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The Best Part of Daddys Day chapter 1 The Best Part of Daddys Day , meaning The Best Part of Daddys Day , genre The Best Part of Daddys Day , book cover The Best Part of Daddys Day , flies The Best Part of Daddys Day , The Best Part of Daddys Day a7cbd6cd0c17d Here S A Sweet Story That S Perfect For Father S Day Promotions About A Builder And His Son, And The Best Part Of Their Day Coming Home And Spending Time With Each Other Bertie Wants To Go With His Dad To Work At The Contruction Site But He S Too Young, And He Has To Go To School While He S There, He Does Eveything That He Can To Be Like His Dad He Paints Cranes During Art, Climbs To The Top Of The Jungle Gym To See The Tower That Daddy Is Building, And Builds His Own Tower Out Of Boxes After Daddy Picks Him Up, Bertie Tells Him All About His Day And What The Best Parts Were Daddy Listens Carefully And Then Says How Close It Was To All That He Did, Too But Daddy Also Says That The Best Part Of His Day Is Being Home With Bertie, And Bertie Agrees

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    With our first little one on the way, my husband picked this one out at the library on a whim And it was such a sweet little story Bertie wants to be a builder just like Daddy and is super excited when in school they get to learn about builders But the rest of his day does not go so well he spills his lunch, a careless classmates messes up his artwork, etc But once back at home, he learns that Daddy too had bad parts to his day but the best part of the day is spending time together each night Aww The all dog illustrations were fun, filled with bright colors and plenty of detail to keep children engaged.

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    A sweet, well illustrated book about the day experienced by a father and son Bertie s dad builds things and Bertie couldn t be proud, even climbing the highest jungle gym at school to try and see if he can see his dad on the crane at work.Entertaining, fun book that I can see myself reading to Shortcake many times And hopefully this next time, it won t get as dusty while I m reading it though the dust didn t seem to affect her as much Maybe it s just a Daddy thing

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    Bede sat for the whole thing while Dad read it The illustrations were cute and the story was simple and sweet.

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    Beautiful book with a very nice message and lovely illustrations I think this is my best find this year

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    Steven read this to Mister aww Sweet book Good to let littles know that bad things minor irritations can happen to grown up too, but in the end it s all good and that our children are the best part of our day double awww.

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    I want to tell you about a children s book called The Best Part of Daddy s Day by Claire Alexander today.Little Bertie wishes he could go to work with his Daddy, but he has to go to school instead Bertie wants to be just like his Dad, and when he is on the playground, he thinks he sees his Dad up in the crane After school Bertie shares about his day Not all of it was good Daddy tells him about his day, including the things that went wrong for him They both agree their favorite part of the day is when they are together.This would be a sweet book for your child to read with his her Daddy and would be good for Father s Day I know youngsters will enjoy these pictures of the dogs and machinery at Daddy s workplace in this sweet book.I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Little Bee Books, in exchange for my honest review Thank you Have a day of blessings

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    4.5 Stars LOVED THIS BOOK I love everything about it I might nominate it for a Beehive Book award We need awesome dads like this Miss Alice is gushing over thisbut there is serious love Great pictures, great message great story

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    This will be a good one for next year s SRC theme.

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    Pretty sweet, without being saccharine A great book for both parent and child.

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