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10 thoughts on “The Ancient Celts (People of the Ancient World)

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    Lots of fascinating information in this book that really helped me flesh out my understanding of the impact the Celts had on British history and culture However, it was written rather in a rather dry fashion.

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    Picked up this booked because I am doing research on Druids There is only one chapter on Druids, but I found the entire book quite interesting I think this book may be intended for children however, it is so formally written that it could really be geared towards any age group.

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    History, mythology, and information of the development, conquests, war, and ideology of the Celts from the dawn of the iron age to the modern inspiration to music and culture Very detailed, unfortunately describes some artifacts that do not have pictures that would help with they display of the culture.

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    The first of soon to be many Celtic books that I m picking up This one is written for children A good starter book in getting my feet wet I think It was relaxing, reading this and taking notes outside I have quite the sunburn now in any case.

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    Much info in this book than in Hazel Mary Martell s book What Do We Know About The Celts.

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    Referenced by Kenneth McIntosh in Water from an Ancient Well Deals well with Celtic ring forts and roles of women.

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The Ancient Celts (People of the Ancient World) download The Ancient Celts (People of the Ancient World), read online The Ancient Celts (People of the Ancient World), kindle ebook The Ancient Celts (People of the Ancient World), The Ancient Celts (People of the Ancient World) 97ee3faf3e9b Who Were People Of The Ancient World What Was It Like To Be A Farmer Or A Soldier Or An Artisan In Ancient Times This Series Creates Portraits Of Life In Ancient Civilizations Through The Inhabitants Each Chapter Focuses On A Different Part Of Society, Such As Peasants, Scholars Scribes, Priests, Soldiers, Rulers, And The Celts Inhabited Central And Western Europe Beginning Around The Fifth Century BC While They Lived In Groups In Different Areas, The Celts Shared A Common Language, Religion, And Culture They Created Beautiful Artwork, Making Distinctive Jewelry, Decorated Weapons, Ceramics, And Glass Later, Most Of The Groups Were Overtaken By The Ancient Romans