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Great Is the Truth pdf Great Is the Truth , ebook Great Is the Truth , epub Great Is the Truth , doc Great Is the Truth , e-pub Great Is the Truth , Great Is the Truth 8f3ea595de4 A Shocking Expos Of Sexual Abuse And The Struggle For Justice At One Of America S Most Prestigious SchoolsIn June , Amos Kamil S New York Times Magazine Cover Story, Prep School Predators, Caused A Shock Wave That Is Still Rippling In His Piece, Kamil Detailed A Decades Long Pattern Of Sexual Abuse At The Highly Prestigious Horace Mann School In The Bronx After The Article Appeared, Kamil Closely Observed The Fallout While The Article Revealed The Misdeeds Of Three Teachers, This Was Just The Beginning An Extraordinary Twenty Two Former Horace Mann Teachers And Administrators Have Since Been Accused Of Abuse In Great Is The Truth, Kamil And His Coauthor, Sean Elder, Tell The Riveting Story Of How One Of The Country S Leading Schools Was Beset By Scandal In , Horace Mann Hired R Inslee Inky Clark Jr As Its Headmaster As Yale S Wunderkind Dean Of Admissions, Clark Had Helped Revolutionize The Ivy League By Recruiting A Diverse Student Body In The Coming Years, He Would Raise Horace Mann To New Heights Of Academic Distinction Even As Serious Complaints Against Beloved Teachers Were Ignored Kamil And Elder Introduce Those Teachers, Among Them A Popular Football Coach Who Had Reportedly Tried Out For The Washington Redskins, A Distinguished Conductor Who Took His Prize Students On Foreign Trips, An Otherworldly English Teacher Who Discussed Eastern Philosophy Over Tea And Helped Tend The School S Gardens, And Another English Instructor, Who Told His Students That They Were Mere Dust Under His Foot In Comparison To Shakespeare In Gripping Detail, Kamil And Elder Relate What Happened As Survivors Of Abuse Came Forward And Sought Redress We See The School And Its Influential Backers Circle The Wagons We Meet Horace Mann Alumni Who Work To Change New York State S Sexual Abuse Laws We Follow A Celebrity Lawyer S Contentious Efforts To Achieve A Settlement And We Encounter A Former Teacher Who Candidly Recalls His Inappropriate Relationships With Students Kamil And Elder Also Examine Other Institutions From Prep Schools To The Catholic Church That Have Sought To Atone For Their Complicity In Abuse And To Prevent It From Reoccurring Great Is The Truth And It Prevails May Be The Motto Of Horace Mann, But For Many Alumni The Truth Remains All Too Hard To Come By This Book Is Essential Reading For Anyone Trying To Understand How An Elite Institution Can Fail Those In Its Charge, And What Can Be Done About It

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    Not a book you will rush to read Often times bogged down by facts of the present when I found myself wanting a personal touch Maybe a tad disappointing due to the fact of how Horace Mann dealt with the aftermath You wanted the survivors to have some sort of acknowledgment of their pain but none was given Truly heartbreaking.

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    One of the most amazing pieces of writing I have ever read Smart, introspective, generous Learned so much about group dynamics, litigation, the power of speaking out, and the inadequacy of our responses to survivors.

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    This book or, the experience of reading this book wasweird I don t quite know how to describe it It s less about the story of what happened at Horace Mann and a story of how a piece of journalism was created and its publication s aftermath Because the focus seems to be on the experience of the writer of that piece of journalism, there s a weird distancing effect that I think, unfortunately, takes away from the pain the victims he wrote about suffered.The sexual abuse of boys, and in particular, in school settings, is, I think, an underreported topic The long term effects of sexual abuse on boys is also underreported underpublicized, and so, I think many young men and grown men suffer in a way that deserves care and attention and access to mental and physical care I have often thought of Carlos Santana s 2000 interview in Rolling Stone by Chris Heath since I first read it and discussed it with a male friend, which led to a deeper awareness of the prevalence of sexual abuse in this country and the toll it takes and this book reminded me of that interview, which I highly recommend reading especially because, as I said, this book s focus is not quite what I expected from its description.

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    I read Kamil s article about sexual abuse at Horace Mann a fancy NYC private middle and high school several years ago I m not sure why I picked up this book, I thought because I had read the article what s the book going to add The book adds a ton The book describes sexual abuse by a group of eccentric and brilliant teachers, the abuse s life long impact on the abused, institutional deafness and harshness and self protection in response, and some guidance about alternate, better paths for institutional response THe book also does a good job of not taking the tone of a plaintiff s legal brief for those who suffered This is a compelling story, but the book is bigger than the story it covers It s about sports leagues, synagogues, schools, boy scouts, any institution who fails its wards.

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    horrible story well told Decades of sexual abuse of minors at author s high school, Horace Mann in New York Multiple teachers involved, and fairly clear indications that administrators knew what was going on and looked the other way Occasionally got rid of someone quietly when necessary to keep a lid on it good job of describing some of the dynamics e.g., the preying on kids from troubled families, the shame that interferes with reporting, the grooming of kids by predators and letting his old friends and acquaintances tell their stories At some points a little process y than would be ideal here s the reaction to my magazine story about it, here s how i tracked down so and so, here s my reaction to hearing X about teacher Y whom I d always trusted..could have stayed a bit in the background of the narrative.

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    This was an extraordinary book that was so tough to read.The unbelievable amount of sexual abuse perpetuated by teachers at Horace Mann is absolutely the most horrific thing I can imagine at a school Almost equally appalling is how Horace Mann decides to deals with the scandal.If you work in a school, you really should read this book If you are easily shocked, this may not be the book for you But the fact that so many students were abused is one of the grossest chapters of educational history.

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    The subject matter is riveting and rage inducing the book itself, unfortunately, is not I think it s something about the way the author inserts himself as a narrator it s almost as if there is a layer between me and the story, and I just couldn t get close enough to feel much of anything.

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    Chilling tale of sexual predators at a prestigious prep school

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    A horrible, horrible story to tell How could most of the students and staff have not seen what was going on around them I was one of them who was not directly affected by the perpetrators named in the book Sure, Tek and Kops and Wright were strange but I never imagined that such awfulness was happening right around me.Amos did an excellent job of bringing the complex story out into the open Revisiting those years of my life became quite difficult as I worked through the book And, of course, the current day HM administration behaved very poorly No one could blame today s staff for what happened but the institution has a legal and moral obligation to honestly deal with these issues.

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