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    What happens when perfection isn t good enough Undergoing the Pretty Operation aka the mandated set of operations at age 16 designed to make everyone as beautiful as possible was all that Tally ever dreamed of.Well, until in typical YA fashion , she learns that her loving and kind government actually inserted lesions into the brain thus neutering the population.These lesions made Pretties incapable of anger, meanness and anything that required difficultly Everything is bubbly and happy making Being pretty minded is simply the natural state for most people They want to be vapid and lazy and vain and selfish It only takes a twist to lock in that part of their personalities This operation was deemed necessary to save the remains of society just look at the Rusties aka everyone who used fossil fuels and started wars They nearly killed the planet with their pollution and strip mining ..humanity is a disease, a cancer on the body of the world. Tally Youngblood, despite being horrified at what was done to the Pretties, undergoes the operation herself There might be a cure to the lesions and there needs to be a test subject Only, when Tally becomes Pretty, it s becoming harder and harder to remember why she fought so hard to keep her mind Everything is foggy and is so difficult to maintain alertness.Then in typical YA fashion , our heroine meets a bad boy who convinces her that yes, this revolution is truly worth it That they must fight back in any way they can Their reasons don t mean anything unless I have a choice And finally in typical YA fashion we have a love triangle shoe horned in to keep the everyone guessing at who is Tally s true love.Honestly, this wasn t a bad sequel I like how different Westerfield made this one from the first Notably, Pretty slang is scattered throughout the book aka bubbly but instead of being a sore thumb, I think it really helped immerse me in this novel I think he really did a great job of fleshing out the Pretties and their society and note to this world, we really need to up our hoverboard game.Audiobook CommentsRead by Emily Tremaine and this was a fabulous one to listen to I really enjoyed her tone and inflection.YouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat miranda.reads Happy Reading

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    I m pretty disappointed with this book The last one was pretty good but this one not so great They kept using this stupid pretty language that annoyed me to no end If i hear that anything is Bogus, bubbly, pretty making, fashion missing ect EVER again, i might have to strangle that person.Besides the annoying slang, the main character is now a complete twit She is a Pretty sure, but she made some really stupid decisions The worst was at the end She picked the WRONG guy and that s all i m going to say on that subject.There s also the fact that Scott kept comparing her to a princess in a tower Well, not even princesses are that dim She completely left her old friends for some guy who didnt even really like her He only liked the fact that she was rebellious So, for this guy she leaves her BEST friend Peris, her TRUE love, David, and turns her back on her only REAL friend Shay For what Not a good book I m not even sure i want to read the next.

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    Here s what I wrote on my book club blog about Pretties, and the whole series Westerfeld knows that he s writing to teens, so he s trying to address a LOT of issues that teens face One is, obviously, being superficial Remember reading the teen magazines, hearing all of the celebrity gossip not to mention your own school gossip , trying to dress well and be cool Maybe you were better than I was and didn t get pulled into that, but most teens are And often the pull doesn t go away once you turn 20 and aren t a teen any I still find myself tempted to read the covers of the gossip magazines at the grocery store, to watch another cookie cutter, uninspiring chick flick or to read the mindless quick read books It s harder to choose the book that I ll struggle through but that will make me think and maybe even change, or to turn off the tv when a couple of beautiful people are on the screen, no matter what kind of dumb things they re saying When Peris chooses the promise of blissful ignorance and laxity of the Pretty society, part of you can t really blame him Who wants problems Who wants to have to think and to work when we can just be entertained instead We have to consciously choose to resist that pull, and teens are just being introduced to it.Another issue is our treatment of the environment I think that Westerfeld isn t advocating the pristine, sustainable development of the Pretty society, or the wasteful stupidity of the Rusties our present state , but something in between that Tally gets a glimpse of with the Smokies A reverence and appreciation for nature, but an understanding that nature is to provide for our needs, and so cutting down a tree is not a sin some tree hugging extremists today might take the Pretties side on this, don t you think.When the Rusties come along, he s again attacking our tendencies for senseless violence, adherence to illogical traditions women s subservience just because it s always been that way, and even religious piety Question authority he s saying all throughout the book That s what teens do naturally, but he s targeting an authority that they don t always recognize the media Teens now can t live without their iPods, they go to the movies every weekend, spend hours and hours online and are basically overloaded by the media All of this keeps them from thinking on their own This book makes you think and hopefully can encourage some teens to think on their own and pull themselves away from all of the media that tries so hard to tell them what to think In addition to all of his preaching, Westerfeld writes a captivating series with convincing characters and and draws you into his intriguing world as you read his books.

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    If I never hear the word bubbly again, I ll die happy.

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    What I found most interesting about Pretties was its thematic use of various forms of bodily mutilation eating disorders In a perfect society, where everyone is brain damaged into peace and transformed into absolutely perfectly beautiful creatures, how do you rebel By starving yourself, cutting yourself in a lesser sense, by covering your body in tattoos Tattoos as mutilation is a controversial thought, and I m not sure I know where I stand with it I mean, are some tattoos okay, but a body full of them not The social stigma and our association of tattoos with crime, wild people, tramps, etc has a lot to do with it I like my tattoo, and Jim s three tattoos, and yet I really don t want either of us to get any It s kind of weird But these teenage boys and girls they look perfect, they ve been surgically transformed into the universal pinnacle of beauty, and they re still starving or mutilating themselves in order to wake up, to feel it It s a very dark aspect of this series, one I d like to see addressed in further detail, if possible.I m very excited to read the last installment in the series, Specials I m just waiting for it to come out in paperback so I can complete my set.

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    Pretties Uglies, 2 , Scott WesterfeldPretties is a 2005 science fiction novel and the second book of the Uglies Trilogy written by Scott Westerfeld The premise of the novel relies on a future set in a future dystopian world in which everyone is turned Pretty by extreme cosmetic surgery upon reaching age 16 It tells the story of teenager Tally Youngblood who rebels against society s enforced conformity 1396 312 9786008537373 21 .

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    Just like Uglies, Pretties is an entertaining read Tally s adventures continue as she becomes pretty and fights to regain her awareness We meet some new characters, including Tally s new love interest The story moves fast and gets intense in the third part of the book Like many mentioned before, the pretty talk gets annoying There is only so many times you can take the word bubbly repeated But I guess the author was trying to create a pretty language indicative of the slow pretty thinking This series, though entertaining, still lacks something for me I think this something is emotional depth and intensity of feeling There are some other authors Suzanne Collins and Neal Shusterman, for example who can convey emotions much better than Westerfeld, in my opinion.

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    Apparently being pretty also means you use the words bubbly and bogus Seriously Have we suddenly been transported back to the 1990s I have to admit, every time Tally or Zane or Shay or anyone used the words bubbly and bogus, I rolled my eyes Which means I was rolling my eyes for ninety percent of this book.I was pretty disappointed with Pretties there isn t much plot difference between it and Uglies In Uglies, Tally want to be pretty, and in Pretties, Tally wants to be a Crim Tally fights with Shay, escapes to the Smoke, gets lost along the way only be saved by another group she didn t know existed, reaches the Smoke, and then betrays the Smokies The only difference is Tally discovers how the cure David s mother created at the end of Uglies works and the social experiment the doctors in Tally s world run And while it was nice to undersand about Tally s world, it just isn t enough to carry Pretties Oh, and instead of David making Tally s heart going pitter patter, it s Zane, who always felt a little off to me.I just wasn t hooked by the second book in this trilogy, and I m hoping the third book, Specials, redeems this series for me My friend Helen ranks the series as Specials, Uglies, Extras, and then Pretties, so I know I m not alone.

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    Pretties is the sequel to Uglies, the second in a trilogy which I had started back two months previous I opened the book with some hesitancy, despite the fact that I d enjoyed the first book and had been anxious to start the second, since the details of the first book were kind of fuzzy would I remember enough to piece together a coherent story Turns out I needn t have worried Pretties picks up where Uglies left off, yes but the main character s memory has been tampered with and she can t quite remember what happened in the first book, anyway My own stunted recollections made for a rather authentic read Actually, I found myself identifying all too well with the emptyheaded, pretty minded section of the book aptly nameed Sleeping Beauty if you ve ever zoned out in front of the TV or computer, wasting away your time and losing some sense of reality all in the name of entertaining yourself, you ll understand exactly the sensation Westerfield is trying to recreate Being sleep deprived helps with this perception, too The futuristic society that so intrigued me in Uglies continued to fascinate throughout this sequel The Pretties, made beautiful through an operation at age sixteen, spend all their time amusing themselves and no time thinking that is, until Tally Youngblood flawed heroine of Uglies arrives in New Pretty Town Through the help of new friend Zane, Tally s memory of her ugly past is reawakened She and Zane search for a cure for pretty thinking by staying bubbly which is basically to be hyped up on adrenaline all the time I loved the Pretties distinct dialect that infused the first chapters, and I loved that Westerfield taught it to his readers simply by using it repeatedly Of course, as Tally slowly remembers the events of the first book, things get increasingly complicated And as hard as she tries, Special Circumstances the almost mythical enforcement agency of this rigid society always seems to be one step ahead of her Pretties concludes it a most cliff hanging fashion, much as you d expect the sandwiched part of a trilogy to be think Star Wars or Lord of the Rings isn t the end of second part just about the most depressing, lowest point you can sink.Obviously, I can t wait to get my hands on the final book of the trilogy, Specials

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    My first completed novel for the BookTubeAThon My thoughts on this book are simple I enjoyed it, but I don t think it comes close to matching how great Uglies was The plot in the last around 100 pages was exciting, but the first 2 3rds of this book dragged and felt all together unnecessary The novel felt repetitive and redundant at several points I feel like it s suffering from middle book syndromeI did enjoy it, like I said, but it just didn t capture me like the first one I will definitely be reading the next novel, and have a feeling it will be very action packed

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Pretties summary pdf Pretties, summary chapter 2 Pretties, sparknotes Pretties, Pretties e547efb Gorgeous Popular PerfectPerfectly WrongTally Has Finally Become Pretty Now Her Looks Are Beyond Perfect, Her Clothes Are Awesome, Her Boyfriend Is Totally Hot, And She S Completely Popular It S Everything She S Ever WantedBut Beneath All The Fun The Nonstop Parties, The High Tech Luxury, The Total Freedom Is A Nagging Sense That Something S Wrong Something Important Then A Message From Tally S Ugly Past Arrives Reading It, Tally Remembers What S Wrong With Pretty Life, And The Fun Stops ColdNow She Has To Choose Between Fighting To Forget What She Knows And Fighting For Her Life Because The Authorities Don T Intend To Let Anyone With This Information Survive

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  • Pretties
  • Scott Westerfeld
  • English
  • 09 November 2018
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About the Author: Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld is a New York Times bestselling author of YA He was born in the Texas and now lives in Sydney and New York City In 2001, Westerfeld married fellow author Justine Larbalestier.He is best known for the Uglies and Leviathan series His next book, IMPOSTORS, returns to the world of Uglies It comes out September 11, 2018.