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    Perhaps most people don t know the name of author Edgar Rice Burroughs, but the name Tarzan is known all over the world Burroughs created an immortal character best known today from the films But Chicago born Burroughs wrote 24 books following the adventures of the little boy grown to manhood in the African rain forest.These were books I thoroughly enjoyed reading from the age of 11 to 13, especially on those warm lazy summer afternoons in my Chicago suburb of Oak Park Burroughs passed away 65 years ago, but Tarzan has lived on And, now, I m prepared to say, Will Murray has succeeded in reviving the Lord of the Jungle in book form with his Tarzan Return to Pal ul don It looks like he will continue the series and I look forward to it What I like best about this book is that it relates back to the original series, and in particular, to two of my favorite books by ERB In one book Tarzan the Terrible , Tarzan discovered a lost land of prehistoric beasts and unknown races of people This was Pal ul don and Murray has Tarzan return there and discover a new part of the lost land He also encounters hostile people who provide him with his greatest danger yet This story also relates to Tarzan and the Foreign Legion which finds Tarzan serving in the RAF in the Pacific in WWII Murray shows the ape man at an earlier stage of the war being sent on a top secret mission into equatorial Africa If all that isn t enough, in the hardcover edition, we have a short story by Gary Buckingham, Tarzan and the Secret of Katanga, which finds Tarzan facing an elite German team on a mission in the Congo Tarzan, of course, is the man who can foil their schemes What can I say but that Tarzan is back

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    About a month ago, I finished reading Tarzan the Terrible and have been looking forward to reading this one ever since Will Murray, pulp chronicler extraordinaire and highly successful author in his own right, has produced an excellent Tarzan tale which takes us back to the Land of Man or Pal ul don in the local language Tarzan, of course first visited this land of prehistoric creatures during the first World War in the 8th book of Edgar Rice Burroughs s Tarzan series, Tarzan the Terrible It is now World War 2 and Tarzan has embraced his natal name and birthright as John Clayton, Lord Greystoke and is now a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force Due to his unique background and capabilities he is assigned to his first mission rescuing a British military intelligence officer with the code name, Ilex Flight Lieutenant Clayton s mission takes him back to that eerie part of Africa as well as a return to his comfortable persona of Tarzan of the Apes.The adventure here is really fun to read but it is author Will Murray s ability to channel Burroughs s narrative voice that is truly remarkable It really reads much like an ERB Tarzan story, even while he adapts it slightly to appeal to today s audiences There is humor, adventurous peril, imaginative escapes, and cool characters to get to know My favorite is probably the elephant Torn Ear whose loyalty and camaraderie are unparalleled In addition, the novel certainly serves to flesh out the secluded Pal ul don area as well.Readers do not have to have read Tarzan the Terrible prior to diving into this one although I think the overall experience will be richer Events from several other Tarzan books are also referenced and conveniently foot noted.A truly enjoyable read Hats off to Will Murray Coincidentally, as I write this review, I ve just now discovered that today is International Tarzan Day I didn t plan to finish up this book on such a day but nevertheless there you are.

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    A great continuation of the Tarzan books.During World War II, Tarzan, a flier, is given a mission to fly over Africa and find a British operative He is taken down by a Pteranodon shades of Carson Napier and crashes in Pal Ul Don, where he befriends an elephant and a cave man, and comes into conflict with spider people.Very exciting, with a lot of high adventure and derring do A worthy addition to the Tarzan mythos.

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    When I heard this book was coming out, I immediately set to re reading Tarzan the Terrible,, the Burroughs novel recounting Tarzan s previous visit to Pal ul Don Though I m glad I did, as an ERB refresher, it wasn t really necessary Return to Pal ul Do is a stand alone adventure, introducing readers to new wonders, new horrors and new races in this forgotten corner of Africa.This makes Return to Pal ul Don accessible to everyone from folks who know Tarzan only through comics or movies, right up to the die hards who carry the whole canon around as part of their DNA.Any way you look at it, this a book that would have made Burroughs proud It s a fine blend of action, mystery, suspense and jungle know how Tarzan himself is portrayed in the grand fashion noble, fearless and somewhat conflicted, struggling to balance the savage and civilized elements of his character As always, the Lord of the Jungle is fiercely loyal to his friends, and merciless to his enemies.The story opens with our hero, as John Clayton, having just earned his wings in the R.A.F That would seem to place it shortly before the events in the last Tarzan novel penned by Burroughs himself, Tarzan and the Foreign Legion Flying Officer Clayton is primed to kick some Axis butts out of the air, but instead receives a mission suited to his peculiar talents A secret agent with information vital to the war effort has been lost in the African jungle, and Clayton is sent to retrieve both.Finding himself back in Pal ul Don The Land of Man , Tarzan makes new friends a race of squatty guys wearing giant turtle shells, a hybrid warrior with a tail, and a trusty elephant he dubs Torn Ear Chief among his enemies are a horde of spider worshippers armed with blowguns and poisoned darts Such cowardly weapons make Tarzan truly angry, and a truly angry Ape Man is a wondrous thing to see Mr Murray spins the tale with confidence and style, and it s to be hoped this is only the first of a long series of new Wild Adventures of Tarzan from Altus Press The book is offered in both a trade paper edition and a hardcover boasting a wraparound cover and a bonus story Which do you get Tough choice.

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    This was a lot of fun, but this is why I read these books I loved how the author started off with Flying Officer Clayton when he was in the air and as he came back to the jungle he transformed back into Tarzan.

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    Didn t enjoy this so much The book is too long and doesn t quite capture the feel of the first few and best of the E.R Burroughs Tarzan books This was a good effort, but fell short.

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    I ve been a fan of the Tarzan books since I was a kid When I saw this book I was really looking forward to it.unfortunately I was horribly disappointed Simply put, I didn t find anything to catch my interest There were none of the cliffhanger chapter endings, none of the wide eyed amazement of discovery, and none grandeur of the true Lord of the Jungle What we do get is repeated plot points and descriptions and no real feel for who Tarzan really is other than the endlessly repeated phrases Lord of the Jungle or Lord of the Apes I was saddened and disappointed by the book.

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    A great Tarzan novel by the new Doc Savage writer A fun and fast paced novel A fantastic addition to Burroughs Tarzan series.

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Tarzan (The Wild Adventures of Tarzan Book 1) summary pdf Tarzan (The Wild Adventures of Tarzan Book 1) , summary chapter 2 Tarzan (The Wild Adventures of Tarzan Book 1) , sparknotes Tarzan (The Wild Adventures of Tarzan Book 1) , Tarzan (The Wild Adventures of Tarzan Book 1) a1fff4e With The African Continent Engulfed By World War II, John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, Abandons His Role As Lord Of The Jungle In Order To Combat The Spreading Nazi Menace Flying A P Tomahawk Warplane, Clayton Is Sent On His First Mission To Rescue The Missing British Military Intelligence Officer Code Named Ilex But The Daring Task Plunges Him Into His Savage Past After He S Forced Down In A Lost Land That Seems Hauntingly Familiar When Tarzan Of The Apes Returns To The Prehistoric Realm Called Pal Ul Don, He Must Revert To His Most Savage Persona, That Of Tarzan Jad Guru Tarzan The Terrible

  • Kindle Edition
  • 392 pages
  • Tarzan (The Wild Adventures of Tarzan Book 1)
  • Will Murray
  • English
  • 02 April 2017

About the Author: Will Murray

Will Murray is an American novelist, journalist, and short story and comic book writer Much of his fiction has been published under pseudonyms Will is the author of over 50 novels in popular series ranging from The Destroyer to Mars Attacks Collaborating posthumously with the legendary Lester Dent, he has written to date nine Doc Savage novels, with Desert Demons and Horror in Gold now