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True Claim (The Sigma Menace #3) summary True Claim (The Sigma Menace #3) , series True Claim (The Sigma Menace #3) , book True Claim (The Sigma Menace #3) , pdf True Claim (The Sigma Menace #3) , True Claim (The Sigma Menace #3) 25584ec6f8 Over A Century Ago, Bennett Young Found His Mate, A Human Woman He Trusted And Was Brutally Betrayed By With His One Chance At Happiness Gone, Bennett Throws Himself Into His Work He Dreads The Inevitable Day He Turns Feral And His Partners Will Be Forced To Put Him Down, Then A Routine Mission Brings Him Face To Face With His Worst Nightmare A Human Mate Discovering The Lovely, But Evasive Woman Is Being Hunted, Bennett Can T Bring Himself To Abandon Her, At Least Not Until She S Safe Spencer King Has A Boy S Name And Lives In The Boondocks For A Reason The Tall, Sexy Shifter Who Showed Up On Her Doorstep Was Unwelcome And Pushy The Mating Instinct She Feels For Him Threatens Everyone She S Worked To Keep Safe Realizing The Frustrating, Brooding Guardian Doesn T Intend To Leave Her Alone, Spencer Has To Figure Out If She Can Trust Him, And To Decide Stay And Fight, Or Run For Her Life

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    I wasn t sure how I d feel about Bennett s book I m not overly fond of manwhores, and yet for this one, I forgave him because it wasn t something to be proud of I hate it when being a manwhore is celebrated I read romance for the romance, and that to me, isn t romantic.Okay, off that soapbox since this book did not have that No, Bennett was a man grieving, one who d been betrayed by his mate, and was almost killed because of her It s hard to trust and put yourself out there when the one who claimed to love you was disgusted and fearful of you You know what I loved about how this situation was handled She wasn t painted as an absolute villain She was young, from a different era, and scared of the differences between her shifter husband and her human self.Thankfully Bennett finds another mate, Spencer, who accepts who he is, but it s not all sunshine and roses Of course not, or else it d make for a boring book And this was not a boring book So many little twists and turns, relevations that had me either going I knew it or Holy crap, did not see that coming I love this series The characters are fleshed out and makes you feel for them, even the villains Well, some of the villains I d love to see Madame G tortured, that vile woman or creature or whatever the hell she is.

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    Nice one If you enjoy hot, action filled PNR, this is def a series you need to check out like YESTERDAY.

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    Bennett Young lost his mate over a century ago and he s resigned to his fate of going feral and being terminated by his brother Guardians Except fate has something very different up her sleeve Defying all lore and expectations he s found a second mate If only she d come clean with all she s hiding so he can protect her and trust her as he couldn t with his first mate.Spencer is struggling with her life on the run She wants nothing than to settle down with her hobby farm, her dog, and her cows There s no room in her life for a wickedly handsome Guardian bent on protecting her and making her life complicated than it already is.Their run ins are humorous as much as they are filled with tension When they finally come together things are hot and there s a thread of healing there too Bennett, through Spencer s fiery nature and perspective, finally comes to terms with his past and is able to move beyond the hurt, betrayal, and pride that has kept him from feeling worthy of his place in the Guardians Spencer, through Bennett s persistence and devotion, finds a freedom she never thought she d experience in her life on the run and the roots she so desperately wants to plant might just have a place with her mate.Madame G is looking for someone and believes Spencer is it She s determined to eliminate her and Bennett is just as determined to protect her Spencer is than she appears and her secrets are colossal and could change everything they know about their races.What Madame G s motivation for finding and killing her is unknown and everyone s in the dark about it from beginning to end but what we get in this story is a pivotal set up for something huge for both sides of their war.I really enjoyed Bennett s story of his redemption and healing as well as seeing him paired with the feisty, direct Spencer They make excellent partners for one another The overall plot is continuing at a feverish pace with information stalls timed well to provide anticipation and heightened interest in reading each subsequent book I m really looking forward to Agent E s story in Lawful Claim, to see someone on the other side to give us a clearer picture of what it s like on the Sigma side of the line and what it s like to ride the edge of it.

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    So Spencer Amazing Benjie So adorkableSo this book was another great one The twist with Spencer was pretty cool and Ronnie I have questions It been bugging me for days The epic end scene With the fire Mercury creates wind How Telekinesis doesn t allow that Possibly shape the wind seems elemental power than telekinetic power but to create it Whole new set of powers that he s suddenly gained without previous knowledge and or reason other than to further the plot I could be wrong about his power but that aspect isn t mentioned until its necessary AnnoyingOther than that it s turning into a solid base for the rest of the series Which is looking good I can t wait to find out about Agents X and E There s something about them I need details people I can t wait to continue the series Totally binging it 3 books in just under 3 days

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    Totally enjoying this series I wasn t sure at first that it wouldn t get too convoluted or complicated, with dense backstories and mythology The author has successfully given us enough of that type of information and cleverly doles out with each installment More than enough to understand what s happening and little enough to make it intriguing and to keep us reading The ensemble cast works well together, and each pairing is sexy and right together Definitely hooked and enjoying it.

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    Extremely goodDang I love these books I ve been binge reading them since i started with the first one The females are sassy, the males are drool worthy but most importantly the book grabs your attention and doesn t let it go to the end And in the last few pages as your reading the ending BANG the author has nabbed your attention for the next one Excellent read, has its own HEA.

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    Good bookOnce again, another good book that advanced the storyline Would be a 4 but word errors are tedious The author uses a word distain when I think she means disdain There were other editing errors that took me out of the story The story is good so I will continue the series but the same word errors over and over are bugging.

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    Like I said in my review of Book 2, one I start a series, I finish it.and I m glad I decided to continue on with this one too This book redeemed the series for me and it is just my opinion of course, but I really think this one has so much to offer It held my attention throughout the book and had me wondering what would happen next at every turn Definitely recommend

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    True ClaimThis series is very intriguing I m enjoying these so far and I would definitely recommend reading I knew when Spencer said agent X seemed familiar it would turn out to be a family member I m glad Bennett got a second chance with his perfect mate.

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    BennetI just really enjoy the fantasies of her writings good plots like Spencer aka Sarah and X being her aunt and all and what s with the commanders feelings for X bet there is history there well I ll find out soon enough.

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