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Last Words: The Final Journals of William S. Burroughs files Last Words: The Final Journals of William S. Burroughs, read online Last Words: The Final Journals of William S. Burroughs, free Last Words: The Final Journals of William S. Burroughs, free Last Words: The Final Journals of William S. Burroughs, Last Words: The Final Journals of William S. Burroughs 55a1f5abf William Burroughs Died In August , After A Lifetime Of Notoriety In His Final Years, He Was Writing Only In His Journals The Last Nine Months Of His Diaries Are Here, In Last Words, And They Form A Complex, Rarely Seen, Personal Portrait Of Burroughs At The End Of His Life, Coming To Terms With Aging And Death

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    This guy loved his kittys like nothing else Nice to see a junky in the light of day Living a simple life and reflecting on a wild past Very soft and at times sad At his age you are mostly saying goodbye to people and places I thought it was very cute.

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    In the last nine months of his life, Beat novelist William S Burroughs began keeping a journal In it, he looks back at his career as a writer, comments on the books he is reading e.g Under Western Eyes, The Last Don, Invasion, The Night Manager and writes down his observations with regard to a number of subjects including art, weapons, the psychoanalytic industry and the war on drugs.Unlike many published journals by other writers, The Last Words of William S Burroughs does not appear to have been edited to minimize redundancy There is a lot of repetition here, for instance of a passage in which two T men interrogate a bootlegger, and which appears to be part of a work of fiction Burroughs planned to write each time the passage appears, there are small changes, suggesting that Burroughs is revising it each time he writes it In another instance of repetition, Burroughs works on the plot for a film he wants to write about an invasion by extra terrestrials Other repetitions include lines from poems, quoted phrases and comments on things Burroughs is thinking about.I think the editors were correct to leave Burroughs s repetitions in while it may not be necessary for the reader to read Burroughs s quoting Timothy Leary s last words multiple times, it is useful to see that Burroughs thought the words important enough to write down multiple times in his journal from these repetitions and from others, of lines from Alfred Lord Tennyson s Ulysses and from Matthew Arnold s Dover Beach, for instance, and of Allen Ginsberg s last words one gets the sense of a man nearing the end of his life whose mind keeps returning to the same things.This journal reflects Burroughs at his most private and vulnerable A lover of cats, he lost two during the time he wrote this journal, and one gets the sense from his comments on how deeply these events in particular affected him.

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    Yes, it is good Burroughs is my favorite writer, for better or worse, because he has so much to teach There are limits, to be sure, but I keep finding thoughts on interest in his work For example, in this book, I was surprised to learn that he detested abortion and believed in God well, I sort of knew the latter He eloquently fuses fiction, dreams, straight journaling, cut up by way of simply repeating himself, all while approaching his last words July 30, 1997 His last entry is so amazing for a career drug addict, homosexual, and murderer One would not expect, especially anyone in the straight crowd In yer face Evidently he had a brush with day a few days before the end and ripped out what was to be his last words at the point He was really trying for a quiet but grandiose finish I respect that A noble death, if there is such a thing This book wraps up a life of letters that I continue to value and honor.

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    , , , , it doesn t come any , , , , Love What is It Most natural painkiller what there is.LOVE.

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    A book best read after learning all that one can learn about William S Burroughs, only to realize that even the most notorious can still offer you an unique view into the last days of his life In particular, his heartache involving Allen Ginsberg s is very touching, as well as his love for his numerous cats.

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    So the creepy old misogynist did have a heart It was a privilege to read the words of a 20th century elder so close to their natural death for it to be Burroughs Digging The Greys thoughts on dissent right til the end Such tender words on the spaces left behind by one s pets after death Much of it no idea but for momentary flashes of audacity that moved me.

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    I bought this bk in a terrible Virgin Megaplace in Times Square in 06 I was going on a long plane flight and needed a bk, and this was as good as I could find in that place It turned out to be a great purchase, by turns funny, wise, and inspiring Thanks always to old Bull Lee.

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    very enlightening for burroughs He could be so simple and normal if he wanted.

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    Love What is it Most powerful painkiller what there is LOVE.

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    His thoughts ramblings are interesting, poignant, crazy, mundane, rebellious, and he was way ahead of his time I appreciated his final entry, just 3 days before he passed, professing his immeasurable love for his cats.

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