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    This is book 5 of the series and I m loving it Big fan of Elizabeth Lennox s sheik books She captures my idea of what a sheik should be This story is about Dassar and Luna Dassar is super Alpha, he decides what he wants and gets it no matter what Luna didn t know what hit her when he came to her small town She wanted to help herself and her town to get out of debt Dassar needs a wife So he was not planning on Luna blowing him away but it was love a first sight The attraction was so strong that the sex scenes were HOT In the end everyone gets what they want Looking forward to the next book.

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    Enjoyed reading about Luna so 3.5 stars for me

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    I was looking forward to read Luna s story from the snippet I read fromt he sample but the story did bot live up to the expectations Maybe because it s not so much a story but just a phase of their life, once she became Dassar s wife it was not all the amazing But you can absolutely expect the tingling and somw swoon worthy moments as is the forte of Elizabeth .

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    I really liked this oneI have found that when authors write serials that some books are better than others This book is one of the better ones I liked the story and how the characters found love in their relationship.

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    I felt like this story had much promise It opened a few avenues that could have made the characters much engaging, but we were left wanting and the story stayed pretty bland Also, the constant, when I say no I mean yes was a little tiresome.

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    A great installment to The War, Love Harmony Series We are introduced to Luna Montgomery who is from a small town village in rule Central Virginia After Luna finished College, she opened up Moonside Inn We find out her sad childhood and how the town saved Luna Luna s mother who could no longer stand the abuse by her husband, left in order to find a job and then send for Luna Her mother found this small village and we find out that she had requested in letters for Luna to come However, Luna s father was an evil man Luna walked from Boston to Central Virginia during winter By the time she arrived, she was cold, hungry and ill and she found out her mother had passed away Two wonderful ladies, who basically adopted her, watched over her, helped her heal, helped her with her School work, she owed this little town everything.When the economy spiraled down, the shop owners were unable to keep up with their expenses, including the loans to the local bank When the local bank, who owned these properties, informed them that there was nothing they could do, Luna now 24, found out who owned the bank and wrote direct to him.The Sheikh Dassar bin Sarook owned the bank and his top advisor had a plan to get the King to look at someone else as his Queen Dassar did not care who the person chosen was He really did not want to get married anyway and defiantly no for love So he lazily chose his current Mistress Faris who was apparently a B I T C H on steroids The Top Advisor sat down with the King and went over the letter from Luna asking for relief for all the shop owners on their note to the bank Dassar thought the photo was one beautiful woman and agreed to go to the States and talk with Luna about the loans, and to see if he believes that Luna would be a good candidate for his wife.When the King and all his many guards and his Top Advisor arrived, Luna was than happy to talk to Dassar about her proposal for a 6 month reprieve and extend their initial loan agreement out 6 months Even though Dassar was attracted to Luna, he felt that she was too young and not experienced enough for his country that had been ravaged after 10 years of war Dassar told his advisor to get the plane ready as they were leaving.The wise advisor stated that the King was probably right that a suitable man would be better for Luna The King stopped in his tracks and decided to stay a little longer When the King tells Luna that he will forgive all the shop owners their entire loans on their businesses, but also their homes, if she would become his bride He informed her that he did not do love so never to expect this from him.As the week moves forward the intense heat and desire only grew stronger This was a problem for Luna because she had no experience with men besides, she does not want to go to a strange country with a man she does not know with the knowledge he would never return her love She deserved to be loved back, didn t she But, how could she not accept this blackmail, the town people who had done so much for her, she had to help them keep their business and homes She felt totally trapped What was she going to do To find out what happens with Dassar and Luna buy it today You will not regret it.

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    Very good bookAnother very entertaining love story by Elizabeth Lennox So far I have really enjoyed this series tremendously This book was very good and I loved reading it I found it endearing and romantic but I feel it ended a bit abruptly I was also disappointed that the four sheiks and their respective wives didn t get together at the Fortress of the Guards in this series not even in an epilogue Maybe if there had been an epilogue where Dassan had introduced Luna to the other sheiks and their wives and kids then I the ending wouldn t have felt so abrupt Even so I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys easy to read HEA love stories.

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    Luna and Dasar s love story.To save her protectors and the village she felt safe at from debt owed Luna marries Dassar who married to protect his country and people from further wars Though he vows never to fall in love because of his belief that love can cause wars, he can t help but fall for his blackmailed bride Liked it Wish there had been an epilogue with their life post knowing he loved her and yet no wars in their vicinity I think the next story in the series is going to be a favorite Can t wait.

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    Good bookSweet steamy love story I wanted from the story I felt like it ended too quickly and we never really knew if they made a baby was hoping so but I wanted to meet the baby and see what happens next it would be good to have a continuation of the story is worth the read but I just think the storyline going farther

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    Recommended Good story Still as confused as ever about 10 year war How did those two wonderful couples falling in love start the war Yes, they had marriage contracts with the wrong people but it all came out in the wash You would think the people would be happy for their King and Queens along with the new alliances.

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The Sheiks Blackmailed Bride (War, Love, & Harmony Series #5) summary pdf The Sheiks Blackmailed Bride (War, Love, & Harmony Series #5) , summary chapter 2 The Sheiks Blackmailed Bride (War, Love, & Harmony Series #5) , sparknotes The Sheiks Blackmailed Bride (War, Love, & Harmony Series #5) , The Sheiks Blackmailed Bride (War, Love, & Harmony Series #5) d6cb8da Luna Couldn T Believe The Chain Of Events That Had Led To Her Wedding Day All She D Wanted Was To Save Her Small Village, To Help The Residents To Get Out From Underneath Their Crippling Debt So She D Written To The Man Who Owned The Bank And Here She Was, Walking Down The Aisle Toward A Man She Barely Knew A Man Who Could Make Her Body Sing But Who Could Crush Her Hopes And Dreams With A Few Harsh Words Dassar Needed A Wife The Lovely Luna Fit None Of His Criteria She Was Too Soft, Too Sweet And Would Be Hurt By Palace Life So Why Couldn T He Forget Her Why Could She Get Under His Skin So Easily And Why Couldn T He Simply Walk Away

  • Kindle Edition
  • 148 pages
  • The Sheiks Blackmailed Bride (War, Love, & Harmony Series #5)
  • Elizabeth Lennox
  • 19 March 2017

About the Author: Elizabeth Lennox

USA Today best selling author Elizabeth Lennox writes contemporary romance novels featuring sheiks, business tycoons, royalty, and other sexy rich men Her male lead characters are smart, driven and determined, but can still be sensitive and vulnerable Elizabeth s female lead characters come from a variety of backgrounds They are strong, intelligent and independent, while still feminine and car