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Cold Girl (B.C. Blues Crime, #1) txt Cold Girl (B.C. Blues Crime, #1) , text ebook Cold Girl (B.C. Blues Crime, #1) , adobe reader Cold Girl (B.C. Blues Crime, #1) , chapter 2 Cold Girl (B.C. Blues Crime, #1) , Cold Girl (B.C. Blues Crime, #1) 57ce70 A Popular Rockabilly Singer Has Vanished In The Snowbound Hazeltons Of Northern BC Lead RCMP Investigator David Leith And His Team Work Through The Possibilities Has She Been Snatched By The So Called Pickup Killer, Or Does The Answer Lie Here In The Community, Somewhere Among Her Reticent Fans And Friends Leith Has Much To Contend With Rough Terrain And Punishing Weather, Motel Living And Wily Witnesses The Local Police Force Is Tiny But Headstrong, And One Young Constable Seems Hindrance Than Help Until He Wanders Straight Into The Heart Of The Matter The Urgency Ramps Up As One Missing Woman Becomes Two, The Second Barely A Ghost Passing Through Suspects Multiply, But Only At The Bitter End Does Leith Discover Who Is The Coldest Girl Of All

About the Author: R.M. Greenaway

RM GREENAWAY has worked in nightclubs, darkrooms, and courthouses She writes the B.C BLUES crime series, featuring RCMP detectives Leith and Dion Her first novel COLD GIRL, winner of the 2014 Arthur Ellis Unhanged award, will be released 26 March 2016.

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    I want to thank Dundurn Press and NetGalley for sending me this free ebook in return for an honest review This book takes place during the brutal winter in northern British Columbia along the Skeena river, centered in the town of Hazelton I recently rode the Skeena train from Prince George to Prince Rupert, which is why this book interested me Two policemen are the central characters in this book, Detective David Leith and RCMP Constable Cal Dion Dion was a detective but has been demoted after an accident that killed his partner and left him seriously injured They are on the trail of a serial killer, but they don t get along The book is a solid police procedural, showing how a whole team of police officers pursue leads in a slow tedious process I did not know for sure how it would end I read it in two days, finding that I could not put it down once I was half way through.This is book 1 in a promising new series There were recurring formatting issues, i.e., a line of text would stop after 1 or 2 words and drop to the next line even though the sentence was not complete I would not recommend the ebook version until the formatting issue is resolved Update 1 10 2016 My wife read and enjoyed this book, but formatting problems bothered her also.

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    Cold Girl A BC Blues 1 crime novel by R.M Greenaway is a strong mystery set in BC and revolves around an interesting group of RCMP officers The book is this author s first and was the winner of the 2014 Arthur Ellis Unhanged award It is a character driven crime mystery and the writing style is a little different, but once you get into the story it becomes smoother The story starts with the disappearance of a rockabilly singer and brings together Detective Leith and Constable Dion The two are extremely different in their styles, throw in the local law, the suspects and local characters, you have a plot that isn t high intensity, but very intriguing and keeps you reading.The characters are all very interesting The area is described in a way that you always feel the cold and sense the ruggedness of the area It was a well done ending that satisfied A great start to a hopefully new series.Thanks to Dundurn and Net Galley for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Cold Girl by R M Greenaway introduces us to two detectives with the RCMP in Northern BC, Cal Dion and Dave Leith Greenaway does a fantastic job of setting up not only the antagonism that develops between these two officers, but also the competitiveness that arises between many of the officers involved in hunting down a serial killer Cal Dion has returned to work after a year s sick leave and attempts to hide the fact that he had a pretty stellar ten year career prior to sustaining a traumatic brain injury in a car crash He desperately tries to develop coping strategies and fails often than not His colleagues also fail to understand what he s going through and mostly react negatively to his behaviour When another girl goes missing, Dion and Leith are drawn into each other s lives as they seek to uncover why this popular member of a local folk rock band has seemingly walked away Intrigues between the band s circle of friends, the locals and the police officers cause mis steps in both the cases Greenaway s depiction of quirky small town Northern BC together with the effect of a long winter is excellent I would have given the book 5 stars but for me, Dion and Leith were just too moody to really empathize with.

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    First of all, I want to express my thanks to R.M Greenway, Dundurn Publishing, and NetGalley for providing me with a digital copy of Cold Girl A BC Blues crime novel in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.A popular young singer goes missing in the Hazelton Mountains in northwest British Columbia The RCMP, led by investigator Dave Leith, must contend with cold, wet, snowy conditions and a small town police force headed by Renee, Giroux, a strong willed sergeant To complicate matters even further, a young constable named Dion on the mend from a devastating accident is assigned to the case as well, and he seems to get in his own way, not to mention mucking up his simple assignments on the investigation.This scenario seemed to have all the makings of a fascinating plot, and I did find myself drawn in As time goes on, it becomes less likely, of course, that the missing woman, Kiera, will be found alive Will she be found at all Her boyfriend, fellow Fling band member Frank Law, his brothers, other band members, their agent, and townsfolk are all questioned Someone is lying Who Was this a crime of passion, or was it pre meditated murder This is a police procedural, and it s confusing at times as the RCMP and the local cops seem to have different ideas about how to go about the investigation Giroux knows her people Leith sometimes lacks confidence in how to approach witnesses he brings in for questioning Then there s Constable Dion For most of the story, fellow officers are unaware of his background and simply think of him as a doofus He s referred to several times as Dudley Do right I got the idea that this assignment was supposed to be a test to see if he was ready to go back to his position as a homicide detective, and there are some indications that he has the instincts, but man, oh man, he also makes some mistakes that had me scratching my head, wondering what his superior was thinking assigning him to this job Dion seems willing to take on menial tasks, but he often goes off on a tangent, and then he s like a loose cannon Dion, there is no I in team If you like a whodunit filled with lies and half truths, you just might really love Cold Girl It kept me guessing, that s for sure It was a little too long in that some of the details just didn t pan out, and not all of them were red herrings At the same time, I wanted to know about some of the characters, particularly Dion His part of the story jumped around too much for me, and then well, no spoiler from me Granted, there are too many instances in the real world where there are loose ends, but I found the finale of this one rather unsatisfactory It s not exactly unsolved, but it felt like a letdown all the same.Despite the things that bothered me about this book, I think that Ms Greenway shows much promise as a writer, and I do think that this could be a very readable series Her career is off to a worthy start with Cold Girl A BC Blues crime novel, which will be published March 26, 2016.3.5 stars

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    Being from a law enforcement family, I know that not all crime stories I read are going to be anywhere near how an investigation is conducted This one was almost too much for me.The lead singer of a musical group goes missing There is some talk of a serial killer loose in the area, so cops from all over the region congregate on this small town where she vanished.Constable Dion is one such cop He used to be a homicide detective but a car crash, in which his partner was killed, left him brain damaged Now, here is where I lost any sense of realness The man cannot remember things He has a notebook where he keeps descriptions and names of the people he works with because he doesn t seem to retain information He even has a video to show him how to tie a tie Now here is where I shook my head even though he s downgraded from detective, he s still a gun toting cop.There are lots of suspects, but everyone is lying to cover someone else..even if it had nothing to do with the missing singer.The premise wasn t bad but the characters just left me cold There were so many suspects telling different stories at different times It became very confusing and hard to follow Not one of my favorite reads 3 Stars.My thanks to the author Dundurn Publishing NetGalley who furnished a digital copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review The book will be available March 28, 2016.

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    Note I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Blog Rating 4.5 5Plot Story Cold Girl is one of those books that you can either love or hate And for me, fortunately, it s the first one I really enjoyed the story and relished the way it ended The plot is not only outright gripping but quite unique as well but in its own subtle way Cold Girl has a character driven plotline and the author successfully pulls it off The plot line is simple enough, but the twists and the turns scattered throughout the book makes it a fairly complicated one but in a good way.The writing is a little different, which took me a fair amount of time to get used to, but by the end I got the hang of it The story flowed well and the pace of the story was also good But, in spite of everything being great, I thought that the book was exceptionally lengthy In my opinion, it can be reduced to 3 4th of its length and still have the same impact This little fact bugged me to no end because it was a really, really time consuming read.So, if you have enough time on your hands, then go ahead and read Cold Girl, as it s a superb detective fiction.Characters As I just said Cold Girl is a character driven book and the author has managed to create something that I call as awesomeness The main characters, Leith and Dion, are the life of this book and I can still picture them moving around and doing stuff in their daily lives that s how powerful the characterization in this book is I was totally able to connect with them and the bond that formed is a really strong one.When we have two male leads who hate each other there is bound to a favorite Mine is Dion His vulnerability is what draws me to him and I m sure in the coming books he ll emerge as a really strong lead, even than Leith.The other characters such as the Law brothers, other constables and DCs, the victims and the suspects, each and everyone had a unique personality and surprisingly I was able to relate to them all Full marks for characterization Romance Kills There is no romance as such, but a major part of the investigation revolves around the relationship of the deceased and the suspect There is also a considerable number of killings prior to the main case which involves a serial killer It serves as a great diversion initially and later on connects beautifully to the case at hand.Writing The writing in this book is a little different than what I m normally used to Some of the sentences felt a little awkward at times but later I realized that it had to do with the author s style of writing than glitches Fortunately, after reading half of the book I found myself getting used to it.Having said that I would have definitely enjoyed the book if the editor had straightened out those awkward sentences and made them a little less painful to read.Still, I enjoyed the book and the amazing characterization totally made up for whatever problems I had with the writing in the first half of the book.Beginning The book started off perfectly well with an intriguing prologue and then continued on a high note that kept me engaged the entire time I enjoyed the detailed insight into the police procedurals and enjoyed the overall suspense that kept on building till the end.Ending The ending of the book was perfect considering that it s a part of a series In fact, I m really looking forward to how things are going to shape up in the next part The mystery also ended well A classic example of a simple situation going out of hands.Blurb The blurb is apt and gives a really clear idea about what to expect from the book If I had come across this book in a bookstore then I would have definitely grabbed it after reading the blurb.Cover Art The cover art is good but not excellent It could have a been a lot better.You can also read this review at The Reading Bud.

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    This is an absorbing multilayered murder mystery It begins with a Constable Dion spotting a stalker following a native girl at a Fling concert He fails to catch up with the stalker or the girl and feels guilt Leith, another copper, is called into a small community where there is missing girl, where there is some evidence to suggest connections with the pick up truck serial murderer Keira, the lead singer in the group Fling, went missing after leaving her boyfriend Frank s home Other cops like Bosko and Constable Dion join local law enforcement people to track down what happened There is great character development and complexity within all the individuals No one is as they seem, not the outsiders who come to investigate, and not the members of the band, their promoter and not the community Secrets and rumours abound Leith proves to be a doggedly determined cop willing to follow all leads.The landscape and location proves to be a major part of the story The writer proves to be adept at creating an array of complex characters that interact beautifully This is why this book got five stars from me Read this book for an intriguing murder mystery I got an ebook copy from the publisher via netgalley for an honest review.

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    It wasn t terrible But it wasn t great It was just the most okayest crime novel Still, I guess that leaves room for improvement with the next one Disclaimer Extra points have been awarded because of my bias towards anything Canadian The overall concept was good A former star in the RCMP, Constable Dion, was in a terrible car accident that killed his partner and left him recovering from brain damage After recovery, his memory is shoddy, his sense of direction is for crap, he has some anger issues and has pushed away everyone he loves making him miserable to be around All he really wants for his life is to get back to the job he loves So the RCMP decides to test drive him, so to speak, to see how and if he can still be a cop after everything that s happened I m ignoring how unlikely that would be So, they send him to Buttfuck Nowhere, B.C., the cold and wet Canadian Northwest, to help investigate the disappearance of a local music celebrity Also on the case is Det Leith, who has been tracking a serial killer for so long, the open cases haunt him He thinks there could be a connection between the missing musician and the other victims he s been trying to find justice for so he leaves his wife and baby at home to join the hunt Leith, unaware of Dion s background, locks horns with Dion as they work together He, and the rest of the department, basically just think he s an idiot And honestly, what cop wouldn t Like, just tell people you re recovering from a head injury I didn t understand why this had to be kept a secret, but I digress So to recap, the concept thumbs up The setting decent The execution not so much This needed to be edited down desperately Sentence structure and description was brutal to read through It seemed to be a case of the first time authors curse the need to over explain everything combined with a lack of efficient writing The things that didn t matter to the story needed to be cut completely And everything else needed to be tightened up The author seemed to have a habit of writing too heavy handed about the things that didn t matter, and being too discreet and subtle about the things that did I was beat over the head with the details of action and scenery, but when it came to things like a character getting shot, considering suicide or finding a dead body, I literally did not know how we got from point A to point B I found myself saying, Wait,what a number of times Personal story lines were treated the same I could have cared about Constable Dion, but it took too long to divulge his history It wasn t until 70% through the book that the thing I read at 20% resonated with me like, oh I guess that stupid watch did have meaning The overtones of important plot devices needed work Plot milestones needed to be rethought in order to keep the story moving, instead of feeling stagnant and repetitive And to say it was lacking tension and suspense would be an understatement Overall it was too long and too confusing With better editing most of these things could have been fixed, creating something a little enjoyable to read that would take less than the 3 weeks it took me 3 weeks is just ridiculous for me There were a lot of red herrings and lot of suspects with a lot of lies to tell, but at some point it just became overwrought I couldn t keep track of every alibi, every lie, every story or every character leaving me frustrated then interested in what the outcome was The serial killer story line was wrapped up too nonchalantly and too quickly Det Leith had been hunting this guy for than a year of his life and it s treated like an afterthought halfway through the book with Leith showing no real emotion about it Missed character development oppurtunity 1000 I really felt the serial killer should have been the point of the story, instead of a vehicle to find one missing singer Because it s not like that led to anything profound or anything shocking It was all rather ho hum A serial killer could have added a much needed punch of spice There were things thrown in that open the story up for a sequel, obviously with Dion and Leith working together again But in order to make it a worthwhile read, Greenaway needs to work on her character development, the art of overtones and suspense, and how to create a mystery that doesn t become frustrating to follow along with 2.5 stars I was given a copy of this novel by Dundurn Press through NetGalley

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    This police procedural set in northern BC tells the story of 2 RCMP officers involved in the search for a serial killer.Cal Dion used to be a highly regarded detective in Vancouver That was before the accident that left him with a scrambled brain a dead partner Now he s starting over in Smithers, quietly hiding the extent of his disability.David Leith is a detective in Prince Rupert who s spent the last 2 years tracking the Pickup Killer Leads have been hard to come by the case is in danger of going cold Then a young, well known singer named Kiera goes missing from a small town in northern BC.Dion Leith are among the team sent to assist Renee Giroux, the no nonsense head of the local RCMP detachment Along for the ride is Mike Bosko, a high flying cop from the big city Somehow he insinuated himself into the investigation but no one is sure why.The rest of the cast is composed of local residents friends of the missing woman And while they want Kiera found, many are strangely reluctant to cooperate getting straight answers is like pulling teeth.The search for Kiera takes up the bulk of the book But it s also the story of 2 very different men forced to work together in a tense, claustrophobic environment They alternate as narrators so the reader is privy to their theories thoughts Leith is a cop s cop, determined to find the truth He s been mostly happy in Prince Rupert but every now then he wonders what it would be like to join the special crimes units in Vancouver He s unaware of Dion s background quickly labels him a dumbass rookie after multiple errors And he s not the only one.Dion s traumatic brain injury has left him with a spotty memory cognitive gaps Reading writing clearly is difficult he often loses time Unfortunately, he does remember what it was like to be an effective respected detective this adds to his mounting frustration Despite the time we spend in his head, there s an ambiguity to Dion s character the feeling we re not getting the whole story But you can t help but empathize as he struggles while colleagues quickly write him off as a screw up.The strong sense of place turns the setting into another character Rugged landscapes weather conditions frequently affect the actions of all the players It lends the story a dark moody atmosphere that adds to the tension as the plot progresses.Several surprising twists misdirection are employed to keep us guessing right up to he conclusion Even then, not everything is tied up with a neat bow some questions remain unanswered This is not a flashy thriller It s a subtle thinking man s mystery you have to pay attention to dialogue I particularly enjoyed following Dion His enigmatic character is a perfect foil for the straightforward Leith there s huge potential for the future of their relationship.By the end, the case is resolved both cops are safely back in their respective precincts But it s clear there are some changes in store you get the feeling their paths will cross again.

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    This is a police procedural set in the northern B.C There were times the story really pulled me in and times where it plodded along for too long The characters were interesting and most were nicely developed Although the investigation leader is supposed to be Leith and this is his series, I felt Dion was featured and was actually a interesting character I think the series has potential and will try the next book.

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