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Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam pdf Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam , ebook Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam , epub Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam , doc Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam , e-pub Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam , Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam 831b1b37610 The Story Revolves Around Two Childhood Friends, Manfred And Tony, Who Were Nurtured In The Country Side In The Fifties And Enjoyed The Utopia Of A Nation At Peace That Was Carefree And Full Of Hope After WWII Vietnam Replaced All That With A Dystopia Where Conflicting Ideologies Trapped One In The Dehumanising Cauldron Of War And Spat Out The Other Onto The Streets In Protest Against It As They Tried To Adjust To A New Divided Australia One Hid From The Society That Spurned Him While The Other Sought Solace In The Hippie Communes Of The North Years Later, They Are Reunited And Search For A Way To Re Enter The Paradise That Vietnam Viet Bloody Nam, Stole From Them

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    Viet Bloody Nam , as its name suggests, is a gritty novel based on a true story When two boyhood friends are reunited in PNG, the nightmares of the Vietnam War are revisited Vietnam was the war that split the nation Whether you fought or stayed at home was a lottery based on the date of your twentieth birthday Conscripts were sent to a fight an unidentifiable enemy that included women, children and civilians On their return, they were expected to deal with their demons alone Australians agitated for the government to withdraw the troops, but shunned the returned servicemen For some it was all too much Although my experience of the Vietnam War is not first hand, Davide Cottone captures the feel of the battle field and the mood of the sixties and seventies beautifully A lot of information is provided about various battles and the machinery of war The lush cane fields of far north Queensland make a nice contrast.Despite sometimes harrowing content, the story is easy to read Well done.

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    I enjoyed this book, which was written by a friend of my neighbour, and with a lot of information from his experiences in Vietnam It opened my eyes to the plight of the men that fought in Vietnam and the aftermath that happened on their return from home There were a few sections of the book, where the author lost me with details of the period in time However, the author seemed to be very skilled at putting the emotions of the main character Manfred in writing The underlying story was certainly one that made me think about this era in time This book is not about what happened in Vietnam so much as what impact it had on the person, their personality and their life after Vietnam I enjoyed it.

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