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The Werewolf Meets His Match (Nocturne Falls #2) summary The Werewolf Meets His Match (Nocturne Falls #2) , series The Werewolf Meets His Match (Nocturne Falls #2) , book The Werewolf Meets His Match (Nocturne Falls #2) , pdf The Werewolf Meets His Match (Nocturne Falls #2) , The Werewolf Meets His Match (Nocturne Falls #2) 5a92733192 Welcome To Nocturne Falls, The Town That Celebrates HalloweenDays A Year The Tourists Think It S All A Show The Vampires, The Werewolves, The Witches, The Occasional Gargoyle Flying Through The Sky But The Supernaturals Populating The Town Know Better Living In Nocturne Falls Means Being Yourself Fangs, Fur, And All Getting Arrested Wasn T On Werewolf Ivy Kincaid S Agenda When She Arrived In Nocturne Falls, But Her Life Rarely Goes According To Plan The Upside Of Spending The Night In The Local Lock Up Is Finding A Hotel Room Is No Longer A Worrybut The Downside Is The Man She S Come To Marry Will Get His First Impression Of Her Behind Bars Not Exactly The Way Ivy Was Hoping To Meet Her Pack S Sworn Enemy Aka Her Fianc Sheriff And Werewolf Hank Merrow Is The Alpha S Heir Everything He S Ever Done, From Becoming An Army Ranger To Serving In Law Enforcement, Has Been In Preparation For The Day He Ll Take Over Getting Married To Cement A Shaky Truce Is No Different Hank Will Do His Duty, Even If It Means Shackling Himself To A Woman He Has No Intention Of Liking, Let Alone Loving But Ivy Is Nothing Like Hank Expected As Feisty As She Is Beautiful, She S As Determined As He Is To Make A Go Of Marriage For The Sake Of Peace Between Their Packs The Trouble Is, Ivy Has Secrets That Could Destroy Everything Hank Holds Dear Including His Newfound Love For Her

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    3.5 stars This was a fun, entertaining and captivating read about Hank Merrow, the town sheriff that s a werewolf and all around good guy He agrees to an arranged marriage to a longtime rival werewolf pack.Ivy Kincaid looks like a bad girl but is a sweet person that has a terrible dad She s a werewolf as well that s forced to marry Hank because her father is holding power over her and threatening someone close to her that she loves.Of course, this is an instalove book so I m guessing that all the supernatural relationships will likely go this way in the series I guess I need to buckle up for that.Overall final thoughts Fun and entertaining book to read concerning werewolves, pack politics and HEA stories

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    I was lucky enough to receive and ARC of this book from the author As followers of my reviews will know I am a HUGE Kristen Painter fan BUT they will also know I am not such a fan of shifter wolf books so when I heard that book 2 was going to focus on those characters I was a little worried that I wouldn t like it as much.My fears were unfounded All I can say it I WANT TO LIVE IN NOCTURNE FALLS Seriously, pack my bags and let s go The town is amazing, seriously who wouldn t want Halloween every day , all the characters just jump off the pages, and it makes you just want to be a part of what THEY have well except the wolf part I ll be one of the other supernatural characters there are plenty to choose from I was thrilled to see Sebastian pop up again There may have only been a few lines about him across BOTH the books but he is my favorite I can t wait for him to have his own story Overall this is a fun read with some really touching moments thrown in that shows you that there really are some good guys out there if you know where to look I think paranormal fans will LOVE it Even better you really could read this one without having read books 1 the story stands alone Personally I would say grab book 1 too You won t regret it This is the type of collection that you will want to have on your shelves available to reread Ooooh it also needs to be on TV You really can see everything so clearly It is magical Someone make this happen Another easy 5 stars from me despite the furriness lol V V

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    I was provided an ARC by the publisher author for an honest review.Dear Readers,I come to you as a faithful fan of Kristen Painter to SQUEALLLLLLLL IN YOUR EAR Not to annoy you but rather to tell you to get your planner out and scribble the release date of The Werewolf Meets His Match in it In PURPLE INK to match the cover If you have an electronic planner calendar just enter it in there too OR HOWEVER YOU REMIND YOURSELF OF A RELEASE, because I know as a any true bookie does you have a way to remind yourself of a release Thanks you Now for my ReveiwThis is the second book in the series but NOT the second book I have read from Kristen Painter She is multi talented writer and excels in flipping back and forth through her genres Flashing from Urban Fantasy to Paranormal Romance back to Urban Fantasy and to an almost comedicly light but still edgy fun Paranormal Romance in Nocturne Falls Are you still with me I maybe babbling because I haven t slept I read straight through the night YUP sure did Anywhoooooooo Hank Merro is the alpha heir and should be mine by all rights in my mind and Ivy Kincaid is a werewolf from a not so honorable pack They met because they were forced to pay an old debt between the two packs Tsk Tsk Tsk HANDSOME Hank being an honorable alpha heir took it all in stride and honored the debt Beautiful troubled Ivy, coming from an almost criminal pack did it to change her moon and stars Sounds pretty cool right Almost perfect ALMOST Now what would mess this up Let me just change how I normally end my reviews by tipping my head back and letting out a loud howl at the moon as Kristen Painter knocked it out of the park for me here I love me some shifters so she gets all the stars I can stuff in my big old Mary Poppins purse This review was done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official.

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    The Werewolf Meets His Match is book two in the Nocturne Falls series by Kristen Painter.This story was entertaining, fun, and easy to read I enjoy the concept of a town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year and supernaturals can be who they are Here we meet Hank Merrow the town Sheriff, werewolf, and first born son of the Alpha We also meet Ivy Kincaid the bad girl, werewolf, and wants out of her situation, but only has one option and that s to do what her father says I m not a fan of Ivy, but I can understand her not trusting easily I felt she should have told Hank, but I can see why she held back Hank I loved He s a sweet man, Army Ranger, and Sheriff of the town, so he s a hero and has a good head on his shoulder This is an instalove storyline An arranged marriage to formalize the treaty between packs, but their are other things in play too Hank and Ivy have three days to get to know each other before they tie the knot This was a fast romance, very fast It s got pack politics and a town full of fun supernaturals.Overall, The Werewolf Meets His Match was an ok read I enjoyed.Rated 3.5 Stars

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    what happens when polar opposites meet, well sparks fly that s for sure Kristen Painter does it again another homerun if you want a story of love romance and bloody good laughs you got it

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    Hank Merrow is the eldest of the current alpha of the Georgia pack as such he knows knew that he might very easily find himself in some kind of arranged marriage situation due to various reasons, mainly related to werewolf politics Knowing this, he has spent his life avoiding relationships, working in the military Army Ranger , and is currently the Sheriff of Nocturne Falls.Ivy Kincaid is a daughter of the current alpha of the um insert state name here pack I read this book something like three books ago and there s been a bunch of origin states of the characters so I can t really remember if the other wolfpack is in Arkansas, or Tennessee or where exactly No matter She has many brothers, and a downright nasty father She initially tried to break free from the family, at least in the sense of attempting to lead her own life, but it was not to be that didn t mean that she necessarily assumed she d end up in an arranged marriage type situation But her father is her father, and she was given 15 minutes to start towards Georgia to meet and marry, in three days, a man she d never meet.Oh, and the Kincaid s and the Merrow s kind of have a currently inactive feud like vibe The only reason why the Merrow s are accepting of this arranged marriage thingie with the Kincaid s is because they owe the Kincaid s for helping when Hank s brother was in their territory The Kincaid s have a criminal vibe, the Merrow s have a law and order vibe that brother mentioned above is the fire chief in Nocturne Falls They kind of have an instant and instinctual dislike for each other Naturally this leads to issues when romance is on the table Or, actually, romance isn t on the table, an arranged marriage is.Doesn t help matters that Ivy and Hank first meet with Ivy reclining on a bed in Hank s jail Kind of reinforces that criminal vibe.I rather liked both Ivy and Hank unexpectedly I had been somewhat vaguely reluctant to start this one having previously meet Hank in the previous Nocturne Falls book, and in the first Frost mystery series book.Rating 4.33February 12 2018

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.Hank is the werewolf sheriff of Nocturne Falls, the only city that s Halloween all year round He is also the next in line for Alpha Because of this he is required to marry a female from another pack to help secure a truce between the two packs Ivy sneaks into Nocturne Falls to meet her new husband And gets into a fight with a human and thrown into jail all in the space of a few hours in town.Ivy is a badass on the outside full of confidence and won t take any shot from anyone Inside and in privacy she is broken Her abusive upbringing may have hardened her physically and taught her to show no weakness but she s broken emotionally She is expecting her new husband to be the same as the males from her pack abusive.Hank accepts his position, that he is to marry his enemy packs daughter to seal the truce between their packs What he doesn t expect is to be attracted to her, a criminal.I adored this book Nocturne Falls has become my favourite book world to sink into The characters are fun to read about The twists are plentiful and unexpected Reading as Hank and Ivy navigate their new lives together and as their assumptions about each other are proved wrong is inspiring Instead of fighting each other and their circumstances they accept their lives and try to make the best of it What results from these two characters is a heartwarming tale of second chances.

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    I don t know if reading the first book helped but with this one I was immediately drawn back into the Nocturne Falls world and glad to be there I really like the flow of these books yes they are predictable but the characters are lovable and consistent Something that as a reader is very comforting With this book, the characters of Hank and Ivy had me invested in their story than with Hugh and Delaney from the first book The story flowed very easily and the supporting characters felt the same as in the other Nocturne Falls books It was easy to find myself in their world As with the first book in the series I felt this one started to drag at the end and I wonder if this is going to continue to be a trend in the series It is like the author is working very hard to make each book a certain length that causes her to throw in some random angst.B.J Harrison will now officially be the voice of Nocturne Falls for me He does such an excellent job with the characters and their emotions that I won t be able to accept anyone else as a narrator for this series.

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    I received this early copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.I love Nocturne Falls Seriously LOVE I want to live there I want to date a werewolf or vampire or shifter or gargoyle I m not picky LOL Kristen Painter returns to the quaint little town where it s Halloween all year round But the tourists just think it s a gimmick Not the boldly given truth The Werewolf Meets His Match follows the Sheriff Hank Merrow and his soon to be bride, Ivy Kincaid But there s than meets the eye to their upcoming nuptials.Ivy and Hank are being forced into an arranged marriage Both are abiding to it out of a sense of duty, but for Ivy it s than just that Though they start off on a rough patch when Hank realizes his finacee was arrested the night before for getting involved in a bar fight The two really end up hitting it off They have an immediate attraction to one another Is it because they re both wolves The upcoming full moon which also is their wedding day Tough to say But there s definitely chemistry between them While things seem like they re going smoothly, Ivy is harboring a secret One she is protecting as fiercely as she can for fear of angering her father and disrupting the upcoming wedding It s one that could make Hank send her away for good And he d be in his right, unless they were already married, but even then Ivy isn t sure she d want to stay And it s not because Hank is a bad guy Quite the opposite in fact As I said, there s definitely chemistry between Hank and Ivy and I got all the feels from watching these two interact And even later on, my heart went pitter patter even based on Hank s actions Ivy definitely picked a winner here I am really loving this series so far Only 2 books at the moment, but it s incredible They are remarkable I love how real these characters are And the residents of Nocturne Falls we meet, the I want to see books with them in it I still want to see our gargoyle Nick get a book And now I d like to see Hank s sister Bridget and a certain werewolf get a book I wouldn t say no to Sebastian, Hugh s brother getting one either And I m sure by the next book there ll be another slew of characters I want to see of Nocturne Falls is a highly addicting series If you re a paranormal fan of any kind, then I highly recommend this series They re fun, fast reads, but they are incredibly delightful I m all already itching for the next book and I don t even know the title yet Overall Rating 5 5 stars

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    Audiobook ReviewThis series is cute, light hearted, and romantic This sequel to The Vampire s Mail Order Bride is just as engaging as the first book and the characters are just as likable even though they re werewolves and vampires and gargoyles, and witches However, I didn t rate this one as high as the first book in the series because the ending seemed a little drawn out And I hope this is not a trend for the entire series Painter has, for the second time, left some strings dangling at the end Hopefully, they will be addressed as the series proceeds, and I do intend to keep going with it.3 stars for this seasonally appropriate, spooky lite read.

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