket And maybe consider lecturing your marketing department I m telling I d lost all sense of shame until I looked at this book cover What do you think Would you be caught reading a book with this cover Slight spoiler if you can make sense of it This book deals well with the outsider experience That is, until the end, when the outsider turns out to be an insider Yeah While I saw it coming, it still annoyed me.Your pal in smoting Activities to do with the book This, along with some of the other young adult romance novels, could be used in a genre or theme study in the context of book club.This book could be used to discuss genres While combining myth and fantasy, it also has fairy tale elements.This is also a lighter book to recommend to a student who is dealing with a new step family, since several of Phoebe s key problems involve the memory of her dead father, and dealing with her new step father and step sister This is also a good book for a young adult student preparing for college who is concerned about being separated from her best friends It helps to show friendships can survive distance and changes in plans.Oh.My.Gods also provides some information on lesser known Greek gods and philosophy that could trigger a teen to pursue some further reading and gasp maybe even some research.Favorite Quotes When I m running I can almost feel my dad at my side p 3 All the students at the Academy are, ah hem, descends of the gods p 31 Just like him Brief, cryptic and full of crap p 194.For of my reviews, visit sjkessel.blogspot.com

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    Castro, adalah seorang gadis yang begitu mencintai olahraga lari lintas alam Dunianya adalah berlari Dua tahun ia meraih juara pertama lari lintas alam dan beasiswa pun sudah dalam genggamannya Kehidupannya yang terlihat sempurna pun harus dinodai oleh berita bahwa ibunya akan segera menikah dengan laki laki yang bahkan tak dikenalnya And the bad news is she gotta move to Yunani.Well, tentu saja bukan Phoebe namanya kalau tidak melakukan aksi perlawanan dulu, tapi keputusan ibunya sudah bulat dan suka atau tidak suka, mereka harus pindah Maka Phoebe dan kedua sahabat karibnya, Cesca dan Nola pun harus berpisah.Sesampainya Phoebe dan ibunya ke Yunani, mereka tepatnya hanya Phoebe harus dikejutkan oleh berita bahwa di Yunani terdapat pulau rahasia tempat berkumpulnya keturunan para dewa dewi dan Phoebe harus bersekolah di Akademi yang ada disana Not to mention, kalau di akademi tersebut hanya Phoebe seorang nothos manusia biasa , sementara yang lainnya adalah keturunan Hades, Zeus, Hera dll Walau mereka masih bersekolah tapi mereka memiliki kekuatan dan hampir segalanya dapat mereka lakukan, termasuk mengerjai Phoebe, si kako anak baru manusia biasa tapi dalam pengertian yang buruk.Bukan hanya Stella, saudara tirinya yang membencinya tapi juga Adara, pacar Griffin, laki laki yang membuat Phoebe bingung akan sikapnya yang terkadang begitu manis dan menyebalkan pada saat yang sama.Heroine heroine seperti Phoebe lah yang saya suka Mau ditindas kayak apa pun dia tetap bangkit dan melawan Gak hanya diam dan terima nasib Sifat Phoebe yang pantang menyerah dalam segala hal dan keberaniannya dalam menghadapi orang orang yang memusuhinya patut diacungi jempol.Walau benci tinggal berjauhan dengan sahabat sahabatnya, tapi hal itu sedikit terobati dengan adanya perlombaan lari lintas alam yang diikuti Phoebe Phoebe memang pelari tercepat di kotanya,tapi bagaimana bisa Phoebe berlari menyeimbangi kecepatan lari keturunan para dewa dan dewi D

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Oh. My. Gods. summary pdf Oh. My. Gods., summary chapter 2 Oh. My. Gods., sparknotes Oh. My. Gods., Oh. My. Gods. 084c278 A Modern Girl S Comedic Odyssey In A School Filled With The Descendants Of Greek Gods When Phoebe S Mom Returns From Greece With A New Husband And Moves Them To An Island In The Aegean, Phoebe S Plans For Her Senior Year And Track Season Are Ancient History Now She Must Attend The Uber Exclusive Academy, Where Admission Depends On Pedigree, Namely, Ancestry From Zeus, Hera, And Other Greek Gods That S Right, They Re Real, Not Myth, And Their Teen Descendants Are Like The Classical Heroes Supersmart And Super Beautiful With A Few Superpowers And Now They Re On Her Track Team Armed Only With Her Nikes And The Will To Win, Phoebe Races To Find Her Place Among The Gods

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