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Out of Synch pdf Out of Synch , ebook Out of Synch , epub Out of Synch , doc Out of Synch , e-pub Out of Synch , Out of Synch d5ed1fd9580 Thirteen Year Old Katie Phillips Dreams Of Reaching The US Synchronized Swimming National Championships But Her Sports Obsessed Father Wants Her To Quit The Team To Focus On Swimming Races Real Swimming, As He Puts It To Earn A College Scholarship Like Her Narcissistic Older Brother Nick, A Florida State Record Holder When Katie S Duo Partner Is Seriously Injured In A Freak Accident During Practice, Her Determination To Overcome Her Family S Lack Of Support Is Put To The Test As Her Life Unravels Around Her She S On The Verge Of Failing Math Class, And Her Tough As Nails Swim Coach Is Pushing Her Hard To Qualify For States In The Freestyle Then There S The Boy She Can T Stop Thinking About And Through It All, She Wonders Just What Her Muscle Bound Brother Is Trying To Hide About His Record Setting Performance Two Years Earlier

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    I received this book for free from Goodreads Giveaways A story about the conflicts between a middle school girl who wants to focus on synchronized swimming and her dad who wants her to focus on competitive swim races Her hard work and dedication prove to be a winning combination for her.

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    I m a regular swimmer, not a synchro one, but Katie s story draws the reader into the world of synchronized swimming After reading her story, I won t wonder again what solo synchronised swimming is supposed to be about think of it like figure skating.

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    As this is quite possibly the first and only novel about synchronized swimming indeed, it s a fading art that many adults may not know much about , Out of Synch is, right away, in a class of its own The story focuses on the efforts of thirteen year old Katie, who dreams of competitive synchronized swimming while her parents want her to choose the lucrative competitive racing.Her swim team coach believes synchronized swimming is well on its way out, her parents want Katie to focus on a swimming approach that is of a guaranteed success, and pressure is applied to drop out of synchro Katie has her hands full trying to convince the adults in her life that her real love in life is both viable and important.Middle school readers especially those familiar with the world of competitive sports in general and competitive swimming in particular will relate to Katie s efforts, which are tested when she has to replace a familiar and loved routine without her swim partner s support It s a far different approach to swim a solo routine a learning experience which Katie is forced to keep secret from her parents.Part of the joy of reading Out of Synch is that it exudes passion and struggle Even readers with no prior familiarity or interest in the world of competitive swimming can easily relate to Katie s feeling of being pulled in all directions, most of which oppose her love of one less promising choice in particular.It s a familiar scenario does one follow one s heart, or acquiesce to the pressures and supposed insights of those older and wiser Does one continue the struggle against seemingly insurmountable odds, or make the kinds of decisions that lead to new opportunities And where is the intersection between personal goals and belief and the bigger picture of success That Katie will succeed, with her drive, determination and vision, is a given The story line lies not in the fact that she will ultimately succeed, but in how she becomes a winner Details on the sport of synchronized swimming are specific and real, teammate and family interactions are realistic and absorbing, and readers will find in Katie an inspiring figurehead for their own desires to buck outside pressures and understand the differences between realizing a dream and tackling impossible odds.

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    Out of Synch is a really enjoyable story about a young girl s struggles in trying to do what she loves while balancing parents expectations, grades, and her feelings for a boy Something that really enjoyed about this story is how much it taught me I knew absolutely nothing about synchronized swimming, and I don t really think I was ever planning on learning about it But this book approached a completely new sport to me in an interesting and entertaining light Warren Firschein made the sport easy to understand but still show the complexity of it.Even though this book was pretty young for my age 18 and even though I am not a synchronized swimmer, or even a swimmer at all, I still thought that the book did not contain one dull moment I genuinely cared about Katie and her goals I also found myself caring for the rest of the characters I wanted Winston to win a first place medal, Katie s parents to understand their kids, Nick to break out of his shell, Hannah to heal, and Grace to move up into the world I have to admit that I was hesitant before reading this book I thought that since I am not really the target audience for this story, I would be bored But in actuality, I was even immersed into the story BECAUSE I had no experience with the sport It held my interest I highly recommend this book for anyone, but especially anyone who is thinking about giving up This book does a good job of showing you that if you just hold onto your dream, anything can happen.

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    Katie finds a way to pursue her passion of synchronized swimming while figuring out the ups and downs of her thirteen year old life The writing has an easy flow with description that make me want to find a pool to start swimming laps The emotions feel real and I was not surprised to read that the author had an 11 year old daughter of his own while writing this book Page 129 is clever as Katie wonders, Why can t someone write a sports book for girls Maybe one about how a girl tries really hard to be the very best she can, but doesn t have any support for her family I d read that, even if it were a sport I had no interest in Two thumbs up

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    I really enjoyed Out of Synch by Warren Firschein It s the story of Katie Phillips, a thirteen year old swimmer who dreams of going to Nationals with her Synchronized Swimming Team but is being pushed by her father to place all of her energy into her traditional swimming Katie s struggle trying to do something she loves when her family wants her to go another way is something that all tweens and teens can relate to, even if they aren t swimmers.

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    I think this is a good book for middle schoolers and deals with many issues that are prevalent today The balance between sports and schoolwork, effects of concussion, bullying and overbearing parents are all incorporated into this book about a girl who has a passion for synchronized swimming I received a complimentary copy of this book via Goodreads for review.

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    I won this book on Goodreads to read for an honest review My teen daughter and I both read this book She enjoyed it a lot I thought it was good too.

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    I received this book from Goodreads to provide an honest review This book was a very enjoyable read The book revolved around the sport of synchronized swimming Katie faces a multitude of problems as she tries to make Nationals in her age group She has great friends, a budding interest in boys, a jerk for an older brother, and overbearing parents that at least mean well All in all, Katie feels the pressure to compete as a race swimmer Very interesting to discover how she overcomes the pressure to succeed.

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