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Murder by the Slice (Sky High Pies Mysteries #1) summary Murder by the Slice (Sky High Pies Mysteries #1) , series Murder by the Slice (Sky High Pies Mysteries #1) , book Murder by the Slice (Sky High Pies Mysteries #1) , pdf Murder by the Slice (Sky High Pies Mysteries #1) , Murder by the Slice (Sky High Pies Mysteries #1) 84a9b073b6 When Kate Reed Returns To Her Colorado Hometown To Take Over The Family S Bakery Caf , She S Ready For A Rewarding New Adventure Sky High Pies, A Treasured Local Landmark In Tiny Crescent Creek, Promises To Be The Exact Opposite Of Kate S Hectic, Hazardous Life As A Private Investigator In Chicago After A Dozen Topsy Turvy Years In The Windy City Disrupted Most Recently By Three Devastating Twists Of Fate Kate S Ready For The Change As She Settles Into A New Routine In The Rocky Mountains, Everything S Going As Planned Until, That Is, Perilous Ripples From Her Previous Life Threaten Kate And Everyone Around Her When An FBI Agent Is Killed And The Suspected Murder Weapon Is Found At Sky High Pies Covered With Kate S Fingerprints, She Instinctively Returns To PI Mode To Help Local Authorities Identify The Killer And Prevent Any Additional Deaths Including Her Own Murder By The Slice, BookIn The Sky High Pies Cozy Mystery Series, Includes A Tasty Trio Of Nana Reed S Sky High Recipes

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    Just a Little ConfusingWhen you read this book you really have to concentrate or let this be the only book your reading.Kate moves back to her hometown in Colorado after her break up with her boyfriend and her boss is murdered.She takes over the family pie business and while doing that is hectic enough, she has to deal with someone who wants something she doesn t have.While I m not big on P.I intrigue stories, this wasn t to bad My biggest problem was that I thought it had to many characters popping in and out Which did get a little confusing as why they were mentioned in the first place if not going to give them depth.Story was ok, but I have to admit I have read a later book in the series and it is much better.Does need some better editing, but no biggie.And the recipes, if like the ones I tried from the later book are just as good, then it s worth the money

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    This lightweight mystery focused a little too heavily on the backstory of the main character, Kate Reed, at the expense of the main story This translated into some significant pacing problems Kate was likable as the new proprietor of Sky High Pies, but less convincing as a former PI Still, books in a series often improve over time and I d be willing to try another one at some point.2.5 stars

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    Took me a bit to get intoThis story was good but it did not catch me right off the bat, it took a while to build In the end, I realized that I enjoyed the slower reading pace on my part and that there were a lot of good things like a strong female lead character, a nice setting with an exciting history background of the lead character, and a romance angle I was a bit dismayed in one of the most crucial parts of the story that the name of the culprit and the lead character was mixed up Too bad that the editing really messed up big time and so that was the big reason why the story did not get 5 stars I will probably read books in this series as I liked the characters and the premise of the series theme and can only hope for better editing.

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    Kate Thought returning to her home town to take over the family s bakery would be a calming and quiet existence However, her quiet town is experiencing their first murder and all because she came home This is a very enjoyable reading story The characters are great fun and very believable You will get pulled into Kate s problems and fall in love with her bakery Highly recommend this book to all mystery lovers I read this book through my prime membership and am very glad I did.

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    Pies, threats and filesAwesome She has returned to her family business after the death of her boss and losing her boyfriend However things don t go too smoothly Threats, FBI, files, break in and murder follow her home What had her boss been investigating when he d been killed With an ex boyfriend and his ex wife formerly her BFF running the investigation things are getting a bit heated Will a break happen to tie up loose ends and figure out exactly what is going on A nice plot, well contrived and executed and with characters that feel real.

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    Delicious This was the first book I have read by this author It took a while to get things going but after they did I enjoyed the mystery Watching Katie and Trent get reacquainted was fun I will definitely read in this series to see where they go.

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    Good Book 1 I love cozy mysteries and especially a book starting a new series It was fun and made my mouth water when talking about pies Anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries should like this one.

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    Dying for piesLove this book Excellent character development and storyline I can t wait to read the next one Culinary cozy with recipes

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    We have seen bakers turned amateur detective, but I think this is the first book that I ve read that the main character is a Private Investigator turn baker I enjoy how this book took a spin on a common trope in this genre Though I found it was a little easy to figure out, that was fine because this book was so heavily focused on introducing the characters and their background with Kate Since the reader is dropped into a town where Everyone knows everyone else It s nice to have the back story We also get to see what Kate s life was like when she was in Chicago I love the simple writing style that was used in this book It was a very good start to this series.

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