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    This should be called Die Die Die , because that s what happens, a lot of dying Be prepared, the good guy body count shall be high And that was Gary Gygax s intention Tomb of Horrors is an adventure centered around survival Getting through it alive takes skill and a whole lotta luck Gygax eschewed the usual DD style of game with its background story often involving some little village on the edge of the wilderness that is being tormented by baddies There is almost no background story in Tomb of Horrors It s a tomb and inside there are horrors And check out them horrors Half of this booklet is pictures, and when I was a kid they scared the crapped out of me They are very demonic But remember Christian Soldiers, we DD players were cleansing these satanic ish places.well, to be honest, we were going in in hopes of finding booty Killing the ultimate evil was just something we did to get to the loot.In its early stages, Tomb of Horrors was one of DD crowning jewels It quickly became infamous and every kid had to have a copy And while most of us look back on it with nostalgia, it is a fondness bereft of sentimentality, because there was no love in this module It chewed up and spit out characters mercilessly Gygax even strongly urged the use of expendable, pre rolled characters instead of risking beloved, hand raised ones It s good advice, because not only is this module dangerous, but it is at many times a random danger, and that s part of its problem Randomized, irrevocable death lies around every other corner Traps, traps, everywhere traps The whole frickin place is trapped Ceilings collapse on a regular basis There s spiked pits every few feet it seems Floors tilt away and drop the characters into fiery chasms And the problem is that for many of these traps there s no detection No amount of care can be taken to prevent at least heavy damage, if not death, in many cases And honestly, there s not a lot of ingenuity going on here There s a puzzle or two to solve, but mostly it s just whoops, you ve fallen into something pointy Great fun, definitely an excellent tournament game, but not really very good for campaign inclusion.If you re interested in some visuals of Tomb of Horrors, artist Jason Thompson has a whole DD series that show you a party of warriors, wizards, etc going through each module They are fun, light hearted takes on these gruesome adventures Here is a zoom in able page of Tomb of Horrors

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    This is the quintessential killer horror module for Old School ADD fans. If your group went into this and came out with low casualties your GM was fudging rolls on your behalf Gary Gygax, a co founder of Dungeons Dragons RPG, designed this module at the first Origins convention and it is rud he pulled this out for expert players who believed they could handle any type of challenge In those days killing characters off was okay, not like today for the New School DD players so much This type of module can be a humbling or fun experience for players It s recommended you don t bring your beloved characters into this module as they re likely to not only die but permanently The module was set up to have 33 encounters and then the horrifying almost impossible to win Boss Battle A separate picture booklet comes with the module I would advise you don t use the pregens in the module as they aren t up to the task This game is best mechanically used for Old School DD but its been updated for the latest DD edition and it could probably be adapted for other game settings that allow no saving throws and thus you die models Several of the traps are like this in the game Like I said, this is very Old School and an attempt by Gygax to humble even the cockiest of gamers If you re going to GM this for New School gamers be sure to tell them that there are death traps that when set don t allow a saving throw and thus it comes out to last person standing or being clever or just lucky CONCEPT A minus to A DESIGN A minus to A OLD SCHOOL FEEl A to A plus OBSTACLES TRAPS DESIGN A minus WHEN REVIEWED last played March 2012 early 2000 so I m up for another run through revised review 07 31 2012 revised a smidgen on 11 10 2012 OVERALL GRADE A minus to A WIKI COMMENTS REVIEWS Interesting critiques per Wiki of this module I did something like the cattle drive when I played this a second time around.Tomb of Horrors was ranked the 3rd greatest Dungeons Dragons adventure of all time by Dungeon magazine in 2004 18 Dungeon Master for Dummies, which lists Tomb of Horrors as one of the ten best classic adventures, posits that many of the adventure s traps would kill a character just for making poor choices 10 Lawrence Schick, in his 1991 book Heroic Worlds, calls the adventure A very difficult scenario 3 Don Turnbull reviewed Tomb of Horrors in issue No 13 of the magazine White Dwarf, and gave the module a rating of 10 out of 10 Turnbull commented on the adventure s difficulty, noting that the dungeon is sprinkled extensively with subtle, insidious and carefully laid traps, and it will be a fortunate adventurer who manages to avoid them 5 He felt that the illustration booklet would add a great deal to the adventure s atmosphere and felt that the pre generated character roster was useful Turnbull noted that the module is very hard and will be hard for the DM to learn in advance, though this is an essential prerequisite of running it properly for it is much subtle than the G or D modules , and he said that this module has in common with those modules an excellent format, for instance, and the comprehensive way in which the scenario is introduced TSR s high quality has not been in any way compromised, and in S1 it has even been improved upon 5 Wayne MacLaurin of SF Site describes the module as a classic and a must have for gamers, saying that when he played the game in high school, most of his group s characters quickly died MacLaurin explains that Tomb of Horrors is a classic not because of its difficulty, but because it was the first module that did not involve killing large amounts of monsters it was a collection of puzzles and maps Its focus on traps rather than monsters was a surprise to gamers at the time 19 One technique some players used to get past the deathtraps was to drive cattle ahead of them, which Lore j berg of Wired described as a bit less than heroic , noting that in Lord of the Rings Gandalf did not send 50 head of cattle into the Mines of Moria to serve as Balrog bait 17

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    As I recall, it was 8.00 And I played it wrong That s chump change these days, of course Coffee for two at Starbucks A single day s parking fees at the airport A happy meal and a half But back in 1979, living in rural Oregon under the semi benevolent despotism of my parents, who thought 0.50 a perfectly adequate weekly allowance, it was a modest fortune There was only one place in town that sold any DD materials Presto Print, which mostly did business as a copy store for local businesses so they could have theoretically set any price they wanted Working against that was the fact that the market for RPG materials was, shall we say, limited In our entire county of approximately 30,000, there is not a doubt in my mind that, tender age or not, I was the most knowledgeable and eager customer they could muster So 8.00 was out of my immediate reach, but I at least had the consolation that there would be no competition for the title It would wait.I worked weekends for three weeks mowing the lawn 0.50 , weeding the rose hedges 0.25 each , vacuuming 0.25 , splitting wood for the fireplaces 1.00 for a pile as tall as me I worked like a fiend, and spent not a precious quarter at the pizza parlor arcade, tempting though it was At last, I had my small fortune amassed, and badgered my mother until she agreed to drive me into town to claim my prize.It was gone While I d been tearing my young, gloveless hands open on rose bushes, some wretched, sneaking unworthy thief had purchased the only copy Gollum in his agonies could not have hated the Baggins than I hated that nameless parasite who had dared to steal away with my prize I went mad I demanded that the store owner tell me who had bought it I burst into adolescent tears, frustrated rage and shame at the spectacle I knew I was making of myself both coursing through my overwrought brain My mother drove me home Eventually I calmed down enough to call the store and ask them ever so professionally, polite but firm, stupidly thinking they wouldn t know it was the little freak who d gone crazy in their store on the line to order another copy Two weeks later, I was at the store when it opened, and there it was the module, only my third, reputed by my few out of town DD contacts to be the wickedest ever created.I could barely wait The cover enchanted me The fold out illustrations compelled me The design a compendium of trips and traps, a slow paced, perfect dungeon crawl which would demand the most careful scrutiny for players to survive, was a thing of genius I ran my brothers through the module within the week Then they did it again Then I brought it to school and badgered those few friends who had a passing interest in the game to go through the Tomb, sacrificing precious recess time I went further afield and dragged in anyone I could persuade to the game table, bribing them sometimes, just for the opportunity to experience the Tomb from their perspective once Over the next eight years, before I moved on to college and foolishly, FOOLISHLY left behind my Dungeons Dragons obsession for mature pursuits, the Tomb of Horrors was easily the star player of my stable of modules I must have DMed the adventure for fifteen different groups.And I never killed anyone.At least not permanently Oh certainly a few characters were temporarily ground to paste by falling rocks or lost an arm to a Wall of Annihilation, but these were routinely dealt with by convenient clerics who wandered the ruins with resurrection spells handy, just in case.You see, I knew and know all about the module s reputation as a killer dungeon I saw immediately how easy it would be for even normally cautious players to be blasted to atoms by the ridiculously unfair conditions I ignored those design flaws which are obvious to me now the ludicrous false entrances, the bragging riddle on the floor, the impossible final encounter A lover in the first gidddy stages of infatuation, I had already absorbed the most important rule of DD simply alter what doesn t work, make it up on the fly, deliver your lies with confidence and, from the other side of the DM screen, the players will have no idea that what you re telling them isn t exactly as written And I wasn t interested in winning the game over the players Any moron DM could declare rocks fall, everyone dies in a fit of pique, and many have I wasn t at war with the players Playing through a module with them wasn t an act of hatred It was love I loved the game I loved the story we were creating together I loved the sense of shared purpose, the comfort of an understandable rules system, the assurance of knowing my function That was heady, delicious, and all too rare for a lonely boy who knew, during the course of most days, how weird he appeared to most of his peers, and how little they thought of him During the course of the game, I wasn t a wrathful God, out for revengeI was God s benevolent avatar, achieving reconciliation with all the hurt I couldn t admit to myself at the time, and which fantasy drove away, at least temporarily, into the dark corners.So yeah, I played it wrong I fudged dice rolls, I gave broad hints, I re arranged rooms to lead the players from encounter to encounter, a showman trying to give the audience the most for their money And they were happy, and I was happy So up yours, rules lawyers Acererak was my wingman, and the Tomb of Horrors was my perfect playground I found concentrated joy in those thirty or so pages than I would find until I was much older, and had finally found a way out of loneliness Thank you, Gary It made me happy.I played it right.

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    Un modulo iper famoso per Dungeons and Dragon.Se avete letto Ready Player One letto, non visto il film non potete fare a meno di leggere questo modulo Se invece siete dei giocatori di ruolo, il modulo merita una giocata.

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    Everyone s favorite unbeatable module.

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    I ran this once back in the day as the capstone to a longer campaign and it made for an OK long session Reading it now and it s, well, it s kind of a mess First, as with the other modules of the time period they were presented to the DM as a mystery in the first read you didn t get to know the villains plans and motivations until you reached the descriptions of the final rooms I don t know why such a presentation was ever part of the DM experience, but there you go Second, OK, I get that the module is designed as a static, trap and undead filled location, but the nigh absence of anyone to interact with saving the Sirine who is enchanted to not directly answer questions makes things of a slog than they ought to be if your PCs are all in on puzzles and traps, this is a great evening If they are playing for other reasons, not so much Third, there s no continuity between the puzzles, save where there s a false pattern set up to hose the PCs later Yes, it makes sense for the malevolently evil entity guarding its existence to not play fair, but that also means each puzzle has to be taken as a blank slate, and any attempt to carry over knowledge from the prior ones is going to mess you up This, to me at least, is unsatisfying as it makes the Tomb feel deeply disjointed It s difficult to get engaged without any sort of through line either in personalities or theme.Finally, all of this is so much easier if you re already used to the early Gygax style the puzzles that require the players to repeat the same set of actions 3 times with no effect so that the next time produces a benefit is nonsensical unless you re used to a DM doing just that sort of thing or the DM nudges you along The number of problems that can only be resolved by a very small set of spells or actions which don t make a lot of logical sense nothing earlier in the module or even in prior modules would lead you to guess that using large gemstones as sling bullets will do anything special means they aren t so much puzzles as guessing games My opinions

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    This is the quintessential 1st edition advanced dungeons and dragons tournament adventure It is hard to read without cackling evilly but though very hard, it is possible to complete in play The artwork and writing are wonderfully old school, and the backstory is brief but sufficient You just have to make sure the players have the right expectations going in, and don t send any beloved characters inside I think an interesting way to run this would be to present the players with the 20 pre generated characters and tell them they can use them all to explore the dungeon, and they win if any are left at the end They can send all 20 in at once, send half in and leave half in reserve, or any combination.

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    Without any doubt, Gygax was at his meanest when he designed this dungeon No sane player, having a slight idea of what s he is going to encounter there, will play it It s a long exercise in masochism trying to get to the end Only the most debased and sadistic DMs are going to run it That said, IT S FU ing AWESOME

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    Liked And Hated.

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S1 Tomb of Horrors download S1 Tomb of Horrors, read online S1 Tomb of Horrors, kindle ebook S1 Tomb of Horrors, S1 Tomb of Horrors 6e5577ac1c54 This Module Was Originally Used For The Official DUNGEONS DRAGONS Tournament At Origins I The Author Wishes To Express His Thanks To Mr Alan Lucien Who Was Kind Enough To Submit The Ideas For This Dungeon This Version Has Been Revised And Updated To Conform To ADVANCED DUNGEONS DRAGONS Included Herein Are Background Information For Players, Including The Legend Of The Tomb As Is True Of All TSR DUNGEON MODULES, The Location Of This Area Is Upon The Map Of The World Of Greyhawk WORLD OF GREYHAWK By TSR DM Notes, Level Map And Matrix, Player Character Statistics For Varying Numbers Of Participants, And Over Two Dozen Special Illustrations To Graphically Enhance Your Players Enjoyment Of The Adventure, As The Drawings Are Keyed To Various Scenes And Encounters Iin The Tomb