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    I enjoyed this final book of the Island series I wanted to read this book right after I finished the second book and it did not disappoint My son and daughter, 12 and 9, both have enjoyed this series as well I read this book one day after I finished the 2nd book and finished in the same day Easy read and enjoyable

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    I read the first two in this series several years ago, but missed the third It was pretty much worth the wait though not high literature, but fairly entertaining I like it for my classroom because it is short, it is part of a series, and it is suspenseful three strong ingredients for reluctant readers.

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    A good ending to an adventure filled trilogy I appreciate that the six kids were able to work together so well survive on such a deserted island, despite struggle after struggle after struggle A great middle years series.

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    Ben SimonThe book I read is Island Book Three Escape, by Gordon Korman This book is the last one in Korman s Island series where six kids are shipwrecked on a deserted island and must survive This is personally my favorite book in the series because of it s genius plot, writing, danger, and pulse stopping suspense that literally keeps the reader on the edge of their seat The main characters who end up stranded consist of Luke a boy framed for having a gun in his locker , Will and Lyssa two twins who never get along and often result in having very violent arguments , Ian a boy who is obsessed with television and the internet , Charla a girl built on superior athletic skill , and J.J the spoiled son of a rich and famous Hollywood actor In the first book, all six are sent on a sailing program for juvenile delinquents made to better them Their boat gets caught in a violent storm which results in separating them and eventually, in the next book, reuniting on a distant island They manage to survive using each others skills to their advantage By the end of the sequel, Will is severely wounded and the group has not only discovered that notorious smugglers are based at the island, but also an abandoned American air force base from World War II and a hidden atomic bomb In the final book, the team is still struggling to survive and are at deep risk of being found by the illegal smugglers At the same time they are racing furiously to help Will recover and, with great discretion, hide the bomb from the smugglers In the end, J.J decides to stow aboard the smugglers plane and return with help Unfortunately, the smugglers find and capture J.J upon landing in China, deciding to hold him for ransom J.J just barely managed to escape his captors and a civilian witness contacts the U.S Marines, who save J.J, arrest the smugglers, and set out to rescue the other five castaways back at the island.The title of this book, Escape, allows the reader to easily understand the concept of the story It is kept rather simple so that the reader can at least guess that the story focuses on the characters effort to finally escape the island they are stranded on However simple the book s name may be, though, the dangers and problems introduced in the last book strengthen the urgency in the idea of Escape This causes a very deep feeling of suspense both before and while reading the book, and greatly elevates the reader s concern for the characters The suspenseful power of this title can also cause readers to raise questions such as Will everyone be able to make it out of the island The major mood in this book is not very overt, though it does often contain a thriller sort of vibe.The setting is a very crucial part of this book, as it is even the name of it s series Island In this book as well as the previous one, the story is set on a deserted island where in which the characters must survive If this setting was never mentioned or described, the reader would have no understanding of the story whatsoever The book s point of view also plays a very important role Since it is written in 3rd person view, it allows the reader to delve deeper into each characters thoughts and emotions all at once, something that is far difficult to do with something written in 1st person view This works especially well with the twins, Will and Lyssa When Lyssa helps caring for her injured brother, you can explore the thoughts swimming through each of their heads, such as them recalling their heated fights in the past Overall, these factors give this book advantages that add meaning to the story and understanding of each of the characters Gordon Korman s use of foreshadowing in his last book is pure genius At the very end of the second book, the kids stumble across Junior, a backup atomic bomb built in secret by the U.S during World War II The third book begins with a flashback prologue taking place on the island a day after the war In it, U.S soldiers are shown abandoning their former secret base right after burying the inert bomb We then cut right to where the previous book ended.In my opinion, this is by far the best book in Korman s Island series It is the most adventurous, most complex, and most fun to read Escape keeps you at the edge of your seat always guessing what is going to happen next But because it contains content such as blood and other intense or squeamish factors, I would recommend this to someone 13 14 and up But overall, Island Book Three Escape is fun, easy read book that anyone can enjoy

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    I like this book because it was adventurous It made me picture myself in the jungle Will and his family were on a ship heading to somewhere It gets serious when Will s gunshot wound is badly infected His fever goes up He gets goofy and passes out They give him medicine from the abandoned army dispensary in the jungle Medicine is running low Ian said he should have seen a doctor Their plan to escape is tricky J.J has to go on the smugglers plane, he is held for ransom and tries to get everyone else rescued The smugglers find J.J and threaten him They want info on his friends They break his arm but he doesn t tell on his friends He convinced them that he is the son of a Hollywood director using his glasses They could get big bucks for him When he thinks they ll kill him even when they get paid, he gets out of there He runs into a police car, J.J s father had sent.Will s fever gets worse The infection is so bad the bullet needs to be taken out Luke and Carla remove the bullet with Ian s help They used stuff from the army camp next to atomic bomb Junior Will comes two days later They escape the island on a yellow raft A marine scuba diver gets them onto a chopper J.J is on the chopper, too When they get back to the main land scientists open up Junior They are all there to see the note inside the atomic bomb that says KA BOOM The island is named after Junior Radford is found in a bar and arrested He gets charged with six counts of attempted murder They reunite at J.J s house I would recommend this book to middle school and high school boys Girls in this age group might like it too, if they re looking for an adventure

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    Book Three Escape by Gordon Korman The book is a nail bitting, grip riding book The characters are stuck and have many escape chances but most attempts fail except when J.J Finds a plane to escape just to find out it is smugglers that use the uncharted island off the pacific ocean.The issue is life or death Will a main character has been wounded from a gun shot to the leg from the previous book J.J escapes with luck and gets a lift to the uncharted island to help rescue the others.During J.Js life or death days the othe castaways remove the bullet with old surgical equipment that was used during vietnam where the airforce hid the planes.My favorite quote was on Page 79 The goodbyes back at camp had been shattering This shows why leaving a friend s alone at some uncharted island in the book is kind a sad another good quote is on page 100 it says There was the slug ugly misshapen, glory but out This shows even with adversity you can overcome anything if you just believe.The other social issue is adversity like when the other castaways besides J.J got the bullet out they could of stop and given up but they did not to save wills life in this world there is many types of adversity such as you are down 5 1 in the 9th

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    The book Island Book Three Escape is a great book It is about six kids that got stuck on an island The lived on the island for about a month They had to live on what the island offered them They had fish almost everyday of the week They had to boil water to get the salt water fresh The six kids didn t always get along with each other Some of the kids were getting sick and injured until a plane dropped medicine off but didn t help them any then that.I would recommend this book to males from the ages 13 15 This book would be better for kids who like adventures, mystery, and fictional books If you like the outdoors this book would be great for you.I read this book because it was kind of short and easy I also read this book because the first two Island books were good, so I decided to read the third book I would rate this book an eight out of ten.

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    The final installment of the Island trilogy, Escape has Luke and the other kids having to make desperate descisions to find a way to not only survive, but to get out Knowing that the only people that will ever find them on the island are murdering smugglers, and having will dying of an infection from a bullet would, they make the choice to have one of them stow away on the smugglers plane to try and get help But when rescue still doesn t come, they may have to take matters into their own hands.Such a great adventure story, especially for kids It is clean, exciting, and a great way to wrap up the story.

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    This book tought me to never be selfish and that teamwork works the best in most dangerous situations like the kids in the book went through I loved this book and I thought the ending was the best part because the rich kid JJ who didn t do anything useful on the island and thought the whole thing with the criminals on the island was a fake, finally stepped up to the plate and took the chance to redeem himself from the mistakes he made.

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    I m not sure why I like this series, but I really, really do It s about a group of kids, all of whom have serious issues, who end up on an island trying to survive Things spiral out of control from there, and it stops being just a man versus nature story in pretty incredible unbelievable ways And I still really like it.

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