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Must Love Cowboys (Cowboy Heaven, #2) chapter 1 Must Love Cowboys (Cowboy Heaven, #2) , meaning Must Love Cowboys (Cowboy Heaven, #2) , genre Must Love Cowboys (Cowboy Heaven, #2) , book cover Must Love Cowboys (Cowboy Heaven, #2) , flies Must Love Cowboys (Cowboy Heaven, #2) , Must Love Cowboys (Cowboy Heaven, #2) 5ed59634e5052 SO MANY COWBOYSShy Computer Specialist, Dog Lover, And Amateur Chef Tina Hayes Has A Thing For Firefighters, But When She Travels To The Circle Bar K Ranch On Family Business, The Ranch S Cowboys Have No Trouble Persuading Her To Stay On As Their Cook Especially Not When She Learns That Brooding Wyatt McCabe A Man Who Makes Her Heart Gallop Like No One Else Can Is Also A Former Firefighter DOES SHE KNOW HE S THE ONE Wyatt S Sizzling Embraces Leave Tina Breathless But Being Surrounded By A Passel Of Smokin Hot Ranch Hands Can Be Complicated With So Many Cowboys Courting Tina All At Once, Wyatt Must Prove To Tina That She Belongs With Him

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    Tina Hayes, computer specialist, travels to Circle Bar K ranch to fulfill her grandfather s dying wish to have his ashes scattered at the ranch.Soon after arriving, her grandfather s best friend has a medical emergency leaving the ranch cookless and Tina steps in It ends up that her grandfather s best friend wasn t sick but someone tried to murder him.Tina goes from living and working at home computer geek to temptress when all the men start buzzing around her like flies to honey Wyatt McCabe, the one man Tina is truly interested in is somewhat aloof the silent hero type.They must discover who is sabotaging the ranch and why before someone really gets hurt.I honestly loved the overall mystery and picturesque landscape Brooks paints with her writing For as much as I was in love with some, I was completely unhappy with Tina s character flip flop and the insta love portion of the story I also have to give an A for the overall steaminess, boy do these pages burn with passion But this is where I find myself completely divided on this one, add in character development and it would of been awesome but I have to go with 3.5 stars.I received this ARC copy of Must Love Cowboys from SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca in exchange from a honest review This book is set for publication April 5, 2016.Rating 3.5 StarsWritten by Cheryl BrooksSeries Cowboy Heaven Sequence in Series Book 2Mass Market Paperback 384 pagesPublisher Sourcebooks Casablanca Publication Date April 5, 2016ISBN 10 149263137XISBN 13 978 1492631378Genre Contemporary Western Romance Noble for

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    Kitty s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews2.5 starsWhen I started reading Must Love Cowboy s I thought that it would be an interesting read about a woman mourning the loss of her grandfather and fulfilling his legacy only to meet a man that brought her out of her shell and showed her what love was really about Unfortunately, that s not what I got.Tina started off sweet and innocent and turned into a shrew within 24 hours Maybe that s one of the problems that I had with the story The timeline There was no slow romance, no build up to love One minute she s a shy girl, embarrassed to be around so many men, the next she s being kissed for fixing a computer only to be in the arms of a different man a few hours later only to drop that man for Wyatt just 48 hours later and giving him her virginity.As for Wyatt, I really couldn t follow his story He was brooding and plain ignorant when Tina showed up then, within a few days, he s telling her his life story a story that not even his friends or employers knew about him One minute he s saving a life and the next he s accusing Tina of bringing trouble to the ranch Then, he s acting this way because he knew that she was the woman that would make him feel again He just confused me And, for a man that only had sex one other time, he was supposedly pretty good at it But, then again, that could have been the reason why he did not know about his deflowering of Tina.The one thing that kept me interested in the story was the mystery surrounding the Circle Bar K Ranch Even though it was a bit cheesy, it was interesting and was nicely woven into the story.Again, unfortunately, Must Love Cowboys just didn t do it for me I felt the sex scenes were strained, the verbalization and descriptions of the human anatomy were extreme and not very realistic There were some scenes that seemed forced, not natural I would hope, as the series progresses, Ms Brooks delves a little deeper into her characters, makes them three dimensional, likable that she has the love build as the characters get to know each other.Review copy provided for an honest review.

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    After her grandfathers passing Tina Hayes heads to Wyoming to carry out her grandfather s last wishes, she is in search of the Circle Bar K ranch, and the man her grandfather befriended in the Army many years ago Calvin Douglas and her grandfather met during the Vietnam war, struck up an instant friendship, and have been exchanging letters ever since, and now that he has passed her grandfather requested all of the letters he received from Calvin be given back to him So, Tina plots out a little travel plan and heads to Wyoming to grant his wish, and also do a little sight seeing along the way but the best sights of her trip are discovered upon her arrival at the Circle Bark K ranch, in the form of six very enticing cowboys She has never been around so many handsome men at one time, nor has she had so many men vying for her attention, but she is quite certain it is something she could definitely get use to She has always had a thing for firefighters, but after seeing all these enticing cowboys she is starting to see the appeal to them too especially when she learns one of them use to be a firefighter Could there be anything hotter As soon as Wyatt McCabe sets his sights on their beautiful visitor he knows he has to convince her to stick around, there is something about her that intrigues him and has him dying to know about her She was only planning on a quick visit, but unforeseen circumstances have her becoming their new temporary cook, so Wyatt figures that the situation gives him ample time to win her overbut he soon discovers he s not the only cowboy vying for her affections This was my first experience with Ms Brooks writing and I have to admit that her enticing group of cowboys totally won me over, and have me VERY anxious for a return visit to the Cowboy Heaven series Barely a chapter into it and I was hooked and on a mission to learn about this very eccentric group of cowboys Between the cowboys competing for Tina s attention and the mystery surrounding Calvin s illness I couldn t flip the pages fast enough, I was addicted and I knew there was no way I was putting my tablet down until the last page was turned This is by far one of the best first reads I have had in a while and I look for ward to reading from this author, spending time with her well crafted cowboys was DEFINITELY time well spent If you like your reads with sexy smooth talking cowboys, a touch of mystery and A LOT of heat then this is the perfect read for you ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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    A complimentary copy of this read was furnished by NetGalley in exchange for a review Tina Hayes gave up her job as an IT professional and her apartment to take care of her grandfather for the last two years of his life His will gives Tina instructions for his remains and some of his treasures Grandpa s will lands her at the Circle Bar K ranch in Wyoming meeting the ranch cook, grandfather s best war time buddy and pen pal Over a friendly dinner with the ranch hands and the cook, Tina s invited to stay a few days to learn about her grandfather and help with their computers since she doesn t need to rush home The conversation has the men harmlessly flirting as they try to convince Tina they re the reason women find cowboys irresistible Tina states her preference for firemen and all heads turn to the head of the table Stoic ex fireman and current ranch hand, Wyatt McCabe stopped fighting fires after an accident left him emotionally scarred He s one of the few ranch hands and the only one that that didn t drool when they first met While Tina settles in, she sharpens her skills to prepare for her job hunt by helping with the computers around the ranch Meanwhile the ranch hands take turns polishing their being around a woman they didn t rent skills This reader liked the secondary characters but would ve appreciated depth in the leads The ranch hands going about their jobs has Tina re thinking her offhand comment that she a preference for firemen over cowboys No matter when Wyatt slyly puts his bid in and shows her an ex fireman has the same moves as an active one and with him she d get the bonus of a cowboy too The secondary thread has a light mystery to round out the read This by the numbers outing fit Tina s naivet and Wyatt s dubious charms well but this reader didn t feel the chemistry between them The writing and pacing were fine and the story easy to follow Thought part of a series this fairly straight forward western romance can be read fairly quickly and works for a rainy day or beach read Rating 3.5 stars

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    You can see this full review and at Book Briefs My ThoughtsMust Love Cowboys is the second book in the adult contemporary series, called Cowboy heaven by Cheryl Brooks Each of the books can be read as standalone, and this is the first title from the series that I have read It takes pace at a ranch that really does seem like cowboy heaven There are tons of single cowboys all living under one roof While I loved the cowboys, obviously, I really liked the mystery plotline that ran throughout the story.Tina shows up at the Circle Bar K ranch on a mission to deliver some letters to her grandfather s best friend, and when that friend almost dies, Tina stays on for a little while to take his place as the ranch cook Cooking for a big group of cowboys with seemingly never ending stomachs, sounds like an awful job to me, but it is Tina s dream job I loved seeing how excited she was over coming up with meal ideas and how excited the guys were to eat her meals It was pretty cute.I enjoyed the romance, though I would have loved to have gotten a few glimpses into Wyatt s mind, the story was told entirely from Tina s point of view I loved her connection with Wyatt, but I do wish the book was spread out over a longer time period It was my only gripe with the story I thought the book was a good length and the story was great, but I would have enjoyed the romance a little , and it would have been a bit believable to see it take place over than a week I thought put in that context, they moved incredibly fast But in terms of the mystery, the pacing was great.Bottom line if you are a fan of cowboys, this is a series you will love I can t wait to read the next book in the series, because there are lots of awesome guys to choose from next I know Dean is the obvious choice for the next book, but I kind of want to see Bull s story next Who is it going to be Mrs Brooks This review was originally posted on Book Briefs

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    3 Stars, 3 FlamesA woman trying to fulfill the dying wishes of her grandfather travels to the Circle K ranch to find her grandfather s oldest friend There she meets a bunch of cowboys looking for love and adventure A firefighter who has been running away from his demons finds his place among the Circle K bunch.This contemporary romance had many ups and downs that had great potential The characters were well written and I enjoyed each of these cowboys Yes, even Bull Tina is a lot like me with her shy demeanor and light complexion that blushes easily She has a hard time talking to men or being in their presence She had gained confidence through her dealings with these cowboys Wyatt is our serious cowboy who has dealt with tragic deaths and hasn t confronted his past With Tina he is able to see that he can be someone s hero and can be loved in return.Tina was not sure at first about Wyatt and had started to come out of her shell with Dean but could not be completely intimate with him Her desires were ignited with Wyatt and couldn t be contained What sort of bugged me was that Wyatt was Tina s first and yet she had seemed much uninhibited than most heroines that have way experiences than her Yet she did not really like foul language Some of the synopsis is misleading, she was taking care of her grandfather not her father She also does not seem like an amateur chef to me Oh, I must not forget to mention that the story went on and on Some things were not necessary which could have been cut out and the story would be just as full and entertaining to read Then the timing seemed off what felt like a few weeks time was really only a few days, a week tops In the end it was a good read that I would probably recommend only because the characters were likable and relate able.I was gifted a copy of this book from the JeepDiva in exchange for an honest review The ratings and opinions are my own and I was in no way compensated.

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through Wicked Reads This turned out to be such a cute and heartfelt read I definitely enjoyed it Tina has spent the last few years devoted to taking care of her ailing grandfather She quit her IT job and focused on him After he passes away, she is determined to respect his final wishes and deliver something to an old friend of his on a ranch in Wyoming After arriving on the ranch, a bizarre turn of events has her staying a bit longer to help out Along the way, she befriends and falls for a bunch of fun and flirty cowboys Two of them take a special interest in here, but she is most captivated by the mysterious ex firefighter turned cowboy named Wyatt He doesn t seem very interested at first, but as they get to know each other and go through a bunch of chaos trying to sort things out on the ranch, he realizes the little IT tech is a lot than a pretty face, but can he convince her to choose him Overall, I enjoyed this book The characters were by far my favorite part Their amusing and teasing banter throughout the story kept it fun I also liked the touch of mystery the author added I would recommend this to romance and western romance fans easily.

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    Hot cowboys, romance that sizzles, and enough chemistry to overheat your e reader Yup This novel has it all Top that off with a suspenseful plot and genuinely real characters and you have a story that you ll definitely fall for Wyatt was the perfect hero for this story He s the strong silent type that everyone takes note of Yet under it all he s just as damaged as the rest of us, if not so He s the guy that you can t help but fall for The hint of danger in a man who s all heart Tina s shy nature covered an inner strength that was formidable At the same time, she was so out of her element, yet trying so hard It was priceless Surrounded by the rest of the hilariously diverse cast of this novel, it was near perfect I love how everyone brought new to the table.With this novel, not only did Brooks create a vividly picturesque tale but also a whodunit that had me trying to guess the why s and piece together the clues throughout backed up with characters that you can t help but fall in love with, this was definitely a winner.Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

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    Novel received courtesy of Goodreads.com First Reads GiveawayEven though this is a romance novel, I really enjoyed the mystery that was behind the romance As Tina is delivering a stash of letters to her Grandfather s Vietnam buddy, she soon becomes the full time cook for a bunkhouse full of cowboys She does find love and happiness on the ranch but she also finds a brand new family.

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    I wanted to really love this one, like the rest of the series It was just missing something for me I still enjoyed it but it wasn t my favorite of Brooks work.

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