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Doctor Who summary Doctor Who , series Doctor Who , book Doctor Who , pdf Doctor Who , Doctor Who 9ea0c2de26 A New Four Disc Release Featuring Four Tales From Readers Associated With The First Doctor Era, And A Second ActorThe Sleeping Blood By Martin DayWhen The Doctor Falls Ill, Susan Is Forced To Leave The Safety Of The TARDIS Behind Exploring A Disused Research Centre In Search Of Medical Supplies, She Becomes Embroiled In The Deadly Plans Of A Terrorist Holding An Entire World To Ransom And The Soldier Sent To Stop HimThe Unwinding World By Ian PotterOffice Life Is Tough, The Commute Is A Grind, Nothing Works Quite As Well As You D Like Vicki Seems To Remember Things Being Better Once, Before The Little Flat It S Time She Put Some Excitement Back In Her Life It S Just A Shame The Doctor Can T HelpThe Founding Fathers By Simon GuerrierThe TARDIS Lands In Leicester Square In The Summer OfWhen The Doctor, Steven And Vicki Find Themselves Locked Out Of The TARDIS, Only One Man Can Possibly Help Them But The American, Benjamin Franklin, Has Problems Of His OwnThe Locked Room By Simon GuerrierSteven Taylor Left The Doctor And The TARDIS To Become King Of An Alien World But It S Now Many Years Since He Gave Up The Throne And Went To Live In A Cell In The Mountains, Out Of Sight Of His People He S Not Escaping His Past Quite The Opposite, In Fact As His Granddaughter, Sida, Is About To Discover

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    These stories had a pretty heavy message to them Especially the first two And bravo, loved it The world could use a few stories about access to healthcare and the control media has over people.

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    Wish Peter would have done The Doctor for the first two stories.

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    Great 4 adventures

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    Big Finish have refashioned the Companion Chronicles somewhat, into multi story box sets, rather than running annual seasons of stories as they had been doing That means few Chronicles, delivered in sets centered around a particular Doctor.This set focuses, as it says on the tin, on the First Doctor, with the focus on Susan in the first story pre Unearthly Child it would seem, as she s alone with the Doctor , then Vicki in the second The third and the fourth are an interlocked pair of stories, starting with Steven many years post departure, after his abdication as King, and then hopping back to an adventure with Steven, Vicki, the Doctor and Benjamin Franklin.It s an entertaining collection, although I d advise giving some space between the first and second stories, and then between the second and the final two Steven was never my favourite character, and Peter Purves wasn t really much of an actor, but he works pretty well here, especially playing Steven in weakening old age and Purves does a very good job of mimicking William Hartnell.

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    A rolling review, as I listen to all the stories The Sleeping Blood This is essentially one of Susan s solo adventures, as the First Doctor falls ill and she is let out of her gilded cage in order to resolve the crisis She finds herself in the middle of a futuristic society well, not so much a society as a futuristic building with a handful of inhabitants But even so we get a couple of different factions, as Susan comes to terms with the gradient of human morality.

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