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The Secret of Excalibur (Excalibur Saga #1) files The Secret of Excalibur (Excalibur Saga #1) , read online The Secret of Excalibur (Excalibur Saga #1) , free The Secret of Excalibur (Excalibur Saga #1) , free The Secret of Excalibur (Excalibur Saga #1) , The Secret of Excalibur (Excalibur Saga #1) a686dc0d4 Hi, I M Arthur Merlin I Used To Be An Ordinary Guy, Until A Freak Accident Changed My Life Now My Friends Are Afraid Of Me, And So Am I See, I Developed Superpowers Telepathy, Pyrokinesis And Telekinesis, To Name A Few The US Government Wanted To Control Me But How Do You Control Someone Who Can Teleport Anywhere He Wants To In A Blink Of An Eye Fed Up With Their Shenanigans, I Headed For The Institute Of Psychic Research In London But Something Is Pulling Me Calling Me, And I Don T Know What I Ended Up At Lake George, Where Sightings Of The Lady Of The Lake And Excalibur Have Been Reported With The Help Of Dr Burns And Commander Dobie, We Uncovered The Secrets Of The Lake, But They Re Than Anyone Imagined What Would I Sacrifice To Save The World From Excalibur

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    The Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley is a delightfully entertaining, though unbelievable, science fiction tale Arthur Merlin has abilities that no other human has He s been experiment with, and all attempts by government agencies to control him have utterly failed He is drawn to England and there the adventure begins You think you know what he will find, then you realize it s going to something else, all to find out neither happens as you expect The story only seemed predictable.I had a few giggles while reading the book There was one time the authors status as a Midwesterner really peeked through She compared some food in England with the Midwest s Runza food phenomenon Only a native, or someone who lives in a limited region of the Midwest USA, would understand the reference.I did find a few things that editing missed a couple places where the wrong word was used but it was spelled so close to the intended word that I knew what was meant and didn t let it ruin my enjoyment If it were a movie I d say it was one of those grade B science fiction stories that are entertainingly unbelievable Cotton candy for the brain, which is also how I describe books like The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.If you re in the mood to curl up on the couch and do some light reading this one will fit the bill.

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    Please don t get confused between King Arthur, Merlin, and the hero here Arthur Merlin is a modern day man, who finds himself with special powers Although he doesn t quite understand them or why he has them, he has drawn interest from various government agencies, who d love to get their hands on them.No Spoilers Meeting Dr.Ruth Burns is a fortuitous event for Arthur With her, he manages to delve into his past, uncover a riddle from legend, and find answers related to, The lady of the lake. This is a quirky tale, mixing legend and fantasy with a modern twist of super hero with an array of powers Ms Foley delivers a good story with plenty of plots going on throughout The writing was straightforward and smooth I really enjoyed the characters and supporting characters, who were equally well developed.I m very happy that I picked this up.

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    Sex Scally Bond Excalibur Or rather The name s Merlin Arthur Merlin I don t want to say too much about the book s story I think too much has been said about that already, and, after all, it s up to us to find out for ourselves And besides, it doesn t take long to find out this book moves along, reads, as rapidly as a Bond film.The story is narrated by our mind reading super powered hero, Arthur Merlin, and when he s not around, the author affords us the choice of either assuming she has taken over as omniscient author, or and this is clever that Arthur is still telling the tale because he can be where he wants when he wants Clever.But back to the Bond thing I can t help thinking that, along with his own experiences, had The Paranormal been so big in Ian Fleming s day, he might have written something like this Arthur Merlin is a wonderful fantasy figure, though hardly the alpha hero in that, to be honest, he s very tongue in cheek too he s non negotiable on most things as for terrorists, they ve got no chance he s a governmental loose cannon Oh, and he has a sex drive like mine Except he can pull it off, as it were hell, he can even convert the staunchest lesbian to come out of the closet and see what she s missing a man He s a real man, you see, and he just can t get enough Anyone remember Bond doing that, by the way Well, Arthur can spy on her taking a shower while pouring brandies in the kitchen Can Bond do that No Maybe I m exaggerating a tad, but the book is great fun.And then there s the whole King Arthur angle, adding a whole new dimension Bond meets Merlin, it s a fantasy world gone mad And yet the author somehow pulls it off she has a wonderful imagination.I recommend this book to anyone wondering what to do at the weekend Escapism at its best.

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    Magic Myth Power Who wouldn t love a story with these elements, especially when they whirlwind around the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table I for one have been a huge fan of medieval legends, so reading a story that intertwines King Arthur s tale with modern day action and suspense was beyond exciting Not only does Sahara Foley weave a fascinating and passionate story that s centered on Arthur Merlin and his love interest Ruth, but she was able to lay the book s foundation around the actual myths and legends of Excalibur The time and research this author put in really shows in her writing, and has made this story not only hard to put down but extremely entertaining to read If I had to leave a critical remark, it would only be my personal opinion regarding the aliens, which I thought was a little different weird But hey, it s fantasy It makes the story that much interesting I consider this book a total must read for anyone who likes a little action with their fantasy and romance.

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    As a fantasy fan, the legend of King Arthur, Merlin, and Excalibur are some of my favorite themes to read When I saw the cover for Sahara Foley s The Secret of Excalibur, I decided I had to read it Synopsis from the author Hi, I m Arthur Merlin I used to be an ordinary guy, until a freak accident changed my life Now my friends are afraid of me, and so am I See, I developed superpowers telepathy, pyrokinesis and telekinesis, to name a few The US government wanted to control me But how do you control someone who can teleport anywhere he wants to in a blink of an eye Fed up with their shenanigans, I headed for the Institute of Psychic Research in London But something is pulling me calling me, and I don t know what I ended up at Lake George, where sightings of The Lady of the Lake and Excalibur have been reported With the help of Dr Burns and Commander Dobie, we uncovered the secrets of the lake, but they re than anyone imagined What would I sacrifice to save the world from Excalibur What I liked The book had a nice blend of action and romance I thought the use of the psychic ability Arthur possessed was a great vehicle to move the story forward The relationship between Ruth and Arthur was steamy, and fun Commander Dobie was a perfect bureaucrat always looking to use a situation to his or her advantage One of the highlights for me was the revelations about Excalibur Very interesting take on the legend of King Arthur, The Lady of the Lake, and the sword The ending surprised me, but you ll get no spoilers from me What I didn t like I could have used a little background on Arthur and how his powers developed The sexual transition Ruth experienced with Arthur was a little too predictable for me, and I still haven t figured out the submarines Lastly, the some of the sex scenes seemed gratuitous and didn t add to the story.Overall impression I liked the story, really liked the characters, and loved the twist at the end I would recommend it to anyone over 18, who likes a little steamy sex with their fantasy read My rating 4 Stars

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    I read a lot Rarely do I find a book that captures my attention from beginning to end Couldn t Put It Down The author has really gone above and beyond using modern twists on legends that make the story so believable I kind of expected the usual tale of finding the treasure of excalibur or something along those lines This was so much The relationship between Ruth and Arthur was great Yes, there were some steamy sex scenes and I normally just skip over them because I blush too much or get disgusted at some of the graphic ones, but these were well written You don t understand why there was so much sex going on till the very end and then you get it.The imaginative twists of using aliens with the legendary Excalibur was brilliant and skillfully crafted I really liked the secondary characters of this book They weren t just fillers, you got a chance to really enjoy them and their own twists and turns.Except for a few minor typos that are hardly noticeable and putting a sexual situations disclaimer on it, I think this book would be great for anyone to read that is over the age of 16 It has something for everyone Sci Fi Fans, Romance, Adult, Fantasy, you name it, all the genre s are covered WELL DONE

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    Wow I am a romance reader and had a small concern about the fantasy world, but the synopsis of the story drew me I m happy that I chose it Ms Foley writes a story of intrigue, humor, magic, suspense, hilarity and romance that immediately drew my attention, keeping me from putting it down.After an accident, Arthur Merlin is left with supernatural powers that put fear in his friends and the desire of the government to control him Something pulled him to England where he met Dr Ruth Burns They tear up the sheets But, he is drawn to The Lady of the Lake and the legendary sword Excalibur which old stories say it lies at the bottom of the lake.You will enjoy the twists, turns, action, romance and supporting characters in The Secret of Excalibur Ms Foley brings to life the emotions, pain and joy of characters You will feel as if you were watching the story develop before your eyes The storyline flows well and the main character, and even the supporting characters, are well developed The end surprised and pleased me.Ms Foley is a talented writer I look forward to reading her work again.

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    This book has been on my TBR for a long time, making my fingers itch as I ve really wanted to read it, but the timing has always been on my way You see, I ve read bits and pieces, from this book and I knew it would be an excellent read A book I wanted to savor instead of rushing into it without my mind elsewhere.Oh, boy Did this book deliver Sahara Foley has definitely brought something new and refreshing on the Arthurian tales A twist, I didn t see coming, and glued me on the pages until the very end A well known legend has been mixed with a modern time The truth about Excalibur has been questioned what really happened What did they leave out when the legend was born But, but, but if you re looking for a traditional way of presenting this legendary story, you ve come to the wrong show, as that is not the case here Sahara Foley has turned the cup upside down and created something completely new and unique.Kudos for the author This book was so good, I m still purring in my imaginary medieval ish dress, enjoying the magic and science whirling around me Prepare to be stunned as this story will blow your mind Excellent

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    A great twist on a popular legend.It was actually a one star review that prompted me to read this book, and I m so gad I did One thing I must say up front is that this book is set in the 1980 s, so attitudes weren t as politically correct back then It s actually refreshing to see a bit of good old fashioned male chauvinismonly don t tell the wife, okay The story is about a guy, Arthur Merlin, who possesses extraordinary, superhero like powers There is a suggestion that the CIA tried to control him, before he turns up at a psychic institute in England There he meets Ruth, a prickly lesbian doctor I won t ruin it for you, but the fireworks between them form the core of a great book.I will admit that the first person POV took me a while to get used to, but after a couple of excellently written chapters I really enjoyed it.The Arthurian theme takes a huge twist at the end of the book, turning the whole legend on it s head, and I cannot wait for book two There is a story here that needs to be told, and Sahara Foley is the one to tell it

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    This was a very unique and exciting take on the legend of Excalibur A man, gifted with many amazing talents, is drawn to England from America where he teams up with a division of MI6 and meets a feisty lady with demons of her own.Romance, mystery, and humor all underscore this unimaginable adventure to discover the secrets of the Lady of the Lake Just when you think you know where it s going, the story shifts and you re left clueless again Make another prediction, and BAM It shifts again and you re left reeling I love that when the story is unpredictable and exciting.My one negative and it s a minor one is the fact that our main character called his love interest kid She is in her thirties, and the moniker just kind of annoyed me, particularly at the end when he was using it every other sentence The author is from the midwest, so it could be a regional thing that I don t understand Overall, I really liked the story I can t wait to see what happens next and have the sequel The Revenge of Excalibur already lined up on my Kindle to start tomorrow Great job

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