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The Local Economy Solution chapter 1 The Local Economy Solution , meaning The Local Economy Solution , genre The Local Economy Solution , book cover The Local Economy Solution , flies The Local Economy Solution , The Local Economy Solution 6caeb462a77a1 Reinventing Economic Development As If Small Business Mattered In Cities And Towns Across The Nation, Economic Development Is At A Crossroads A Growing Body Of Evidence Has Proven That Its Current Cornerstone Incentives To Attract And Retain Large, Globally Mobile Businesses Is A Dead End Even Those Programs That Focus On Local Business, Through Buy Local Initiatives, For Example, Depend On Ongoing Support From Government Or Philanthropy The Entire Practice Of Economic Development Has Become Ineffective And Unaffordable And Is In Need Of A Makeover The Local Economy Solution Suggests An Alternative Approach In Which States And Cities Nurture A New Generation Of Special Kinds Of Businesses That Help Local Businesses Grow These Cutting Edge Companies, Which Shuman Calls Pollinator Businesses, Are Creating Jobs And The Conditions For Future Economic Growth, And Doing So In Self Financing Ways Pollinator Businesses Are Especially Important To Communities That Are Struggling To Lift Themselves Up In A Period Of Economic Austerity, When Municipal Budgets Are Being Slashed They Also Promote Locally Owned Businesses That Increase Local Self Reliance And Evince High Labor And Environmental Standards The Book Includes Nearly Two Dozen Case Studies Of Successful Pollinator Businesses That Are Creatively Facilitating Business And Neighborhood Improvements, Entrepreneurship, Local Purchasing, Local Investing, And Profitable Business Partnerships Examples Include Main Street Genome Which Provides Invaluable Data To Improve Local Business Performance , Supportland Which Is Developing A Powerful Loyalty Card For Local Businesses , And Fledge A Business Accelerator That Finances Itself Through Royalty Payments It Also Shows How The Right Kinds Of Public Policy Can Encourage The Spread Of Pollinator Businesses At Virtually No Cost

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    Really compelling, with lots of examples of the ways local economies have invested in local businesses The takedown of how typical economic development is done, through attract and retain plans of getting multinational chains in local economies, is particularly great I was wary that the self financing pollinators of the title would mean unaccountable rich people throwing money at things, but that s not what this book is about at all thank goodness Overall, this book made me think about a holy shit the globalized economy is the zenith of capitalism nightmare, b current policy and the flow of state federal subsidies is SO FUCKED, 3 there is a lot of innovation that can happen at the local level through education, organizing, and people cooperating instead of competing aka resisting capitalism while also hopefully making enough to live Obviously I still have complicated feelings about capitalism, and though I like this local economies focused approach to creating solutions for folks, I don t buy into one of the basic tenets of capitalism that this book does, which is the relationship between being productive and its attachment to worthiness When applied to nonprofits, I am totally down for the convo about how the model of capital flowing from donor foundation to nonprofit is not sustainable in any real way That question on grant apps how will you be sustainable after this grant ends always makes me want to scream read the blog Nonprofit With Balls for great and funny analysis on this But the idea that nonprofits need to figure out how to do earned income is also creepy, because not all things orgs and people produce have a concrete dollar value, nor should they.

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    Examples from around the world of different ways to grow local, and how these jobs are cost efficient, because local money stays and reinvests locally, rather than leaving the area A little wonky, but very interesting.

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    We need to step back and seriously consider many of these ideas.

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    This book has a some about why and a lot about how to build local economies, with numerous case studies illustrating Michael Shuman s elaboration of the various ways.There s a lot of specifics, and the examples are inspiring I hope to be using this book s suggestions a lot here in Boston, and expect to refer to it often.

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    Excellent resource guide with great examples of how to create th right climate for small business success Strong analysis of the problems with existing economic development practices.

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    Schuman is a compelling speaker and since this book is mostly stories, I preferred hearing him tell the stories.

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