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    If you can sit on a roof somewhere, I think that would be a great place to delve into The Viper and the Urchin , an adventure by budding author Celine Jeanjean, set in the gritty, steampunk type world of Damsport.Two disparate personalities, together in an uneasy alliance, each with secrets, each both stronger and weaker than they seem, a hemophobic assassin and a small but streetwise urchin girl with a desire to be a hero swordswoman Having no resources with which to achieve her dream, Rory s discovery of the Viper s weakness allowed her the leverage she needed to force him to become her teacher Together they embarked on an unexpected adventure where they both had to face their fears and their desires, their heros and their enemies, with surprising results.In the prologue and the first chapter, I learned enough about the two titular characters to keep me reading for the better part of an evening just to find out how they d get together In other words, I couldn t stop reading Luckily for me, I was on a relaxing vacation weekend where that sort of thing is completely acceptable The two main characters were completely engaging, and I really enjoyed unfolding their backgrounds and discovering their secrets, especially Longinus, the Viper I loved all the characters, but one of my favorite non central characters who I really hope to read and about in subsequent books was Rafe, one of the official guards who took a special interest in Rory The assassin spy action in the story is fast paced and exciting, but at the same time, Celine has managed to weave in the personal stories of her characters journeys of self discovery, facing their fears and their temptations, and finding out how to be real life heroes despite their flaws The end of the story just left me wanting to know what happens next I would say this is a great story for those who love adventure stories and unlikely pairs and who don t mind waiting for the next book I think Celine s first novel is a stunning beginning to a very enjoyable series

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    Let me just say that I pretty much fell in love with Longinus from the synopsis alone An assassin who s afraid of blood I knew from that moment that this was a book I needed to read.Well, Longinus, and the book, did not disappoint In fact, I d say they both exceeded my expectations Right from the opening pages, I was sitting there grinning like a fool as Longinus performs one of his famed assassinations with all its unexpected flair He is a man with a muse, and when the muse speaks, one must always listen, even while offing hapless victims, it seems.He is also a man of refinement, and of unabashed self importance who s not afraid to show open contempt for those whom he deems beneath him, which, incidentally, is almost everyone That kind of snobbery is incredibly entertaining, and so the bulk of my reading experience was me lounging around, giggling and grinning and thoroughly enjoying pretty much every minute of this novel.Yet Longinus isn t the only protagonist of the story he shares that honor with Rory, a scrappy young urchin gal who s got about as much refinement as a mud clad goat Story magic happens when these two characters are thrown together to create a dynamic that s both entertaining as well as touching Because beneath Longinus bluster and Rory s sarcastic sass are two characters with great big hearts, who are just trying to survive in a rather cruel world as best they can.I feel like a subtitle for this book should be Rise of the Underdogs or something like that, because that s pretty much what this story is It s a story of two downtrodden characters and their struggle in life both against their own personal demons as well as against all the crap the world throws at them And in a city like Damsport, there s definitely a lot of crap being flung around figuratively, of course, though I d not be surprised if it also happened literally Damsport just seems like that kind of place.Now, I m not always a fan of city settings, and perhaps less so of tropical ones, so that was probably my biggest reservation when I started reading this book But it works And I think it works partially from the imaginative steampunk elements Crazy Willy was just brilliant , as well as the evocative descriptions that anchor you in the story Whether it was running along the rooftops with Rory, or struggling to navigate through a crowded market I felt like I was there, and it was a city I d never seen before, and that s pretty magical.All in all, a very enjoyable book It s funny, it s endearing, and it s well worth a read I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Initial review I AM FLAILING, THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD coherent review to come Proper review Originally posted on A Keyboard and an Open MindOh my goodness, this book was so much fun To the point that I was making stupid noises during the last 10% or so There are entertaining characters, an interesting setting and intriguing political machinations happening all around.Rory is somewhere around the age of eighteen, and making ends meet picking pockets and the like with her partner in crime, Jake She s saving up to travel with a master swordsman and achieve her dream being just like the Scarred Woman, a swordswoman whose work she witnessed ten years prior This all goes wrong thanks to a betrayal from Jake, and Rory is on her own.The Viper, aka Longinus, is a master assassin with the invention of numerous deadly poisons to his name, but he has a secret he has a debilitating fear of blood When Rory witnesses an assassination gone wrong and learns of his secret, she blackmails him into teaching her to swordfight But as they begin training, the victims of a copycat assassin start appearing, and Longinus and Rory are both in mortal danger.Rory is a great character she s streetwise, but not ridiculously capable, like some street urchin characters tend to be She also talks like street urchin, instead of sounding exactly like every other character in the book Someone needs to give Longinus a hug, except be careful how you do it, because there will be hell to pay if you ruin his clothes He s a bit ridiculous, but it made him endearing.The world of Damsport is rich in both geography and history, and yet it didn t overpower the story The reason I have never been able to read a lot of Steampunk is because it tends to get very caught up in look at all these cool gadgets and this world I m creating and the story and characters suffer from it The Viper and the Urchin did not suffer from this problem.The ending resolves enough to feel satisfying, but there is definitely set up for subsequent books I for one can t wait to see Longinus spend time around Lady Martha it s going to be hilarious My problem now is that the book was only released a month ago, so I m going to have to wait not so patiently for the next one.

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    This is a really fun read The setting is vividly described, and very imaginative Without wishing to give too much away, look out for the coffee scene I loved it There are incredibly evocative moments, and the richness and the detail of the setting means I really felt like I was there, in the sweaty, grimy, but rather wonderful city of Damsport But the real strength of the book is in its characters Longinus and Rory leapt off the page for me They were both complex, fully developed characters, each with very distinct personalities They felt both real and endearing, but at the same time following them around Damsport was a lot of fun, and at times just plain funny And Longinus is just brilliant In fact, all the characters in this book are interesting Even some of the smaller, side characters have intriguing personalities, quirks, so that the whole book is populated with a cast of characters you want to spend time with For all that, a very compelling mystery runs throughout the story There are pockets of humour throughout the novel, but the plot remains well developed and engaging throughout, so that you just want to keep turning those pages There were a few moments that I really didn t see coming which is of course always a lot of fun All in all I really enjoyed this book The Viper and the Urchin is a fun caper, served with big dollops of mystery and humour.

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    Absolutely fantastic, and highly recommended Gorgeous writing, a beautifully described world, and characters who were endearing, occasionally irritating when the author meant for them to be , and totally fascinating This is one of the best independently published books I ve had the pleasure of reading, and I do love me some indie books.I started reading this on my Kindle, then stopped at chapter nine so I could order the paperback and finish it that way It s that good, and I knew I d want a copy on my shelf.I don t know why people aren t reading this one.

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    book was unique, for sure It s steampunk all the way and some of the descriptions are very interesting and will grip you.One of our main characters is an 18 year old urchin who looks and acts like a 14 year old The other is a dandy assassin with a love for poetry, who cannot stand not being dressed properly or the sight of blood.This Viper character is an odd one indeed He kills people but only with poison he makes himself and claims no one does it better amongst other things Most everyone is below him and he makes sure he shows that I have to admit I never really got why he killed But following him around was fun For instance, his leaving his mark before the poison truly set in because he did not want to deal with the nastiness of its effects And if blood was involved Well then, poor little Viper would not be able to handle it at all Not a pretty sight.Rory has no manners and does what she has to survive I did not find her as interesting as the Viper, probably because I did not get as much backstory but it was an interesting ride I have to admit I did not enjoy the story quite as much as those two bantering That was definitely the highlight for me I even laughed out loud on a couple of occasions But don t get me wrong, there are several great things in this book and, as I mentioned, it is quite unique, not only due to the quirky characters There are also no love interests There are no predictable twists and turns and I did enjoy it for the most part.There was just something about the novel that did not cause me to engage with the characters, particularly Rory I really think not knowing her backstory had a great deal to do with my lack of enjoyment at times The lack of development of other characters also put a dent in it I guess it took me so long to get through the book that, though the world creation was very well done, the fact that most of the characters felt like strangers to me didn t allow me to enjoy the novel as much as if there had been such a set up, as well as a better wrapping up of the story The Old Girl said that Myran was caught but last I heard she dove in the water And I never really got why it was so obvious that the doctor who had died in the baths had been the one to create the poison who killed the other guy I recommend The Viper and the Urchin if you enjoy steampunk, mysteries and are sick and tired of romance in YA Disclaimer I would like to thank the author for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    There s a lot to like about the story The character of Longinus is genius, as I ve never encountered a cowardly dandy as an assassin before It breathes life in the grim, raspy voiced archetype and provides a refreshingly different take His constant fussing over clothes and poetic phrases never gets old, although he might pinch the bridge of his nose too much.Rory has difficulty escaping the street smart urchin stereotype, but that doesn t make her character any less enjoyable Although the urchin bit threw me off a bit I imaging urchins to be children or preteens, and Rory is every bit of nineteen in the story I had to re imagine the character at some point while reading, although that s probably my fault, as there is a direct depiction of the character in the beautiful cover Rory proves to be capable but not infallible, which I enjoyed.One the best features of the book is the setting Ms Jeanjean takes great pains to create the city of Damsport, which pays off quite well Detailed but not to the point of being distracting, the city comes alive to the reader, creating a unique backdrop that is just as much a part of the story as the characters.This story is described as steampunk, but I found it to contain elements of non magic fantasy, although obligatory steam contraptions do make appearances.Definitely recommended

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    Love the premise of this book a clever, blackmailing street urchin mets a foppish, melodramatic assassin with a fear of blood It had an odd flow at points but overall I loved the characters and their interactions enough to make up for that No romance at this stage and I m not sure if there will ever be any particularly between the titular characters but I m ok with that.

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    I have just met a new favourite author with a new set of favourite characters I just loved this fun story with its quirky characters Even better, it had me laughing out loud than a few times Can t wait for the next in the series.

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The Viper and the Urchin (The Viper and the Urchin, #1) download The Viper and the Urchin (The Viper and the Urchin, #1) , read online The Viper and the Urchin (The Viper and the Urchin, #1) , kindle ebook The Viper and the Urchin (The Viper and the Urchin, #1) , The Viper and the Urchin (The Viper and the Urchin, #1) c0fd7d2c956c An Assassin With A Fear Of BloodA Street Girl With A Big Mouth They Can T Really Be The City S Only Hope When Rory Discovers Longinus S Blood Phobia, She Makes Him A Deal Train Her, And She Won T Ruin His Reputation As A Lethal Assassin What She Doesn T Expect Is That Her New Master Has Eccentricities Than A Stray Dog Has Fleas And That In Aligning Herself With Him, She Now Finds Herself In The Crosshairs Of Another, Far Dangerous Assassin Now, Not Only Does Rory Have To Keep Herself And Longinus Alive, She Has To Stop A Conspiracy That Threatens To Bring The City To Its KneesAn Impossible Task It S Even Harder With Longinus Under The Delusion That He S The Hero Of The Story That Would Be Funny, If It Didn T Make Rory Want To Throttle HimWarning This Book Will Make You Have Fun Lots Of Fun