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Lorali pdf Lorali, ebook Lorali, epub Lorali, doc Lorali, e-pub Lorali, Lorali e870dcdc4fb Colourful, Raw, Brave, Rich And Fantastical This Mermaid Tale Is Not For The Faint HeartedLooking After A Naked Girl He Found Washed Up Under Hastings Pier Isn T Exactly How Rory Had Imagined Spending His Sixteenth Birthday But Surprising Than Finding Her In The First Place Is Discovering Where She Has Come FromLorali Is Running Not Just From The Sea, Not Just From Her Position As Princess, But Her Entire Destiny Lorali Has Rejected Life As A Mermaid, And Become HumanBut Along With Lorali S Arrival, And The Freak Weather Suddenly Battering The Coast, Strange Visitors Begin Appearing In Rory S Bemused Sussex Town With Beautifully Coiffed Hair, Sharp Collared Shirts And A Pirate Ship Shaped Like A Tudor House, The Abelgare Boys Are A Mystery All Of Their Own What Are They Really Up To Can Rory Protect Lorali And Who From And Where Does She Really Belong, Anyway

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    I love being surprised I wouldn t normally be drawn to a mermaid book and I m not sure that I ve ever read one before, but I picked up Lorali because 1 After reading Hi So Much, I trusted Laura Dockrill to create amazing contemporary characters2 It s so shiny And pretty And BLUE 3 It was my book club s pick for AugustI started reading, not knowing what to expect, and then, a few hours later, I had finished.Lorali begins with the arrival of a naked mermaid on Hastings pier, discovered by Rory on his sixteenth birthday Lorali has turned her back on her destiny to be an underwater princess in the Whirl, and has become human a walker With beautiful, well written characters and a story like no other, Lorali takes us under the sea.I thoroughly enjoyed the alternating perspectives Lorali, Rory and, yes, The Sea I knew about this unusual perspective before starting the book and I wasn t sure how it would work, but it does a wonderful job of constructing the world for the reader, both the history and the present I unexpectedly enjoyed discovering how the mermaids came to be and how their world was kept secret from humans plus all the other creatures and antics under the sea, like fellow mermaid Orla, who revels in being a celebrity Laura Dockrill s poetic writing combined with a modern setting and relatable teenage characters made me feel comfortable, as if I were reading a summery young adult contemporary story about family, friendship and falling in love, but with a twist I found Lorali s naivety and enthusiasm charming, and Rory a loyal and friendly support And you can t have a mermaid without a pirate the Abelgare boys Otto, Oska and Jasper were both delightful and chilling to read about.Dark, often violent and with a little social commentary thrown in, Lorali is unique, inventive and impressed me a whole lot Thank you to the publisher for providing this book for review I also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books.

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    Oh my gosh, this was the best mermaid book ever I loved the different perspectives and the descriptive writing style was just so beautiful All the characters were really quirky and developed for such a short book, this is definitely worth a read

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    this book is genius I want to live inside Dockrill s mind because damn that place must be amazing I m really disappointed with the ending otherwise, this would be a 5 star book, no doubt about it.full review here

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    I ve never read a mermaid book before and I honestly wasn t sure if this book would be for me but to my surprise I ended up LOVING it Being inside Laura Dockrill s imagination is a wonderful thing I now want to read everything she writes

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    haven t had much luck with Mermaid themed young adult reads, they tend to be underwhelming and not the magical, whimsical storylines most readers are probably expecting Not only does Lorali break that mould, but it s a much darker storyline than I d imagined Told from three points of view, Rory, Lorali and The Sea, it tells the story of Princess Lorali who has surfaced among humans and those who are on the hunt to capture her.It was deliciously bizarre, the inclusion of pirates, the sirens they tame and the world between the underwater kingdom and Walkers was simplistic, yet incredibly engaging once the hunt for Lorali begins Rory s character is the average, knockabout lad but cares deeply for his single mother who seems on the verge of falling apart Along with best friends Flynn and Elvis, they plan on celebrating Rory s sixteenth birthday when the weather turns nasty and Lorali washes up on shore Her transformation from mermaid to human is incredibly charming.But lorali is by no means safe, and Rory is about to find out how deadly betrayal can be As much as I enjoyed the storyline overall, I found the world building lacking Lorali s underwater kingdom was underdeveloped and I found it hard to imagine Seeing a point of view from The Sea was bizarre, and it felt as though it used the narrative as a way to explain the pirates and the politics of Lorali s world Inventive, but personally I would rather have seen a point of view from the pirate Abelgare brothers, who added a dose of intrigue throughout the storyline.Lorali is a unique storyline of mermaids, sirens and pirates within the human world Slow to begin, but the action soon heats up as the battle is on to capture and return Lorali home Or otherwise With points of view from The Sea, it is a unique read and one of the engaging mermaid themed books in young adult.

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    You can take a look at my blog Bookland wordpressCheck out my twitter BookLand twitterAlso you can like my fb page Bookland facebookArc kindly provided by the publisher, via netGalley, in exchange for an honest review.Lorali is a cute, lovely book filled with beautiful, thrilling mermaids and pirates and adventure.Writing StyleLaura Dockrill did a great job expressing every character s feelings and made it possible to relate It s important to know what s inside the mind of the heroes in order to be able to understand their actions At first I found weird the way she wrote the book because there were many POVs and every POV had a different way of writing I thought that it was confusing but then I realized that it was actually genious I could see the difference in every character s behavior and thoughts and it was easy for me to know which character is, everytime the writing style changes I didn t enjoy the small chaotic sentences in Lorali s POV but I can understand the reason behind them Heart Bu Boom Listen UP FOR BREATH.Tick Tock Legs Heavy Sink Flap Flap Flap In Out Calm Like the fog There were pages full with small confusing sentences like the one above Yeah, Lorali s thoughts were chaotic because she was experiencing new things and she was scared but I d rather have a different description than this I was unable to follow page after page full with these small sentences I skipped Btw that s the only reason the book lost a star.World BuildingMermaids When I read the blurb I had in my mind the usual mainstream mermaids and I was so excited and relieved when I read that these mermaids were different The Whirl their kingdom was a mesmerising place, with sea forests and gardens and creatures and a beautiful castle I approved of what I read Mermaids weren t born the usual way but they were humans who died and got a second chance in life They were salvaged by other mermaids but I am not going to reveal , you have to read It was impressing Also they had their tapestries in their tails and their memories and feelings could be seen there through colors and shapes and all How awesome is that Also I liked the fact that there were modern pirates I tend to forget the meaning behind the word pirate and I ve only connected it with old times My mistake.CharactersLorali was entertaining A mermaid that surfaced and got legs is always fun to read I found cute all of her reactions and I loved how honestly naive she was because of her understandable ignorance She was thirsty for knowledge and adventure ready to live Her fascination over pretty much everything was the best part and her will to trust Rory and the humans was sweet I liked Lorali and I wish female leads could be like her.Rory was the nicest person I ve ever read about It was a bit odd to read the thoughts of a 16 year old boy who is desperate to be a man because I am used to female leads but it was enjoyable For the first time I could finally understand the struggles of a teenage boy Actual struggles that normal teenage boys usually have it was absolutely fun Well yeah when he met Lorali his priorities changed but it was sweet to read step by step about how he fell in love with her and how he grew to be a man because he needed to keep her safe I love when there is that kind of character development.I am not going to talk about characters because there were many and you also need to find out by yourself I ll only talk about the Sea, which was actually a character with feelings and thoughts The Sea was a narrator and was part of Lorali s journey, experiencing all of her adventures but mostly she was there to introduce us to the rest of the characters like the Pirates, the Mers and .EndingI am not completely satisfied with how the book ended because I am a fan of happy ends I am not saying that the book ends in a bad way but it felt like there will be and to be honest I expect something because there is to see anyway.In generalI found the book unique and interesting and even though there were some parts that I skipped because of the writing style I still felt the need to be generous and rate the book with four stars It was worthy of my time and if there s a second book I will definitelly reading.

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    UGH, why do I never have any luck with mermaid books This was confusing, I didn t really care about the characters and I skimmed a lot of it But you ll hear of that tomorrow when I review it.____________________________________Ever since reading Ingo by Helen Dun when I was a wee lass, I ve been hunting for an incredible mermaid book.These books are AMAZING They re kind of dark and powerful and the underwater world is described so amazingly, and the world building is phenomenal, and there s Earth and Sea magic, and ahhh, it s just incredible.Even just thinking about them makes me want to reread them.Unfortunately, Lorali was not that book.I had a LOT of issues with it The first issue was pacing It was REALLY, really slow, and I ended up skimming a fair portion of it because I was just so bored Plus, out of three POVs, one of them was the perspective of The Sea I m not denying that it s a really unique and interesting way to write and something I found intriguing but it was just used as kind of a way to info dump So that I wasn t a fan of.Lorali herself was an interesting character I liked reading her POV to start with because it was full of SENSATIONS, and all these choppy sentences that was her describing how it felt to be on land.And Rory arguably the MAIN character was quite sweet, although he didn t seem very three dimensional to me.Also, can you guess how long it took for him and Lorali to fall in love Not long.I also had a problem with the world building.The underwater world wasn t really explained very well And even the ABOVE water world we ve got pirates the Abelgare brothers and Sirens and weird bird women things and maybe it was because I skimmed a lot, but I had no CLUE what was going on.Then there was the really confusing mixes of tone.We ve got the POV of The Sea, which was all dark and mysterious and with lovely writing BUT THEN, in the middle of the book, when one of the mermaids comes onto land, there are all these blog posts about mermaid culture where these twelvies are telling each other that you can transform into a mermaid by filling a bath full of salt and pressing your legs together And some girl dies from this and there s a news article on it I MEAN WHAT EVEN So then these twelvies just start attacking each other with atrocious grammar, and after a bit of that we go back to the dark, deep, mysterious Sea s voice.Overall Not quite my favourite mermaid book out there.Though I liked Lorali and the uniqueness of using The Sea as a point of view I really do think it s a cool idea , I just really wasn t having a fun time reading it.

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    I ve never read a mermaid book before but am totally glad that I picked this one up first If you have any recommendations for me for future mermaid reads then please feel free to leave a comment So this novel follows the story of a young mermaid princess named Lorali At the beginning of the novel Lorali is found by a young lad named Rory who is walking along the beach and to his great surprise comes across a completely naked girl Lorali Confused and panicky Rory decides to take Lorali home in the hopes of discovering where she has come from and how he can help her As Rory and his friends attempt to help Lorali there is a whole host of chaos happening under the sea Below the waves the mermaids are in complete panic at the loss of their beloved princess They send a mermaid up into London to speak with the humans and plea for the safe return of Lorali The mermaids also seek the help of a ship full of immaculately dressed pirates who arrive in Rory s town on the hunt for Lorali I loved the chaos and craziness that ensued after Lorali went missing, it gave the book a drive and all these mad situations kept popping up that left me in stiches The book is split into three perspectives Rory, Lorali and The Sea The Sea was by far my favourite perspective to read through, it just had this all encompassing eye over all aspects of the story and I thought that worked fantastically Laura Dockrill also wove poetry within the narrative which I found to be very thought provoking and it added a wonderful flow to the story After meeting Laura at the Hot Key Books blogger event I can definitely see her bright and bubbly personality shining out from this novel 4 out of 5 stars, a great read and I look forward to reading from Dockrill in the future I would recommend this to any lover of mermaids or anyone looking for a good ole adventure

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    I knew this book would be special because it is written by Laura Laura is one of those brilliantly unique human beings who shine without trying because they are just being themselves.This book is absolutely bonkers Quite literally like nothing you ve ever read before Just brilliant You will read it and want to be a mermaid Or a pirate Or both The world that Laura writes just begs to be read about and I found myself completely drawn in and unable to put the book down and finished it in one sitting.I loved the main characters Lorali and Rory I love Lorali s naivety and how sweet and caring Rory was I loved how the story was both heartfelt and funny throughout.The end killed me and left me in piecesIf you want to read something truly unique pick this book up now.

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    I found the ending to this novel incredibly poetic, if rather sad, but felt that it just didn t live up to the hype surrounding it Full review to come

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