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    4.5 stars Love is rarely flawless, Carter pointed out Humans delude themselves by thinking it has to be It is the imperfection that makes love perfect

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    3.5 stars Meet succubus Georgina Kincaid Georgina Kincaid is a succubus, an immortal creature that feeds on other people s vital energy in order to survive Most of the time, she does that during sex Except for that detail about her, Georgina is a charismatic and easy going woman that works in a library She s in fact quite an interesting and entertaining character The story kicks when an immortal powerful vampire is mysteriously and unexpectedly killed after having an argument with our main character, Georgina And so, Georgina, angel Carter, demon Jerome and some others are willing to resolve the murder and find the criminal.Now, the fact that angels, demons and vampires acknowledge each other s existence and live in harmony without contantly wanting to kill each other out is new to me And a bit disappointing, I must admit At least, I hoped some a lot of real hating between them that ll entertain me even Sadly, there wasn t There aren t actually many supernatural creatures in the town Georgina is living, as you may think, so I hope there will be in the sequels that I m eager to read.The only type of paranormal creature in Succubus Blues that I felt weren t convincing at all are the vampires I mean, vampires are supposed to technically suck blood were they because I didn t witness it , be at least a bit impulsive, maybe cruel sometimes and definitely not entirely acting like humans So, in my opinion, Richelle Mead missed the mark when she created those How ironic, isn t it The story has a lot of potential I am even thinking that the sequels may be far far better than this first book The mystery wasn t captivating, sadly An immortal vampire that is killed Seems like d j vu to me The reason I continued reading the book without rolling my eyes was definitely not the murder case even if my inner self was curious to know the nature of the criminal and why she he did it.No, the reason I kept reading with a mild but growing interest is Georgina Seth We can clearly see that those two person are quite different from one another but, still, they shared a strong common interest books The most interesting element, though, is Seth s transformation around Georgina At first, he s shy and a bit reclusive, let s face it, but, the he got aroung HER, the his personal space boubble shatters letting us discover a MAN inside it I hope we ll see of him as well in the sequels.Overall, I enjoyed reading this slow yet entertaining story filled with some endearing characters, characters that ll make you smile and laugh, some that you ll definitely hate and, finally, ones that will make you want to know of them by all means

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    This book is choose all that apply a Boring as fish.b Wondrously crappy.c Exquisitely decaf, diet, GMO and gluten free.d Flat as my now infamous herd of ironing boards.e A safe haven for severely misunderstood drama llamas.f So PG 13 it reads like a Seizure Inducing Paranormal Chick Lit Type Thingie SIPCLTT.g ALL of the above.h ALL of the above.Quite logically, a b c d e f g h me feeling a teensy little bit like this Gif most generously provided by Sarchotic Industries, LtdHad this delightfully scrumptious masterpiece simply been a Lame A Saurus endeavor and nothing , I probably would have gone for a stellar 2 star rating But the author view spoiler whose name is NOT Michelle Read, contrary to what my ever decaying little grey cells will have me believe, but Richelle Mead hide spoiler

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    I really enjoyed this book and I enjoyed that it, in a number of areas, was brave enough to break away from the stereotype that the paranormal urban romance genre is famous for.On one hand, I enjoyed the plot, story and characters It was paced well, easy to read, enjoyable The characters were fresh, original in some regards and likable.The great reveal was painfully easy to guess and I had suspected it from the beginning, but I feel that the writing style and characters made up for this lack.The character of Georgina Kincaid is on the list for one of the likable female protagonists so far She joins ranks just under Mac Lane from the Fever Series and Katniss Evergreen from the Hunger Games.She s not perfect She may be beautiful and smart, but she is also vain and flawed I enjoyed the portrayal of a woman who has made many mistakes and actually has a history I m sick of my female protagonists being blank cutouts who never did anything or anyone before they meet the hero.The secondary characters in this story really help it along Carter, Seth, Jerome, Hugh, Cody and Peter give the story a much needed realistic and humorous boost.The thing is, you can get silly when dealing with a story about a Succubus Maybe Anita Blake is getting silly now Really, how many men can you date How many times can you have sex a day before you start walking crooked But I think Georgina Kincaid allows for the reality if you could say there was such a thing of being a succubus Sex becomes a monotonous job or task It becomes meaningless and lonely Tips hat to Richelle Mead

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    You know you don t like a book when you would rather fold laundry than pick it up again As I was struggling with this book yesterday, I was thinking, Maybe I have some dishes to do or something What chores can I do Not a good sign Some mild spoilers ahead Most people love this book so feel free to ignore me In all fairness, I had read some really good urban fantasy books right before this one so I was coming off a huge UF high when I picked this up And it did not measure up At all Let me start with the world building, which I found to be incredibly weak All of these supernatural characters an angel, an imp, a demon, and some vampires meet to chat with Georgina and drink beer at her house, seemingly everyday They kind of bitch about their looks and getting girls and whatever They seem like overgrown frat boys, not supernaturals I honestly had no idea about what the heck their roles were They just seemed to sit around all day and do nothing The vampires don t hunt, the imp doesn t imp, and the demon and the angel though they were supposed to be really powerful do a whole lot of nothing These are the least super supernaturals that I have ever encountered.I was bored by the lack of world building, totally bored The most exciting thing these guys do is go swing dancing in a book store True fact When supernaturals start dying, all of the supernatural friends of Georgina kind of sit there with their thumbs in their mouths and wait to see what would happen next These guys don t fight, and aside from some lame detective work from Georgina, they all don t seem to really care about the danger facing them It was really odd The whole reason that Georgina attempted detective work was that the powerful supernaturals decided to keep some information from her Why they chose to do this was never made clear I think because they didn t want to worry her or some crap The stuff that Georgina figured out is really bordering on common knowledge Why she didn t think to learn about paranormal beings in the centuries that she has been alive completely baffles me What the freak do you do with your time, Georgina You have no desire to LEARN anything about your situation You don t know who can kill you or your friends Who can sense power and who can mask it Really, nothing Georgina also irritated me to no end If you are going to have a character be a succubus, than make her a freaking bad ass succubus Georgina was whiny, timid, and fickle She was all, Love me, don t look at me, LOVE ME, GET THE F AWAY FROM ME with everyone, even her friends And the book was not even hot Georgina had body and image issues to no end, she had no confidence, and she was just a very unappealing succubus She did nothing for me, to be honest To top off the content issues, there were some editing issues that I couldn t overlook Now, mind you, my copy was from , NOT an ARC This book should be proofread, right Then explain these little tidbits I was a hair s breath away from kissing Roman again, from taking him somewhere anywhere where we could be alone and naked, where I could do all the things I d fanta sized doing with him loc 2586 Christ, I ll never forget the first day I saw you How feisty you where loc 4031 You what now There were so many examples of editing issues like this It really bothered me and took away from the scraps of reading pleasure that I had The only thing that I wanted to do after reading this was write some Jerome Carter slash fiction Anyone else feel the sexual tension there

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    3.5 stars.This gif represents EXACTLY how I felt about this book I was eager to start it, I found it a little tough to get into though, I struggled with convincing myself to keep going midway through, but at the end everything started happening really fast and suddenly I was finished it lolI read this book on several glowing recommendations from trusted readers who compared it to the Fever and Night Huntress series both of which are among my fav PNR UFs so I was pretty excited to start it The book was fun I guess, and had witty writing but I found it dragged a little and didn t keep me very engaged Also I didn t find that this book made me feel very strongly I felt pretty feelingless throughout most of it despite the fact that I definitely wanted to know what happened Definitely not a page turner But the writing is good and flows easily Lol, I know that maybe doesn t make much sense. However, I have heard many people say that the first book wasn t the strongest and I m perfectly willing to keep going and see what happens next For those of you who are as big romance fans as I am, I ll say that the romance is there in the books but isn t the major plotline There is a love triangle but I ve been assured that by the end of the series, she ends up in a HEA with the right guy in the end lol hugely important point for me On to book 2 I guess.EDIT For those of you who are wondering, I gave up on the series half way through book 2 it just didn t pick up for me I like Alpha heroes and Seth just wasn t Alpha Its not that I have anything against Beta males, they just don t really do it for me.

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    We all have moments of weakness It s how we recover from them that really counts Georgina isn t your typical succubus Disliking what she is, she mainly focuses on feeding from men without as much of a conscience like her boss , but doesn t have to slaughter them like succubus of legend When working in the bookstore as a manager, she meets her favorite author, starts dating a new man in town, and works with other paranormals to figure out who is offing powerful paranormals in the city Half the book is left with discoveries of death and having no clue what s up, while the other half is knowing what s going on but tracking down the particular naughty entity The book has a good amount going for it there s backstory to explain decisions made but it doesn t weigh down and is done stylishly There s the humorous side this book is downright cute and the personal life of Georgina as she tries casual dating, but there s also mixing with dangerous elements of the city and solving a mystery before it s too late for all of them.Despite reservations I had for what kind of book it was, I was pleased to see the humor was naturally cute rather than obnoxious and overbearing.Georgina is a fun character who isn t angsty because of her past mistakes, even if she is wistful Instead of focusing on woes she accepts what she is but tries to make the best of situations Side characters are mixed joys since the author isn t the love interest I thought from the first, the man she s dating turns out fun and three dimensional you don t want anything happening to him , the boss is sleazy but well written, and the other paranormals stand out as authentic enough even if you want to strangle some of the powerful ones half the time.Georgina working in the bookstore and enjoying books so much is a big plus Her co workers teasing her about making her favorite author s new books last a month was something most readers can relate to, although there s no way I could drag it out like her All those years must give her way willpower than this bookworm has.It s not a serious book and the mystery isn t hard to guess I knew right away it was between two people , but the ending was a good one that left a wide opening for a sequel I don t know that I ll continue the series since I see some signs of what may come, but it was better than I figured it d be from the humor that usually affects this kind.

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    I liked this book a lot than I imagined I would I m not really a hardcore urban fantasy fan, I much prefer series like this with the softer, chick lit style writing complete with witty dialogue and hot immortal men Georgina Kincaid is a very likeable heroine, not a pretentious do gooder but nice enough that you care about what happens to her.This first novel in the series is full of steamy sex, hilariously quotable writing and a supernatural mystery to form the background plot What can you really want Granted, it s not a book that will change your life or give you anything particularly deep to think about, but it is fun and enjoyable My main criticism would be I suspected the outcome of the nephilim murder mystery about halfway through the book but never mind, I can t wait to read book 2.

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    3.5 starsI read Succubus Blues first over 2 years ago and liked it A LOT Since then Mead embarked on a money making trip and managed to completely ruin Vampire Academy for me The latest Succubus book was meh as well Her Dark Swan books are not even worth mentioning IMO I started questioning myself were Mead s books ever good Or I simply liked them because this series was one of my first encounters with fresh then genre of urban fantasy Good news, Succubus Blues is still great entertainment second time around It is dynamic and well paced, it is sexy, it is funny, the characters have fantastic chemistry and the dialog is spunky It is however, a bit chick lit than I remember The mystery is transparent, the clues of Georgina s secret are not visible only to blind and the world building is cursory if you think of it, almost all of the millenia old immortals in this series appear to have learned absolutely nothing over the centuries of their existence And then our girl Georgina Kincaid is the ultimate chick lit heroine, even though she is a paranormal, immortal creature Imagine Bridgette Jones or Carrie Bradshaw after dating around for a few centuries here is Georgina for you A cool friend, attractive to men, sharp tongued, but alas, has zero clue about relationships with men or life in general This time around I didn t like Georgina that much She is as engaging a heroine as she is infuriating She is the character with a lot of room for improvement view spoiler she could start with not choosing sex over EVERYTHING of importance in her life friends, lovers, loyalties, integrity hide spoiler

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    I loooove this series This is one of my favorite UF series, ever Admittedly, the first book is the weakest of them all, while book 4 is my favorite The plot, characters and romance get better and better with each installment The love story has an incredible arc and it is absolutely beautiful You ll need to go all the way to book 6 to find out how it ends, and it is utterly worth it.Georgina Kincaid is a great strong female character with all her faults Her insecurities and weaknesses make her a better character, she is not perfect, but she is good She is flawed and that makes her real.Seth, although completely outside of the guys I would normally found attractive, is also great sweet and kind, he is a character that grows in each book, he is loyal, authentic and loves with his all being He is mundane and so real that he is the perfect juxtaposition to Georgina.These books are full of adventure and fun characters, but to me, what really makes them so special is that the love story here is not just your typical romance What we have here is a TRUE LOVE kind of EPIC love story to the likes of The Princess Bride.This is the kind story that stays with you, no matter how many books you read or how many years have passed since you first read it , you don t forget this one I completely recommend this series READ IT P.S By now, I have lost count of how many times I have read listen to the audiobooks of this series The first time, I did actually read them, but soon I knew I would want to come to them again and I got the audiobooks They are great.

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Succubus Blues summary pdf Succubus Blues, summary chapter 2 Succubus Blues, sparknotes Succubus Blues, Succubus Blues 87c074e When It Comes To Jobs In Hell, Being A Succubus Seems Pretty Glamorous A Girl Can Be Anything She Wants, The Wardrobe Is Killer, And Mortal Men Will Do Anything Just For A Touch Granted, They Often Pay With Their Souls, But Why Get Technical But Seattle Succubus Georgina Kincaid S Life Is Far Less Exotic At Least There S Her Day Job At A Local Bookstore Free Books All The White Chocolate Mochas She Can Drink And Easy Access To Bestselling, Sexy Writer, Seth Mortensen, Aka He Whom She Would Give Anything To Touch But Can TBut Dreaming About Seth Will Have To Wait Something Wicked Is At Work In Seattle S Demon Underground And For Once, All Of Her Hot Charms And Drop Dead One Liners Won T Help Because Georgina S About To Discover There Are Some Creatures Out There That Both Heaven And Hell Want To Deny

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Scorpio Richelle Mead is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy books for both adults and teens Originally from Michigan, Richelle now lives in Seattle, Washington where she works on her three series full time Georgina Kincaid, Dark Swan, and Vampire Academy.A life long reader, Richelle has always loved mythology and folklore When she can actually tear he