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A-Force (2015) #1 summary A-Force (2015) #1 , series A-Force (2015) #1 , book A-Force (2015) #1 , pdf A-Force (2015) #1 , A-Force (2015) #1 70723d4542 Marvel S Mightiest Women Finally Get Their Own Explosive Series In A Secluded Corner Of The Battleworld, An Island Nation Is Fiercely Protected By A Team Of Avengers The Likes Of Which Has Only Ever Been Glimpsed Before Fighting To Protect The Small Sliver Of Their World That S Left, The Amazing A Force Stands Shoulder To Shoulder, Ready To Take On The Horde

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    I can t give a star rating or really much of an opinion on what little there was here I didn t get to know a single character before all hell broke loose, so I m confused and a little underwhelmed for a first issue The giant assed shark was awesome though And I do love the concept, it could be AMAZING, so I ll keep reading.

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    If women ruled the world we ve all heard variations of that sentence, right There d be no war, no pollution, everything would make sense, etc Well, Marguerite Bennett and G Willow Wilson give us the Marvel version of what a female led society would look like and it s not bad HOWEVER are you reading Secret Wars If the answer is no and, cards on the table, I m one of those people as well because event comics always suuuuuck then you might be a little lost with A Force So, a brief update Marvel are in the midst of a big reboot of their universe The main 616 universe and the Ultimate universe have been blowed up Fragments of different, now extinct, worlds have been stuck together to form Battle World, ruled over by Doctor Doom Each region is a separate country of sorts Arcadia is the home of A Force, led by Jennifer Walters aka She Hulk Basically all of the female Marvel superheroes are in this comic She Hulk, Medusa, Captain Marvel, Ms America, Spider Woman, Scarlet Witch, Dazzler, Rogue, Storm, and on and on Together they keep Arcadia safe but someone is threatening their peace I have a lot of questions after reading this comic that of course it s not this issue s job to answer but still everyone s just accepting this bizarre situation Everyone s ok with Doom as their, essentially, GOD Sam Wilson is a Thor Thor is now a title or something and the Thors are Doom s policemen And, most important of all, where s Ms Marvel Kamala Khan But getting back to this issue specifically that name A Force Ugh So naff, so 90s Did Rob Liefeld have a hand in this Must everything be Avengers related Alright, yeah, the movies make mountains of money But A Force Dear me There are scores of cool Roller Derby team names, all Bennett and Wilson had to do was mimic them even Arcadian Avengers would ve been preferable There s not a whole lot to the issue Besides introducing us to A Force, the team fights Sharknado and this causes a problem because Ms America throws the shark across Arcadia s borders and, as Sheriff Strange I know says, Borders are never to be crossed Ms America faces a penalty which makes Jen look like a weak leader I liked seeing some of my favourite Marvel characters again Jen, Nico from the Runaways, Ms America from Young Avengers, and female Loki Even Dazzler s prominently placed within the team Jorge Molina s art fantastic, really enjoyed the pages here Arcadia s design is an interesting blend of Renaissance Italy and modern day, even futuristic, styles It does look quite paradisiacal too, as you d expect from the name The action is great and all the characters look fantastic As for the writing, it was a bit of a let down I was expecting of the same magic I saw from Wilson on her Ms Marvel title to rub off here and, unfortunately, the effect is not quite as brilliant Maybe it s sharing the scripting duties with Bennett, maybe it s the large ensemble cast but her usual high quality writing felt quite diluted here It does feel like things are moving much too quickly Ms America is punished and right away Nico begins talking about Jen stepping down as leader and going away for a cry I get that Jen having to prove her leadership is going to be one of the plot points of this series though it felt like it was dealt with a little clumsily Even without reading Secret Wars, you could still enjoy A Force 1 which is a decent superhero comic that happens to feature an all female cast That said, maybe readers who re all caught up on the main events will appreciate this because, even though this is a 1, it does feel like you re stepping into the middle of a story than at the beginning For me, along with the rest of this Secret Wars stuff, this is an easy trade wait.

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    Arcadia is a Battleworld in which She Hulk is the Baron She utilizes an all women team of superheroes called A Force to defend it.I have to say I was expecting out of A Force It seems like any other world except that an all women superhero team protects it rather than a mix gendered bunch They certainly would be good in a fight, but they didn t really get a decent one.A Force 1 was an average addition to the many average Battleworld miniseries.

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    Do you like comic books written by ladies

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    Loved it and will definitely keep reading

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    Really cool and a promising start to the series I love the concept and the beautiful, diverse female cast

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    When I found this at the shop I was super excited because I had been anticipated this series ever since I discovered it was being released I was so excited to see a female driven cast of non sexualized powerful women, some even women versions of our favorite Marvel stars.I really loved the artwork it was very vivid which I am going to assume is a trend in Marvel comics.This comic, I know, is the first issue and does not have previous issues or story lines, or at least they are not needed I could tell because of how the characters were introduced The action started really quickly but then it was over That was the only problem I had was that it was over very quickly Things happened and then it was over, quite a good cliffhanger though But because it happened so quickly I couldn t let the WOW factor set in for me to give it a five star rating.I am really excited for the next issue which is coming out sometime in June I believe and I will definitely be picking it up.

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    An all female team with America Chavez, Carol Danvers, Loki, Spider Woman, and You had me at America Chavez She Hulk being team leader will give me a much desired look at her character I ve never read her series but I m curious.It s an interesting story that s not hard to follow considering I m not reading Secret Wars The banter between America and Loki makes me grin, and, is it just me or is there something going on between those two Gosh, I hope so.The art is solid, and so is the writing I m even excited about this series now that I ve read the first issue Can t wait for the next

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    kind of a bit lost as to what s going on and why

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