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Everly (Wilder West #1) chapter 1 Everly (Wilder West #1) , meaning Everly (Wilder West #1) , genre Everly (Wilder West #1) , book cover Everly (Wilder West #1) , flies Everly (Wilder West #1) , Everly (Wilder West #1) 3db68414547d9 A Sweet, Clean, Historical Mail Order Bride Romance The Terms Of Her Father S Leave Everly With No Choice But To Marry Before Her St Birthday In Order To Ensure The Security Of Her Family Will She Be Able To Get Over Her Anger Towards Men In Enough Time To Find Someone To Marry Answering An Ad For A Mail Order Bride, She Finds Ben A Man Who Needs A Woman To Help Him Raise His Two Nieces Left In His Care Can They Find Love While Dealing With Both A Vindictive Stepmother Who Wants To Stop Her From Marrying, And A Meddling Woman Who Is Determined To Take The Children From Ben They Will Both Have To Learn To Trust, Even As The Past Threatens To Ruin Everything MESSAGE FROM KAY P DAWSON I Want To Thank You For Taking The Time To Read My Book Everly Is My First Stab At Fiction Writing In The Mail Order Bride Romance Genre, And I Hope You Love It As Much As I Enjoyed Writing It The Book Is A Clean, Sweet Romance Between Everly And Ben I Hope It Gives You A Few Hours Of Happy Reading Kay

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    3 but only because the genre of historical western mail order bride books is filled with crap If I were rating based on all books I read I would give it 2.Despite the generally awful quality of this type of book I sometimes feel the desire to read one This was slightly better than average The characters were pleasant and acted consistently Unfortunately it was not a marriage of convenience book as the story ends as soon as they get married I felt too much time was spent on the set up and not enough on the romance The resolution of the problem was too quick as well.

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    needs an editor repetitive and some odd wording throughout the conflict felt very forced suffers from tell, don t show there is a lot of recapping conversations, rather than conversations the story was sweet the characters were likable, even if it is too short to ever really get to know them has potential.

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    I found this one to be pretty disappointing, honestly.Good points In general, I liked several of the ideas the author had for this story Characters I liked the idea that the main character was supposed to be on my qualifying this sentence later someone who thought of others first and who did her utmost to help her family I liked the fact that some of this wasn t purely typical romance fare in that the main female character s mother had been a prostitute yet was not shown in a bad light I liked the fact that the main male character was also trying to do right by his family, taking in his orphaned nieces and trying to find a mother for them.World building I liked the idea that the main female character s family was trying to survive and save her family in the face of some difficult circumstances in 19th century America i.e not the easiest time for women Plot The plot moved along well enough this was a romance novel after all so it s not like our main lady is being attacked at every turn by exploding fireballs.Bad points Characters The reason for my stating that the main female character was supposed to be someone who thought of others first and who did her utmost to help her family is that this was something we were mostly told and not shown The main female character i.e Everly was shown once doing some sewing to get some extra for her family The only other example of this was that relating to the main plot point device of the novel, in that she tried to find a man to marry before her 21st birthday So in general, we were told that she had spent years trying to help her family i.e because her father was a jerk who had made her mother his mistress while marrying someone else but this was never something which was shown We are also told that, because of her father most likely, she does not and has never trusted men We are told in passing of another instance i.e in the past whereby she had thought a young man had been courting her but really wanted to make her a non respectable offer i.e read make her his mistress We are also told but not shown that her two younger sisters differ in their trust in men with one sister believing in love while the other does not i.e the only thing which is shown in this regard is their differing attitudes is that one sister wants her to go through with an arranged marriage or at least to consider it because, apparently, she believes in true love, while the second is not so sure We are told but not shown that the main male character Ben almost married a woman he didn t love but that they remain friends We are told but not shown that the marriage was broken off because Ben s cousin caught the fianc e kissing another man We are told but not shown that Ben and this woman remained friends We are told but not shown that Ben and his cousin Jake grew up together and are very close We are told and not shown that Ben and Everly spend a lot of time together over the three weeks she is in town i.e she was originally from Chicago We are told but not shown that she comes to care for Ben, his family, and the entire town the text actually skips over most of the time she spends in town, so that most of what we get to see is her arriving and she and Ben deciding to marry We are told but not shown much about Ben s two young nieces they say a few words here and there but that s pretty much it.Which brings me to the biggest flaw in this book I never got an actual sense of any of the characters, or why I should care about them Or about what was going on in this book, for that matter.World building The setting was not really elaborated on in the story It is briefly mentioned that Ben raises cattle and horses and is pretty well off financially It is mentioned in passing that Ben s town is a quiet small town which contrasts greatly with the hustle bustle of Chicago I didn t get much of a sense of Chicago as a city, either, from this book Plot Despite the relative simplicity of the plot, some elements didn t entirely make sense to me For instance, while I understand that Everly s father s wife and son knew about his mistress, I didn t understand how it was the everyone around Everly and her mother knew, given that she hadn t worked as a prostitute in years probably decades and led a pretty quiet life with her three daughters I mean, Chicago, even in the 19th century, was a pretty darn big city Also, prostitution and gambling took place in particular areas of the city which Everly s family would likely have avoided given that her mother had given up prostitution a long time ago and she had been involved in prostitution to avoid starvation, mostly And the fact that so many people in Chicago knew about them and that they couldn t have moved somewhere else in Chicago to avoid these people who knew, since this was, again, a BIG CITY , is never explained in the book.A rather silly plot element takes place when Everly s stepmother actually tries to ruin her stepdaughter s life by following her to Wyoming and somehow arriving there with her son who thought he was going there to become the financial partner of Ben s family for some reason which was never explained much Honestly, while I understand this woman was bitter about her husband s infidelity and so on, it seems to be a ridiculous amount of trouble to go to, especially when she was actively engaged in fighting the will which would have given a lot of her husband s money to his former mistress and her children So all in all, I d suggest not bothering with this one.

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    I ve read a bunch of these mail order bride novels and my perception is that they are all written by amateurs with even grammatical mistakes and I am a non native English speaker so it was a nice surprise when I read this novel it goes accord with that time traditions and prejudices, and although we all know the type of story and its inevitable ending, it s a nice story with congruent characters I liked it.

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    Clean and sweet This is the kind of romance I can enjoy Characters and plot were a little unrealistic but for a quick and cute read this is perfect.

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    Everly s father has passed away and in his will she has to marry before her 21st birthday to secure her family She answered an ad to be a mail order bride to Ben and his two nieces.Ben really needs to find a wife as the gossip lady in town wants to take the two girls from him She says they need a mother figure and he is not fit So he places an ad in hopes to get her off his back He love those girls.Everly shows up and the girls take to her right away Ben finds her attractive and vice versa Working together they make the girls a great home and keep the girls A wonderful read of love and hope.I would read books by this author.

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    An easy read, that was kind of predictable, but I still really enjoyed it Everly s dilemma was believable, but Ben s wasn t at least to me for that period in time Hazel reminded me a little of a Mrs Oleson, from Litttle House on the Prairie, but she wasn t likable at all I m interested to read the next books in the series, since they re about the other two sisters.

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    E Reader RomanceThe Wilder family consists of their Mother with 3 unwed daughters Their Mother met thier father at a Brothel he set her up in an apartment Their Father spent time at their apartment, but married another woman He passed away stated in his will that all financial aid would stop unless the oldest daughter Everly got married by her 21st birthday Her birthday was weeks away Her sister Sarah brings home a magazine with ads for mail order brides As a last resort she writes to Ben Montgomery who has custody of his two young nieces owns a large ranch along with cousin Jake His Dad lives separately on the ranch.Everly decides to go west to meet Ben his nieces to see if they suit She takes her sister Sarah with her as a chaperone This book gets better by the page I totally enjoyed this book If you enjoy mail order brides stories, you ll enjoy this book.

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    A great start to a new series It was clean no swearing, no sex and it was quite different from the usual mail order bride books that I ve read I like this sub genre not sure if that s correct, but it s what I use for mail order bride books immensely and have several in my library This is one that will remain The storyline was unique and interesting The child of a soiled dove , so to speak, going west to become a mail order bride.not by choice, but to save her family due to stipulations in her father s will And the prospective groom also not quite wanting to be married, but due to circumstances finding it the best solution I m trying not to give any many spoilers Absolutely loved it This is a good first book in this genre for the author I m looking forward to reading the next book in this series, about Everly s younger sister, Sarah.

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    Everly must marry before her 21st birthday She is so angry with her father for making that stipulation in his will She must, or her mother and two sisters will be left with nothing Her father had never married her mother and now trusting men was not something she was willing to do Ben needed a wife because a busybody in town was trying to force him to marry her daughter Ben decides to advertise for a wife and Everly answers his ad How does Everly trust him with the truth about her family history

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