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The Portable Frederick Douglass files The Portable Frederick Douglass, read online The Portable Frederick Douglass, free The Portable Frederick Douglass, free The Portable Frederick Douglass, The Portable Frederick Douglass e67c2d769 A Newly Edited Collection Of The Seminal Writings And Speeches Of A Legendary Writer, Orator, And Civil Rights LeaderThe Life Of Frederick Douglass Is Nothing Less Than The History Of America In The Th Century From Slavery To Reconstruction His Influence Was Felt In The Political Sphere, Major Social Movements, Literary Culture, And Even International Affairs His Resounding Words Tell Not Only His Own Remarkable Story, But Also That Of A Burgeoning Nation Forced To Reckon With Its Tremulous Moral Ground This Compact Volume Offers A Full Course On A Necessary Historical Figure, Giving Voice Once Again To A Man Whose Guiding Words Are Needed Now As Urgently As EverThe Portable Frederick Douglass Includes The Full Range Of Douglass S Writings, From Autobiographical Writings That Span From His Life As A Slave Child To His Memories Of Slavery As An Elder Statesman In The Late S His Protest Fiction One Of The First Works Of African American Fiction His Brilliant Oratory, Constituting The Greatest Speeches Of The Civil War Era, Which Launched His Political Career And His Journalistic Essays That Range From Cultural And Political Critique To Art, Literature, Law, History, Philosophy, And Reform

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    It being Black History Month and considering the state of current events , I think I picked the perfect time to read this book This Penguin Classic Edition is a collection of Douglass best and most famous writings.The book is divided into four parts Autobiographical which includes his seminal work Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave , fictional his lone foray into fiction is The Heroic Slave, about Madison Washington and the Creole Slave Revolt , Speeches, and Journalism.The material covers from 1845 Narrative, his first piece , through the 1890s Shortly before his death in 1895.Douglass writing is straightforward and erudite His portrayals of slave life are vivid and arresting His arguments are forcefully made and thoroughly worked out This man is a born orator, and a succinct and powerful writer I feel a bit guilty for not having read much of his work before now It is also unnerving how relevant many of his topics are in the present day.The Fugitive Slave act of 1850 meant that slaves who managed to escape from the South could still be hunted down, even if they managed to flee to a state where slavery was outlawed The bar for sending someone back was depressingly low two white witnesses simply had to attest that the person in question was, indeed, a runaway slave no hard evidence necessary Further, their victim was unable to speak in their own defense, the testimony of an African American being inadmissible in court at the time This brings strongly to mind the sanctuary cities cropping up all over the nation areas which offer safe spaces for undocumented immigrants to live and work without fear of being ripped away from their lives and families Had such areas existed in the United States in the era of slavery, the fate of many escaped slaves may have been different.Douglass also reserves special ire for the Church While a believer himself, he boldly calls out the hypocrisy of the emphatically religious who profess their adherence to the tenets of Christianity, while at the same time treating their fellow man as something less than human Douglass also has quite a bit to say about those who use the bible to justify their hate and institutionalize bigotry If this sounds like many of the religious freedom laws cropping up in states across the United States, it s because the arguments are basically the same Now, however, Christianity is being used primarily to target LGBT individuals, and codify a second class citizenship into our country s laws.In these troubled times, it is both wonderful and terrible to read something written so long ago that still resonates so strongly in the present day I feel that no matter your political leanings, this is an incredibly important book Hopefully it will be widely read in the coming years It is always helpful to step back as a nation and ask Are we moving forwards Or are we simply covering injustices in slightly altered costume, under the guise of adhering to tradition A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via Goodreads in exchange for an honest review The Portable Frederick Douglass is currently available for purchase.

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    RTC.But, what a finish I am so much the better for picking the Penguin edition.

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    I m glad Frederick Douglass is finally getting recognized and these days But in all seriousness, this man was an impressive thinker I hesitate to say ahead of his time, because he was molded by his time But his views on race and on women s struggles for equality are fascinating and refreshing They sound like 20th century tracts, not early to mid 19th c This collection has the Narrative and selections from the other two autobiographies, many of the speeches, and many pieces of journalism The range goes from aesthetics in photography to holidays being the opiate of the worker Douglass s argument on holidays is the closest I ve ever seen to my own to throwing shade at A Lincoln.Certainly he was an engaging thinker and I can only imagine he was a brilliant orator I m glad to have dived deeper into his work.

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    Every person who considers themselves educated or a reader MUST read this Frederick Douglass s story from slavery to one of the greatest orators and writers in American history is phenomenal Seeing his life through his works of writing is an incredible and eye opening experience Easy to read and so enjoyable.

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    Very informative and well written.

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