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10 thoughts on “Same

  1. says:

    Four and a half stars.

    This is a book with a poignant message about perceived differences. A little girl is fearful of Uncle Charlie whose difficulty with speaking and awkward wheelchair make it impossible to find common ground. But Uncle Charlie is full of love and finds a delightful way to communicate with the timid little girl.

    A simple, simple story that grew on me the more I thought about it.

    Disclaimer and disclosure: This book comes from the same company who published my book, Terry: Adventures of a Terek Sandpiper.

  2. says:

    Same is a lovely picture book about a small child who is afraid of Uncle Charlie because of his huge electric wheelchair, but comes to realise that while he might look different, they are the same. It's a short but touching story, made all the better by the fact it shows they key point rather than labouring the point by telling.

    However, when it comes to picture books, it's not enough to have a good story. The illustrations have to be excellent, to earn and keep the attention of the listening child. The illustrations in Same are beautiful, a real strength.


    Thanks to the publisher for providing a free book for review.

  3. says:

    Same by Katrina Roe is a heart warming and simple picture book.

    Ivy is frightened when Uncle Charlie comes to visit - maybe because he looks or speaks differently, maybe because of the whirring chair (my daughter was afraid of things that moved and made loud noises at that age)- but eventually Ivy discovers that while there are differences, they also have something important in common.

    I love the beautiful illustrations and the simple way this story is told, hinting at a wider truth without labouring the point. Even better, the story is drawn from real life events.

    Another beautiful picture book from Wombat Books

  4. says:

    Same by Katrina Roe is a children's picture book with a great concept. My little granddaughter has just learnt the notion of things being the same so this will be a great book for her.

    Same is story of Ivy whose Uncle Charlie is in a wheelchair. Ivy is afraid of him as he seems so different however Ivy discovers they do have something in common after all.

    It is a moving read as you appreciate how difficult it must be for someone in a wheelchair to make relational connections with others, even in family settings where it should be easiest but may not be. It also makes you realize that finding common ground may not be as difficult as it first appears.

    Jemima Trappel has done a great job with the illustrations. I especially liked Ivy's facial expressions and body language.

    Overall a lovely book.

  5. says:

    Mama got this one for me because the main character is a girl named Ivy! :D I really liked it, we've read it twice.

  6. says:

    Lovely book!
    The illustrations and text work together to gently introduce young readers to the beauty of friendship and companionship found when we share our lives with someone different.
    Worth reading for the story alone, as well as to encourage positive attitudes towards disabilities.

  7. says:

    Simple story with a simple message. We might be different, but we're all the same.

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