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Strangelet 1.1 chapter 1 Strangelet 1.1 , meaning Strangelet 1.1 , genre Strangelet 1.1 , book cover Strangelet 1.1 , flies Strangelet 1.1 , Strangelet 1.1 8dc27d5337071 Strangelet VolumeIssueCover Art By And Interview With Tory Hoke Comic Saved By John Carvajal Bred To Travel The Stars, An Explorer Copes With The Mysteries Of A New World Fiction Delia By David Armstrong When We Are Near Death, Can We Hear The Dead Can They Help Us Small Seeds By Elizabeth Jenike Unstoppable Incurable From Small Seeds Come The Losses We All Share In The Man Who Lived In My Hair By Evan Mallon Some People Are Obsessed With Their Hair But It S Much Special To Have Some Thing Obsessed With It As Well The Black Madonna By Mikaela Von Kursell Can A Knight Live With The Quiet Of A New Nation In The Tumultuous Iberian Peninsula

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    Strangelet is a journal of speculative fiction whose stated goal is to publish fiction that exist in the strange and compelling intersection between genre and literary fiction This fits with my definition of good fiction the goal is not to titillate with either spectacle or stylistic nuance the goal is reveal to the reader aspects of the human condition Whether that is achieved with the reality or some variation upon it is irrelevant.I felt this first issue of Strangelet, as a whole, delivered on its promise.The first story in the collection is The Man Who Lived in My Hair by Evan Mallon The title is neither metaphor nor aphorism the story s protagonist has a small man who lives in her hair for the purpose of styling it As such, he is granted ultimate power over her appearance, and thus, ultimate control over the social relationships in which her appearance has an impact The story elegantly and succinctly elicits a critique upon beauty and vanity.Next is the short comic Saved by John Carvajal The frames reveals the story of an interstellar explorer who lands on a planet and has an experience that later explorers are unable to verify I feel that the artwork does a good job of communicating the protagonist s estrangement I also felt it apt that the author utilizes no direct character dialogue, but narrates the comic entirely with brief explanatory statements The artwork is the primary driver in relating and moving the story.In Small Seeds by Elizabeth Jenike, the reader delves into the horrifying experience a family has as wild growth very quickly overruns and destroys their home Woven elegantly in with a family member s experience of cancer, the two forms of wild, destructive growth tear the family apart The imagery does a good job of relating pain and loss both.David Armstrong s Delia is my personal favorite in this collection A ghost, dead for some time at the edge of a highway, meets a small girl, the titular Delia, on the verge of death herself By building a personal connection with her, the ghost is able to steer Delia back toward life Character driven and powerfully evocative, Delia elegantly weaves a path through rejection and trauma, but finally around to deliverance The powerful and meek collapse into the human Delia and the ghost leave their brief company better off for having met The Black Madonna by Mikaela von Kursell is a vivid and surreal depiction of Dom Fuas Roupinho, also the protagonist of The Luciads, a national epic about the birth of Portugal Atop his steed, Dom Fuas nearly falls from a cliff, and this prompts a series of perhaps real perhaps not images of caves, shores, villages, and royalty of medieval, or even ancient, Iberia Entirely character and image driven, there was not a lick of plot to the story, but the images themselves were compelling enough to draw me through the text Von Kursell s descriptions are gorgeous I am also a big fan of intertextuality, and appreciated the section headers of the story, which were each a line from a canto of The Luciads I plan to read about The Luciads and perhaps find a translation to sink my teeth into Unfortunately, I don t know Portuguese.

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