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  • 27 March 2018

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    This is another book from the A.M.O.R.C. And it deals with the subject of the Essene community. The book might be from 2007 but I can't be sure if it was written earlier.

    The book ties the Essenes to Akhenaten, the Egyptian pharoah who backed a belief in one single god instead of the many that the Essenes had. (The move didn't go down well at all, to put it mildly.) The main thing was that his approach was monotheism which the Essenes also followed.

    The book goes into the main principles of the Essenes (such as the human body is the temple of the soul; be steadfast in all relationships, etc.)

    The book also covers the community life of the Essenes which was basically a communistic approach; people gave up their wealth when they entered; all were cared for by the community; each person had work to do, etc.

    They also had some wonderful concepts of behavior including be humble and just; do no harm; show fidelity to all and be truthful. They also did a lot of humanitarian work.

    The book also claims the Essenes landed in California around 1602 and set up a community there.

    The book then covers ancient references to the Essenes and discusses the Dead Sea Scrolls. It discusses the question of whether or not John the Baptist and/or Jesus belonged to the Essene community. It says that Pope Benedict XVI talked about Jesus was connected to the Essenes. (I checked this up on the Internet and it's true.)

    It's all a little complex but if Jesus was part of the Essene community it explains where he was during the time that is not covered in Biblical references.

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    Was Jesus a Member of the Essenes?

    I have this as a four star since it was academically prepared with extensive footnotes and written by academics. It covers Essenes from ancient times to modern times. It addresses whether Jesus or John the Baptist was connected with the Essenes. Extensive coverage.

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    Stars off for repeatedly referencing The Essene Gospel of Peace and the Gospel of the Holy Twelve which are both fraudulent and products of their "translators" imaginations... not that they aren't interesting reads or worthy of study, but to my mind, whenever someone appears on the academic scene saying: 'Look I've translated ancient documents' and the academic community asks: 'Oh, yeah? Where are they?' And nobody can come up with a good answer...well then it's simply a lie begging to be taken seriously.

    Excellent articles on the discovery of the Essene community. Especially fun to read of how Rosicrucians see the connection between that ancient order and their own.

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