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To Win Her Love (Players, #1) txt To Win Her Love (Players, #1) , text ebook To Win Her Love (Players, #1) , adobe reader To Win Her Love (Players, #1) , chapter 2 To Win Her Love (Players, #1) , To Win Her Love (Players, #1) 9a0bc7 To Win The Game, They Ll Have To Risk Losing Their Hearts When A Bizarre Child Custody Stipulation Pits Popular Sports Blogger Gracie Gable Against Football Superstar Jake Malone, Losing The Battle For Her Twin Nieces Isn T The Only Thing Gracie Has To Worry About Forced To Live For Three Months Under The Same Roof As The Sexy Tight End, Will She Fall Prey To His Flirtatious Pursuit Or Worse, Will The Skeletons In Her Closet Destroy Her Chance For The Love And Family She So Desperately Wants Neglected By His Parents As A Boy, Jake Doesn T Believe In Happily Ever After Yet Living With Gracie And The Twins Might Be Enough To Change His Mind And His Womanizing Ways But When The Press Unearths A Scandal From Gracie S Past, Will He Lose The One Woman He Was Ready To Open His Heart To , Words

About the Author: Mackenzie Crowne

Hi there My name is Mackenzie Crowne.I m a a wife, mother and really young grandmother Together with my high school sweet heart husband, a neurotic Pomeranian and a blind cat, I call Phoenix home because the southwest feeds my soul My love of the romance genre has been a lifelong affair, both as a reader and a writer A bout with breast cancer sharpened my resolve to see my stories shared with

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    4.5 starsGracie has had a hard life Her single mom died when she was 14 and she was raised by her sister who was four years older 3 years ago, her sister died leaving behind a husband and twin daughters Gracie promised her sister she would help raise her daughters and look after them When her brother in law dies, Gracie wants to fulfill the promise she made to her sister and take custody of the girls and raise them Surprisingly, in the will, she has to share custody of her nieces with the half brother they never knew they had football superstar Jake Malone for 90 days until a permanent decision is made Jake is a playboy, never settling down and he doesn t believe in love He was raised by his single alcoholic mother, having a father that didn t even acknowledge he existed Jake is stunned when he s called to the reading of his fathers will and told that he has twin 6 year old sisters To rehab his public image, his publicist convinces him to share custody with Gracie and show there s to him than just an arrogant playboy.I really enjoyed this story When I first read the description of this one, I thought it sounded like a fun, easy read but in truth, this story was a lot emotional than I was expecting There is much to this book than just a custody arrangement Gracie and Jake both came from difficult situations and some of that plays into the story My favorite park of this book was Jake falling in love with his sisters There is something so sexy about a guy who is good with kids and I loved the relationship Jake developed with them Also, Jake and Gracie had fantastic chemistry and I loved the development of their relationship This book had steam, humor, friendship, romance, drama, and a little mystery I really enjoyed this story and can t wait to read in this series ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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    To Win her Love jumped out at me, mostly because of the cover Then I went and read the synopsis of it and thought to myself, that might be different So I jumped in with both feet, went on one heck of a journey with Gracie and Jake, before coming out on the other side with the biggest cheesy smile on my face Hands down, I loved this book Gracie is full of spunk, light and love She s protective of those she cares about, knows football like the back of her hand and throws one hell of a right hook D No stranger to heartache, she s been through a lot in her life to this point that has shaped the woman she is She knows exactly who Jake Malone is, having followed football for years and being the Gridiron Girl She s popular female blogger with a horde of minions who discuss football stats, game predictions and the men of football.Jake is what you d call a playboy, a self assured charming rogue with a Texas twang He loves football, his team, his friends and what he does not like, is the Gridiron Girl He can be a right grouch when he sets his mind to it and sometimes even when he doesn t, but this guy has an absolute heart of gold He s been drug into a custody battle over his twin nieces, nieces he never even knew he had His estranged father leaves a bombshell of a will and stipulations as to custody of the girls I never hid the fact that I find you attractive, and don t bother denying you feel the same about me I ve held your body against mine, princess I made you quiver Jake, To Win Her Love by Mackenzie CrowneThrown together for three months to fulfill the stipulations of his fathers will, Jake and Gracie move into the ranch These two buttheads constantly at first, but the sexual tension underneath runs rampant Jake is Gracie s favorite man of football, you could even say she s always had a crush on him As for Jake, he can t seem to keep his eyes or his mind off of Gracie s legs, or her shoes for that matter Oh God He s a sex whisperer Gracie, To Win Her Love by Mackenzie CrowneThrow in a cast of hilarious co stars, some scandal, a rambunctious dog with a bulls eye target zone, and two adorable little girls, and you have a book that will make you laugh out loud as well as smile The writing is well done, the book doesn t lag out and moves at a steady pace Now I m left waiting, eagerly and anticipating the other stories of the co stars Hopefully I can contain myself ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    4 Stars This was so good I need to do the happy dance Stuck on a farm for 3 months, Gracie and Jake are in a competition to win custody over 6 year old twins Gracie has always had a crush on the famous football player, but she tries to keep her distance to avoid heartbreak She also has a painful secret about her past, which causes her to have some trust issues Jake has a reputation of being a playboy and never thought he needed to settle down But then he becomes head over heals for Gracie Although they are both worried about the custody battle, they both put the kids first These two love birds are perfectly matched The banter throughout the book is laugh out loud funny I couldn t put this down, and I can t wait to read books from Crowne.

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    Gridiron Girl meets the Outlaw and do sparks fly Not the kind one would think.Gracie Gable, the Gridiron Girl , is a female blogger who discusses football game predictions, stats and the players Gracie s sister, Sarah helped raise Gracie when their mother died and there had never been a known father Now Sarah haspassed with a promise that Gracie help take care of her twin girls.The Outlaw is football player, Jake Malone He is a Casanova and always involved in awkward situations.When Gracie s brother in law, Pete Thompson, dies, Gracie thinks she will be named guardian over the twins but his will surprises all Turns out Jake is Pete s son So under the terms of the will, Gracie and Jake need to live at the Thompson Farm for three months and both raise the twins together After the time period is up, custody will be awarded.Oh my.how will this work out Will Jake discover who the Gridiron Girl is Will Jake be able to handle two six year old half sisters and Gracie Will Gracie be able to ward off Jake s advances Was Jake the only secret one in the bookto discover who his father was Will Jake and Gracie learn to trust each other Who will end up as guardian of the twins The characters were well defined There was undeniable chemistry between the main characters plus humorous shenanigans happening The secondary characters were engaging bringing their own flavor to the story.The story was an unique one The author weaved together the past and present without difficulty which made it flow effortlessly.The plot had many twists, turns and surprises The dog in the story, Murphy adds to the excitement of the story This book is a clever, witty, unpredictable, humorous and romantic read.Thank you to Net Gallery for this eBook My opinion is my own.

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    This was such a dramatic story so full of twist and turns Gracie Gable wants custody of her nieces after the death of her brother in law only it turns out the perfect husband and doting father she knew had a huge secret.Jake Malone just learned that his very wealthy deadbeat father got married, had kids and since his wife is dead he s left custody of his daughters to the son he abandoned.Gracie would do anything for the her nieces her big sister was her hero, for her she d even put up with football super star Jake Malone.Jake is at first pissed at the position his father has put him, but needing a publicity boost following some bad moments and then realizing he can t be a bastard and turn his back on his new sisters, he agrees.Soon Jake and Gracie are fighting their attraction in order to be perfect parental figures but when Jake stumbles upon a secret Gracie has been hiding he flips and turns his back on her.With a little intervention and some good groveling these two get the perfect family they ve always wanted.

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    Awesome read This one hit a lot of my emotional buttons It was funny at times, sad at others, and a great story all around I can t wait to read from this new to me author Great writing style and a nice pace to the story.Grace is feisty, protective, and a pretty amazing woman She s had some rough times She lost her sister to cancer then her brother in law also dies, leaving six year old twin girls in need of a family Grace has no problem stepping up and taking care of the girls The problem Six foot four football superstar Jake Malone Jake never had a relationship with his father Now he suddenly finds himself responsible for his two younger sisters The real kicker He has to share that responsibility with Grace for the next three months This is one I highly recommend.

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    After losing her sister and brother in law, Gracie would think of no other place she would rather be than raising her twin nieces as the family she always wanted. That is until him The pro football star she has fantasized about all her life, but now threatens her chances of happily ever after Now caught up in a custody battle, she only has to make it 90 days, then the twins will be hers. if that is possible Wow Where do begin This story was great I laughed, I cried, I wanted to scream a few times but didn t.I loved the light humor of this book The characters are fun and flirty Is that a goalpost in your pocket, Malone, or are you happy to see me This was my first ready by Mackenzie Crowne and I was very impressed Will be looking for of her books in the future I received a digital copy of this book in exchange of an honest review

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    If you love football, chocolate chip cookies and Meg Ryan movies, you ll adore To Win Her Love by Mackenzie Crowne I never thought I d like a sports romance novel, but this one stole my heart with its absolutely magnificent storytelling Crowne s three generations of characters play the games of professional football and love from every angle with exceptional skills and strategy Are the X s and O s players on a board or kisses and hugs Which team will you root for For twelve years, sports blogger Gracie Gable has been denying herself her heart s deepest desire, a family of her own Now it s been handed to her on a silver platter, along with a farm and the sexy football star of her fantasies and the chance to finally meet her father But can she play a dead man s crazy game to win or lose it all One day Manhattan Marauders Outlaw Tight End Jake Malone is endangering his career in a war of words with the Gridiron Girl and her minions The next, he s forced into a custody battle with the tall, leggy blonde for two little girls he never even knew existed Can he keep his head in the game and save his career while sharing a roof with a violet eyed temptress with her own playbook This is the first book of Mackenzie Crowne s that I ve read Her writing style stands out as unique, inspiring and easy to read If you re thinking of trying your hand at romance writing, this book is a fine example to learn from If you read to relax, escape or get in the mood, To Win Her Love will warmly embrace you, exercise your heart and leave you refreshed, energized and happy I say get it along with some chocolate chip cookies and Kleenex.Read an excerpt at my blog

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    I couldn t put this book down The storyline was unique and flowed nicely This is the first book I have read by this author and it won t be the last.I adored Jake and Gracie from the beginning to the end They had this love hate relationship between them but while reading you see it was animal attraction As the story progresses things start to heat up but of course their happens to be a bit of drama from the will and the identity of Gracie s father but in the end it was written great I was actually shocked to find out who her dad was and it wasn t the person I expected This story had some really funny parts that had me laughing out loud I love how every time he kissed her Jake ended up bruised and it was hilarious how it all happened I also enjoyed her Gracie s dog, he has some funny parts with head butting football players in balls I couldn t stop laughing It had funny banter and it wasn t really emotional which was nice I deeply enjoyed all the characters and how the story went I also enjoyed that it took place in New York Surprisingly this is the second book in 2 days that was set in the big apple which was nice Sometimes it gets old reading book that take place in the same states over and over again The only problem I had with this book was at times it felt so wordy that I actually had to skim through some parts but other then that I enjoyed it.I am looking forward to not only read the next book in this series but to read from this author.

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    I received an arc from net galley.I give this book 5 stars I loved it Mackenzie drew me in from the first page and held me captive til the very end She left me wanting of these charactersGracie Gable is a famous sports blogger who gets into it with football superstar Jake Malone on her blog The two meet up in the most awkward situation and things are bound to get a little messy Jake and Gracie are put against each other in a custody battle Jake didn t know he had half sisters, so he was thrown for a loop considering he didn t have anything to do with his father Gracie is aunt her sisters They are stuck together for 3 months and the twins in the end will decide who they want to live with.Gracie has had a crush on Jake for a while know but she is keeping a secret of who her father is, she has never met him.Who will win custody of the twins Who will the twins pickthe aunt they love or the brother they have never met or will they find the perfect family Get this book when it comes out in August.

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