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Token Huntress chapter 1 Token Huntress, meaning Token Huntress, genre Token Huntress, book cover Token Huntress, flies Token Huntress, Token Huntress a19f78a15b671 Perfect For Fans Of Kristin Cashore And Sarah J Maas, This First Book In A Tainted And Action Packed New Series Is Impossible To Put Down Es Is One Of The Best A Token In Her Hunter Guild After Leading Her Team Into The Rubble Remains Of San Francisco And Into An Ambush, Es Admitted Her Own Sacrifice And Defeat To Protect Her People Es Went From Being Token Huntress And Leading Her Team To A Life Captured And Hidden Within The Vampire Council By A Vampire, Chase Who Claimed That She Was His FamiliarIn The Year Of ,, Es Fights For Her Survival And The Goal To Maintain Humanity From Being Entirely Destroyed By The Vampires Who Overpowered Them Those Many Years Ago Dark Romantic Dangerous Action Packed Your Tainted Obsession Starts Today

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    Welcome to a future, not a pretty place to be, as the Hunter Guild is all that stands between the remaining humans and the vampires who run rampant over the world Es is a Token Huntress, a superior warrior and leader Her job is to take her Hunters out, defeat vampire threats and bring in any humans they find Outwardly cold and brutally demanding, Es is a force to be reckoned with, but she will sacrifice anything to keep her team safe, there is no doubt in her heart Are forces from within her own faction working against her How deep does the vein of deceit run When it comes time to stand toe to toe with the enemy, what is happening to Es Is she falling into the dark abyss of the vampire faction When a powerful vampire council member pulls Es in like a homing beacon, what will she uncover Chase is than handsome and strong, he is than the enemy and he makes Es s blood boil Will she give in to temptation for just a sample of his charm or is there something deeper going on beside wicked lust I ve been a fan of Kia Carrington Russell for a while now, but Token Huntress is my favorite by far Ms Carrington Russell has taken a dystopian world, added supernaturals and a divided and decimated world, shook the dice and rolled a winner Full of grit, intrigue, danger and passion, each scene feels like what I imagine a post apocalyptic world to be like, dim, barren and shrouded in a veil of danger as she pits factions against each other in a deadly game of kill or be killed Her characters are tough, caring, and outwardly appear to be emotionless, but inside, they are raging infernos of heart and passion Well written, beautifully executed and paced to deliver, highly recommended for that walk on the dark and dangerous side I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date March 18, 2015Publisher Crystal PublishingGenre Dark Paranormal FantasyPrint Length 257 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleReviewed for

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    Omg I can t begin to tell you how many feelings and emotions this book has depicted on my heart embedding in my soul forever It truly has made an impact on my heart It left me breathless at times wanting and craving Kia how could you stop Give me Most vampire novels starts out with the same plot and twist but, this one dis surprise me We have a tough as nails heroine that doesn t mind telling you nor showing you how how she feels, yet she s true to her heart and others Then we have Chase Omg yes Chase, he s hot, dreamy, and fine as hell vampire sure of himself and his future relationship with an enemy There are so many characters that bring it alive and so much I can t wait to find out and get to know all the characters Kia takes a sensitive ugly subject and gives you a look into a mind so tormented, for instance, there is so much prejudice between the two because it s one long battle going on since forever, but they soon learn that a lot is taught and learned They battle through these obstacles and find a love that stands against time in the middle of battles and hard times Will there love changes things and ideas of others Will there friends merge together and become a force to be reckoned with You begin to feel her pain, her grief, her rage My heart hurt for her, my eyes cried for her, my mind wanted revenge for her, but my heart wanted for her Don t get on board this ride if your not prepared because it will change you You did an outstanding job at this novel Kia my heart is merged with this novel I m now going through withdrawals Sigh

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    This is by far my favourite book thus far It is my sixth book published and I confess I love all the characters in this book I love the storyline because it not only questions what humanity has this very year in 2015, but everything we value, egotise, exempt and expect of the world We are so consumed within our own trivial lives that something so dark could sweep over us in an instant It was fun to question what our human race stands for through the eyes of a young, heroic woman 300 years from now This world we live in during 2,341 is very different to what we expected it to be Yet no one can say it will never happen until the year finally arrives I believe in this book 100% and think it brings a little bit of something for everyone.The characters are diverse and gives readers numerous heroes and villians to connect with The world is not white and black There is only darkness and how we survive in it.

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    Kia Carrington Russell amazes me with her work I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review Absolutely loved it Kia takes you into the future with this one Set in the 2000 s the world is not what it used to be Devistation is the new world Hunter s have been created to fight off the vampires of their world They do not feel emotions and hunting down the vamps and secureing the humans to be transported to the camps they now live in are their goal The Token Huntress is the leader, but still has to abide by the Guild s ruler Head Huntress Miss Campture Es is the Token Huntress and her team of raiders are James, Dillion and a few others Es is different that the other s, her gift never developed after she turned 18, but she is still stronger, faster, and feels a deep darkness trying to overcome her Campture knows the truth and she will do anything to keep it from Es James has a deep evil need to have Es forever Along comes Chase, a vampire of the counsel who knows Es is his familiar and he will stop at nothing to protect her He saves her when she sacrafices herself to save her team.Together they will discover each other and what Es has known her whole life, is now not what it seems to be The darkness is about to explode within her when Chase is captured and from there all will change Will they all survive , or will all she is discovering set her free A Great Adventure awaits..

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    Forewarning There are spoilers and bemoaning ahead.and possibly an overabundance of exclamation marks and sarcasm.I don t get it Why is this book so highly rated The story follows Es, a Token Huntress for a Guild of Hunters A guild that, y know, hunts vampires Vampires with no origin story unless I missed it and who have been a pain in the human race s arse for hundreds of years She also just so happens to be a, bear with me here, very speshul, mostly apathetic, Mary Sue with powers never before seen Wow I ve never heard of such a concept Especially one where the heroine is just so gorgeous and everyone is hot for her bod, but she is so above that wink, wink And let s not forget her tragic orphan past Dad died as a kid while mom went out on a mission and died under mysterious circumstances Hmm I wonder what that could be a setup for Could it possibly be Why, yes It turns out mommy dearest isn t dead after all Like all formulaic dystopian books Es s mother pops back up as a plot device, with the bonus addition of a new daddy in tow Shocking no one no one being me new daddy is actually real daddy He also happens to be the oldest vampire in the book and the reason Es is just so gosh darn awesome Wow, I sure didn t see that one coming since chapter two.Enough about how wonderful our girl is How s the world building Well, I admit I skimmed the second half of this book for sanity s sake, but as far as I could tell the main difference between the 21st century and the 24th is animals, plants, a smoggy atmosphere, hunters, rabid vampires, human concentration camps, no America or American government, and the complete depletion of all our natural resources Can I just say, if all our natural resources were depleted we wouldn t completely run out of electricity and such Hello, wind farms and hydro power Especially if it had happened over three hundred years ago I find it a bit hard to believe that no one thought of alternate means of achieving some semblance of the first world way of life we re used to Although, I think the idea might have been that humans were too terrified of vampires to be productive Though they had the time and wherewithal to make a completely new species within roughly five years, soAside from that it didn t feel particularly futuristic With just the occasional mention of the atmosphere and lack of electricity, it could have been set in an alternate 21st century for all the difference it made.I give this book 1.5 stars because, despite the abhorrent plot, Kia Carrington Russell isn t actually a terrible author She just needs to write a book with a original concept and properly fleshed out characters Though she does have others I haven t read, so who knows Maybe she already has.What s that I skipped the love interest You mean bland ole Chase, the guy whose main personality trait is about validating Es s independence and feminism And let s not forget he made her even speshul by sharing his vampy powahs Oh, hey, got him covered now.

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    This is my first book by Kia and I am absolutely amazed by her work I loved that her female character was strong and wasn t afraid to show or tell you how she felt Chase our lead male was sexy, hot and just everything you would want in a book boyfriend These two have alot to overcome, and learn that some things are how you perceive things They are able to find that kind of love that gets you through anything and come out stronger But can their love bring two groups of people together and change opinions I love all the secondary characters, the emotions you will feel and her writing style blows my mind This is a really good book and everyone should give a try My hat is off to you Kia for such an amazing book.I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.Review done by Cat from Cat s Guilty Pleasurehttp www.facebook.com catherinewrig

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    Absolutely amazing Original story line, fantastic characters Could not put the book down once I started reading it I would defiantly recommend this book to everyone

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    The darkness within me His touch ceased my rage quickly WHEW WOW This is one FANGTASTICALLY ENTHRALLING book I wanted to read this book for 2 reasons Kia Vampires I was disappointed inNOTHING This is such a rich story steeped with a deep history, multi faceted characters and exceptional scene realm world building that makes it all feel so real I felt like I was a part of the story, partially because it is told in first person, but also because of Kia s phenomenal flair for storytelling It all just reaches out and pulls you right in making you feel like you are right there seeing, hearing, experiencing everything living with Es, and the further into the story you get, the you come to understand her like she is a part of you, or rather you are a part of her since this is HER story I found that Es was a character that I could relate to in some ways, as well as understand her motives reasons behind her decisions and actions I may not agree with them, but I could see where she was coming from, so to speak The descriptive elements only added to the story making it even richer and giving it the depth that has you closing your eyes and picturing it all the people, the weapons, the living quarters, the training centre, their surroundings, just EVERYTHING I was very impressed with the continuity and the attention to detail, but no worries It is not overdone nor does it make the story drag or feel dry and wordy Having the different species or races, along with all of the different abilities and the variations amongst them was one of many of my favorite features I loved all of the unique qualities within the story as well I had no idea what was going to happen next, I knew what I wanted to happen, but well, that is another story LOL I have read a LOT of paranormal books with at least half of them involving vampires I cannot think of any book that was even somewhat similar to Token Huntress I hope that Kia enjoyed writing this story as much as I did reading it because I cannot imagine ever wanting to leave Es, her world this series In my opinion this all combines as a perfect example of just how brilliant Kia truly is and I look forward to reading her books for many years to come I can see numerous awards and 1 books in her future, if Token Huntress is any indication

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    Token Huntress is the first book in a series written by Kia Carrington Russell As with all of her books Kia has written another fantastic tale.The story revolves around Es a hunter She was born and raised in the Hunter s Giuld Since she was born she has trained as a hunter to kill Vampires and Sabers wild, uncontrollable vampires On her 18th birthday she loses the glow in her eyes that shows she is a hunter All hunters come into their special powers on their 18th birthdays and understand their place in the Guild She has been in a relationship with James for 2 years and is trying to understand her changes in her feelings for him since her mother died.Not to log ago Es was promoted to Token Huntress and has her own raid team They are sent out to the city to look for signs of the Vampire stronghold called the Council While there the team is attached by Sabers and loses 2 of the team While fighting to save Fam, an apprentice who was killed during an Saber ambush, Es was grazed by a poison dart shot by a mysterious man She later has a dream of this tall handsome vampire and learn his name is Chase The team makes it back to the Guild but Es is under suspicion from their leader Campture and is taken into custody Dillian, a fellow hunter, has a vision that the raid team needs to go back to the city to find the Council and Es is to lead them The team is ambushed by the Council and Es is blown up with a grenade Chase swoops in, saves her and passes her off as his pet.The story continues to take many twist after this as Es learns that she is half vampire and Chase is her familiar along with sharing Chases ability ones they have been connected The ending is exciting and full of action but also leaves you hanging for the next installment Kia has been able to create an environment where the characters come alive You are able to feel the characters inner turmoil s, love, sadness, loss and insecurities I highly recommend this book.

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    Oh my What a ride I found Token Huntress to be exciting and hot It is an action packed tale that incorporates vampires and vampire hunters into a dystopian world I was sucked in from the beginning and found many unexpected plot twist that kept me on the edge of my seat and fully engrossed in this story I found it easy to relate to the characters and feel the emotions that Kia s writing brought to life Token Huntress was written with such great passion that it comes out through her words This is not your run of the mill vampire book It is something new and fascinating.The cliffhanger left me wondering so much I was glad to find that some of my biggest questions were answered, but was created as well I absolutely love this book and can t wait to see what happens next I m hooked War has brought the world to its knees and almost wiped out the human race Now the ones that remain are in a fight for survival The vampires have all but taken over and genetically engineered vampire hunters are the only thing that stands between them and the humans The main character, Es is a born vampire hunter that has been taught her whole life to destroy the vampire race and protect humans With enhanced abilities, her and her team must locate and take down the vampires before it is too late One day out on a mission everything gets turned upside down and Es must not only face reality, she must fight against the darkness within her that is threatening to take over.

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