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    What a tool Self centered, egotistical, nightmare of a human being Professional athlete and all, but gracious me I was expecting him to explain how he single handedly ended the Strike Lockout of 94 by demanding a meeting where he could address the players It s lucky he was as good at baseball as he was because he has, apparently, nothing else to offer in the way of personality or literary talent Felt like I had a 15 inch cock or cock swinging Gulfstream is the extent of his figurative language I m a Mets fan I heard about this book watching the Mets broadcast when Ron Darling made mention of it He didn t seem impressed and I fully understand why The only redeeming quality about this book is that it brings me one book closer to my reading challenge goal.

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    I have to admit that I did not finish the book I write this to protect other readers Don t buy the hype and don t waste your time It is not even worth one star I kept plowing ahead, hoping to find what Stephen King liked about it enough to write a blurb The only reason I can find that he would do so is he owed the publisher some kind of favor or was being held for ransom I love a good sports story and I love baseball I am not so blind as to think my sports heroes are perfect gentlemen, so it did not remove any rose colored sunglasses I got to the point that I just could not pick it up any, so it threw me off my reading game Better to let it go and get on with life.

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    Things you will learn about Lenny Dykstra in this book 1 That his uncle played on the Red Wings in the 1950s helped win the Stanley Cups2 How he Lenny, not Uncle Tony lost his virginity3 That he is incapable of using any other word but pussy to describe women4 He tried to get Charlie Sheen clean but it didn t work 5 That he is apparently a self taught investment whiz kid6 Despite his amazing financial skills, he went to prison for bankruptcy fraud 7 That he didn t read any books until he went to prison8 That he has a son named Cutter who is married to Meadow from the Sopranos so I guess that thing with Turtle was just a storyline on Entourage There you go, I saved you from reading it It s short and self aggrandizing, but it s not completely uninteresting I liked the chapters describing the World Series and actual baseball the best The test is eh You know he didn t really write this, which is good in some ways It s definitely a Nobel Prize in Literature compared to Greg Louganis s autobiography, but it s also pretty much just cotton candy when compared to normal books.

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    Nails nailed itin than one way I ve got to say that I loved Dykstra as a ball player If all athletes gave it what he gave the games would be so much entertaining As a person though Cocky, arrogant, egotistical, brash, crass, lewdand a handful of other not so flattering adjectives describe could be used to describe him Not someone I would hang out with but that I didn t judge his book based on his character.The book was good, especially the parts about baseball The fact that he didn t hold back and offered his thoughts on players, managers and made it interesting to read than the normal sports biography where they just gloss over controversies and relationships with other people that aren t positive in nature.Outside of the provable, stats backed parts of the book, is the rest of it fact or fiction Hard to tell but, if true, very fascinating Blackmailing umpires Wow How deranged do you have to be to even think of that but actually doing it I do wish he would have went with detail on his prison time though.

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    Jeez, what an enormous asshole.I didn t expect much beyond bragging and self absorption from former Mets and Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra, member of the 1986 World Champion Mets squad And that s what I got I hoped to learn a bit about his post baseball life as an entrepreneur and investing guru careers which both landed in the toilet after a grand theft auto conviction long story , but he had nothing to offer there except excuses and evasions Lame.The book is nothing than a cash grab, though in fairness, the guy is probably hurting for cash right now For that, he has no one to blame but everybody else certainly not the guy in the mirror

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    OK, I m going to lead with the good As a dedicated Mets fan up through the mid 90s and an obsessive baseball fan up until I became a dad a few years ago, it s great reading some insight into one of the most colorful characters around I will give Lenny that And the book is certainly entertaining in the way that I kept turning to my wife and saying, Oh my God, you have to read this page Here s the bad Lenny is such a pig in so many ways, I just felt gross reading the book If you love Donald Trump, you will like Lenny He is one of those guys who bulls through life doing whatever he wants to anyone because he can and for his own benefit He goes on and on about his philandering, drug abuses, and just general low behavior I mean blackmailing a closeted umpire to out him in order to get borderline pitches called his way Ugh And, just as I m realizing how much like Trump he is, well there s a couple pages on how much he admires Trump.Lenny dedicates about 10 times as much writing to his plane than he does his wife of 20 years and his children.As a book, there are some chapters that have a lot of material clearly written by his editor The tone changes to a dry, reporter like style Then there s a big reveal chapter about his secret to playing baseball successfully and that s clearly written by him Just an ambling repetitive litany of basic wisdom underneath vast piles of build up and self congratulations It s kind of an amazing chapter in a way I read it twice just to try to glean something out of it because he spends so much time talking about how you re getting this amazing secret But there s nothing there.I m glad Lenny seems to be gaining some self reflection now on how his life decisions and behavior have led to a lot of bad things bankruptcy, prison, isolation but there s something calculated and cunning even when he s offering his mea culpas It reminds me of an addict saying he s changed his ways but really, he just wants it on record that he s saying that It doesn t actually seem that much like he s changed.He wraps up the book by having a friend write about how Lenny stalked John Grisham, who he discovered in prison, along with the concept of the written word, to get him to write a foreword But Grisham didn t and then the friend says it s ok because he really wanted Stephen King anyway It s just and bluster and hot air and doesn t seem like it s going to end.I d always preferred Mookie Dykstra says he had the worst breath of anyone he s ever met.

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    I suppose it takes all types to make the baseball world go round, but I could have given this one a miss and been no poorer for it Everything you need to know about Lenny s world is here The self aggrandizement The bromance with Charlie Sheen The lame excuse for cheating with PEDs lots of other guys were The preposterous excuse for cheating with PEDs it was the only way I could provide for my family The fixation with large penises I felt like I had a 15 inch cock a 14 inch cock hung like a swamp mule Gulfstream is the big swinging dick of private aviation etc The denigration of women The disparagement of teammates The self aggrandizement The admitted extortion of umpires The name dropping Jack Nicholson, Michael Jordan, Robert DeNiro, etc Did I mention there s some self aggrandizement It was a relief to turn this one off.

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    I finished this book in a day while vacationing It s a remedially told story, with holes large enough to fit a semi, but interesting due to the baseball nuggets Lenny managed to uncover for us It s a tale of a narcissistic athlete first and baseball second The baseball portion which covers Dykstra s careers in high school, the Mets and Phillies is delicious and left me wanting of that His lack of awareness really began to grate my nerves towards the end, but there was a redeeming moment or two that made plowing through worth it.

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    I can sum up Lenny Dykstra in three words.Ego, Ego, and Ego He might have a bigger ego than our current president Will give him credit, he is very persistent and driven The book covers Dykstra from his youth through present day If half of his stories are to be believed not sure if They should be, although some of it is public record , he has led one heck of an interesting life I should replace heck with some other four letter words to better reflect the author s writing style To say Lenny swears a lot is an understatement I think a painting sailor would blush to read some of the passages in the book I ll leave at that since I don t want to offend anyone If you would have asked me what I thought of this book after 100 pages, I would have put it at a solid 4 4.5, but unfortunately the book goes on and it now sits in the 2.5 3 range The baseball stuff is interesting from his hate of, in his words, his alcoholic manager Davy Johnson on the Mets to his recalling the 86 and 93 World Series Both extremely memorable I wish there was talk about his on the field exploits He spent chapters talking about celebrity friends Charlie Scheen and Jack Nicholson and people he knew or saved in his mind As he gets into his life after baseball his ego starts to become somewhat annoying He is the best at everything, just ask him He also seems to use this book to settle scores with people who wronged him or he didn t like There is also a chapter which is basically a pitch for you to give him 1000 for stock tips He mentions his website twice He goes out of his way to make himself look good, including adding how he gave his wife his MLB pension It didn t add to the book really at all, it was him saying look at what a good guy I am now I think if he had toned down the ego some with some baseball, it would have been a really good book In the end it was an okay book with lost potential It was sort of disappointing because I remember the 1993 Phillies and I really liked them This book does not better my opinion of one of their stars He is an egomaniac who was wrong by everyone in his mind As he said many times in his book. it s not like I am an idiot Mr Dykstra, a good amount of your thoughts logic are bias and self serving I don t regret reading this book, but I would recommend moving it down on your list for when you are digging deep for something to read.

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    Dude worked and played HARD Not sure we are seeing the whole story on his bankruptcy troubles, but he certainly held very little back on everything else.

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House of Nails download House of Nails , read online House of Nails , kindle ebook House of Nails , House of Nails b05a6982e466 In One Of The Wildest And Most Entertaining Sports Memoirs That Will Ever Be Published, Legendary Center Fielder Lenny Dykstra Offers A No Holds Barred Account Of His Larger Than Life Journey, A Shakespearian Tale Of Highs And Lows Spanning His Years With The New York Mets And Philadelphia Phillies, Through His Headline Filled Post Baseball CareerNicknamed Nails For His Toughness And Grit, Lenny Dykstra Approached The Game Of Baseball And His After Hours Activities With Mythic Intensity In His Decade In The Majors , He Was Named To Three All Star Teams And Played In Two Of The Most Memorable World Series Of The Modern Era Winning The Championship With The Iconic New York Mets, And Playing A Starring Role In The World Series With The Philadelphia Phillies, A Fall Classic That Inspired Roger Angell To Write, This Series Will Linger In Mind Not Just For Its Immoderate Events But For Its Panoply Of Featured Players And Character Actors A Double Touring Company Seemingly Assembled By Hogarth Or Fellini Known For His Clutch Hits, High On Base Percentage, And Aggressive Defense, Lenny Was Later Identified As The Prototypical Moneyball Player By His Former Minor League Roommate Billy Beane Tobacco Stained, Steroid Powered, And Booze And Drug Fueled, Nails Also Defined S And Early S Baseball S Culture Of ExcessThen Came A Second Act No Novelist Could Plausibly Conjure He Threw His Energies Into Several Lucrative Businesses, Was Touted As An Investment Guru By Jim Cramer, And Launched A Magazine For Professional Athletes The New Yorker Ran A , Word Profile Under The Headline Baseball S Most Improbable Post Career Success Story But When The Real Estate Bubble Burst, Lenny Lost Everything, Eventually Serving Two And A Half Years In Prison For Bankruptcy Fraud Now, He S Ready To Tell AllAn Epic Tale Of Winning Big And Losing It All, Lennyball Is The Eagerly Anticipated First Hand Account Of A Most Remarkable American Life