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    Light of Dawn by Angela Colsin a light and dreamy four star read This is the second book in the Crucible series, this is a paranormal romance with a twist of mystery and intrigue with some great characters thrown in to keep the mix really fresh, the story flows with a natural plot, even though its spans many years the story doesn t take forever to get where it s going, as I have found some stories where the time line is set over many years, there can be too much time spent on the change of time and not enough on the actual story, here it flows naturally Even though its book two in the series I can be read as a stand alone Ulric Dra Kai is a mercenary of Draconian descent, he has been sent on a journey to find a curse box, he was hired and given some information on how to find it When he finds out a mere female may have information on the box he sets out to get the information from her, it won t be hard, she is only human after all Ulric has sworn of women until he finds his true mate, and he won t have to worry, as a human couldn t be his true mate, could they The Human in question is Charlotte Mulligan who seems to be having a rotten time of life, her marriage ended after only three months, after being told she is sexually impotent hasn t helped her at all, until one day her life changed with the delivery of a trinket box with a strange note Here are many ups and downs in the book as Ulric shows Charlotte a different side to herself and others that she has never known, whether it s for the best or not only time will tell.

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    A solid 3.75 stars.I enjoyed this book, even than Book 1 of the series Blue Moon We meet Ulric and his sidekick, Isaac, in Blue Moon and this book is Ulric s story Ulric is a Draconian, a descendent of humans mixed with one of five Dragon Houses Charlotte is a mortal at the beginning of the story, but there is to her than being a mere mortal Ulric is hired to find a mysterious mystical item and runs into Charlotte by way of a divination made to him by a supernatural being Adventures ensue from there Needless to say, Charlotte is not exactly what Ulric expects He thinks he is boss but she shows him that she is not a pushover I like a strong heroine and I really enjoyed that aspect of their relationship Adventures fighting vampires, each other and themselves all make for an interesting story worth reading I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    5 StarsLight of Dawn is an exceptionally good novel and the second book in The Crucible Series by the very talented Angela Colsin It is a complex paranormal story with multiple layers, all the various elements are woven together so masterfully and confidently which has resulted in this exciting and riveting read There is action, adventure, suspense, mystery, thrills and of course, a wonderful romance The formidable Ulric Dra Kai is a Draconian Mercenary and a powerful warrior who is several centuries old Draconians are an immortal race who are descended from humans who were imbued with the blood of the Great Dragons They come from another realm called Ithelyon, but move from realm to realm in their search for treasure, or to take on mercenary work.Ulric has been contracted to track and recover a curse box from the mortal realm He thought it was going to be a fairly simple assignment, but the box was stolen and seems to have changed hands several times due to the box being shrouded by magic and made to be untraceable, its location is becoming and difficult to pinpoint.With the help of a magical friend, Ulric is given the name of a mortal woman who will lead him to his ultimate goal So Ulric sets off in search of this woman, hoping she has the box or at the very least, can lead him to it.Charlotte Mulligan lives a simple, normal, mortal existence She is recently divorced after only a few months of marriage and is doing her best to try to adjust to single life once Her trust and self worth have taken quite a beating and she carries a lot of guilt, blaming herself for her marriage breakdown Charlotte doesn t relish her job at a call centre, but it pays the bills The few bright spots in her life are her best friend Edith, her cat Pepper, and gaming.When she receives a strange package in the mail, Charlotte is a little baffled by the contents She finds an unusual trinket box inside, which she is unable to open She has no idea who the sender is and becomes quite intrigued with it as it feels quite important, perhaps even very valuable So she sends the box to a friend who is an expert on antiques, hoping he can give her information.Her apartment gets trashed soon after and she discovers a very handsome, yet dangerous looking stranger in her home Charlotte normal life is turned upside down The mysterious stranger is looking for the trinket box, and apparently he s not the only one hunting for the box but she isn t going to just hand it over It must be very important to have him this interested in it As he is trying to get her to tell him where the trinket box is, vampires attack and try to abduct Charlotte Ulric comes to her rescue and they end up coming to a compromise He will keep her safe and out of the clutches of the vampires, and she will lead him to the curse box So they set off on a journey across the country, a race against time to get the box and outwit the vampires Along the way Ulric and Charlotte s connection and chemistry gets stronger which leads them to discover that Charlotte may have a dormant supernatural side and that she may also be Ulric s fated eternal mate that he has spent so many years waiting for But he is immortal and she is mortal, unless they can unlock her supernatural side there can be no chance of them having a future together.Will they get to the curse box in time Can they unlock Charlotte s supernatural side Will they outrun and outwit the vampires Can Ulric keep his promise and protect Charlotte from harm Is Charlotte his eternal fated mate Will they both get what they are looking for Ms Colsin is a new to me author and I am so excited to have a whole new world of stories to discover Ms Colsin writes beautifully She has such a wonderful imagination, with a very vivid and detail oriented style and the ability to weave stories that draw you into them and allow you to fully connect with both the story and the characters I was blown away by this book and really enjoyed getting lost in it.I love, love, love the characters, they were so well developed and completely unique I couldn t read flip the pages fast enough to find out what was happening The book has a great pace and is easy to read I couldn t put the book down and read it in one sitting.I can t wait to get my hands on the rest of Ms Colsin s books and begin exploring the rest of her work This is just the beginning long and fulfilling relationship, my love affair with her work.Thank you Ms Colsin

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    Light of Dawn The Crucible Book 2 by Angela Colsin is the second story in The Crucible series This story can be read as a stand alone as you will see some of the same characters from the first story but does not effect how you will read this one This story has a little bit of everything in it, magic, vampires, mystery, and of course every story as to have some romance in it to make it complete This story is a paranormal fantasy that will keep you reading until the end This story will pull you into a fantasy world from the first word forward Find out what happens when a normal female meets a man who has dragon running through him.Charlotte Mulligan is a normal every day female that lives an ordinary life and feels that she will never find love What will happen when she receives a package in the mail that contains a trinket box Soon after receiving the package, she is attacked by vampires What happens when she gets swept up into a hunt by a hot, sexy, dangerous stranger When he informs her that she is part of a supernatural world and explains some truth about this world What happens when her life starts unraveling What will she do when passion for this stranger starts to spark Will she guard her heart She know that she is mortal and he is immortal, what will happen Ulric Dra Kai is a draconian mercenary who has been hired to find a human that has something he wants Easy right What he finds is a determined mortal that refuses to be intimidated and draws him in like no other has Is she his destined mate This world be highly impossible, he is immortal and she is mortal But is there something in her linage that maybe the key to everything How difficult will it be to prove How dangerous will it become Charlotte and Ulric s relationship is one that is complicated, he is immortal and she is mortal That in itself makes things difficult Attraction grows between them but they know it could never work But are all things impossible Will the forces finally let them be together These characters really make the story together, they just make it flow Charlotte is a strong character that a little self confidence could help but she has been through so much When things start, she is unsure of what to do but when you have a strong counter part, does it really matter Ulric is a strong alpha male that knows what he wants and how to get it Find out if they have a future together or if being from two different worlds will be the deciding factor.This is my first story by Angela Colsin and I know it won t be the last I can t wait to see what she has for us next Angela was born and raised in the southern US She has been writing since she has been very young She loves to write paranormal but is a sucker for romance When she is not writing, she is playing video games with friends or reading This is a fast paced story that will pull you in from the first page forward I couldn t put this story down, I had to see what happened on every page of this story There were twists and turns that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what will happen behind the next corner I highly suggest this story as I know you will want to see what happens between a mortal and immortal.

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    I give Light of Dawn The Crucible, book 2 by Angela Colsin 5 stars.Ulric is a Draconian mercenary who was hired to find and return a Curse Box It is a job that pays well and appeals to the Draconian love of wealth But this is turning out to be a slippery job, he keeps just missing it A tip leads him to a human in Pennsylvania He has no idea why she has it, but thinks that he is finally getting somewhere Getting it from a human shouldn t be too hard After watching her apartment and finding that she is out, he breaks into her place and starts searching for the box But then he is interrupted when she comes in He just wants to threaten her enough into giving the box to him, but there is something special about her He just pushes the thoughts away, she is a human and can t be the mate he has been longing for While the Draconians each have one perfect mate they are instantly attracted to, that mate is always an immortal But there may be to this woman than meets the eye.Charlotte receives a strange package in the mail some sort of box It looks like an antique, so she sends it to an old coworker who is an expert in antiques After it had been mailed, she comes home one day to find her place completely ransacked She is in a state of shock and before she can figure out why, she is being held at knife point by someone claiming to be after the antique box She refuses to say where or to whom she sent it to, she will not put someone else s life in danger After she realizes that there are worse beings after her, she decides to make a deal with him She will travel with him to get the box personally and he will protect her while they are travelling.During their journey, she fight with her emotions Recently coming out of a bad relationship, she does not really feel worthy to another man Besides, she is still grieving over the abrupt end of that relationship But this man makes her feel things she has never felt before The way they met has her wary around him, but there s something inside her saying he is trustworthy And he is sexy as hell Not to mention the fact that she is having a crash course in learning about the supernatural She had no idea this stuff existed and while she knows the things she is seeing are real, her brain is on overload.Will they be able to retrieve the box Will they run into trouble along the way Can she accept what she is learning about what is really out there And what about these feelings they have for each other This was such a wonderful story I was pulled in instantly The characters are written so well, I feel like these are people I know I felt the emotions they were going through which to me tells how well written they are And the story There is so much going on, you will not be disappointed Just when you think the bad stuff is over, bam Something else happens I can t say enough about this book, I loved it

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    I would give this book, Light of Dawn, by Angela Colsin, four stars Charlotte Mulligan, nee Fuller,has had a rough three months Six months after her marriage to her fiancee of two years, she s divorced He s decided it isn t working for him And Charlotte knows he s right She just can t manage to scare up the passion she s supposed to feel for him Still, it hurts to find out that he has hooked up with her friend, less than a week after the papers have been served And, get this, the friend Still wants to be friends, even though Charlotte s fiancee is living with her Yeah,sure Fortunately, Charlotte actually has a best friend, Edith Snarky, street smart and life wise, Edith is trying to help Charlotte get over the ex In fact, Edith and Charlotte are talking on the phone about the ex when Charlotte receives an antique trinket box from a mysterious source Since neither Charlotte nor Edith knows anything about antiques, Charlotte enlists the aid of another friend in Tallahassee But, she has misgivings about sending the box off In fact, if the post office clerk hadn t snatched it from her hands, she might not have sent it at all.Now, she s been attacked by Vampires, rescued by a, wait for it, dragon , and her friend isn t answering his phone Not only that, but there s this weird attraction between her and dragon boy, man, whatever Yeah, Charlotte isn t having a great day.Ulric Dra Kai is a Draconian, or yes, a dragon Sort of And like all dragons before him, he is a possessive, gold hoarding mercenary That s what he does That s what his people do And he s been tasked with the job of finding a curse box This box also looks a lot like an antique trinket box that has accidentally been shipped off to a mortal, human woman in Orange Falls Pennsylvania.So, off Ulric goes, to Pennsylvania, to recover the curse box Not too hard, right Except for the vampires Ulric hates vampires, with good cause And guess what The vampires are hunting Charlotte Ulric takes one look at Charlotte and knows at least one reason the vampires might want her And it might be the same reason Ulric wants her Maybe Maybe after he tracks down the curse box he ll find out for sure if he can keep Charlotte alive that long.It s a good plot and a fun read.

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    Light of DawnAuthor Angela Colsin5 StarsThis book had me hooked by chapter two and couldn t put it down until it was finished This story revolves around Ulric and Charlotte It s also a story of the immortal world and the mortal world and finding love Ulric is a Draconian making him immortal, Charlotte is a mortal who will find out soon that she is also part Fae.The story starts when Ulric and his sister Victoria are sent to a dark realm where they were to kill a warlord Although their job was a success when they got back to the portal for home it had been sabotaged Victoria had escaped buy Ulric had been captured by vampires called the Kalar While captured Ulric was made to wear a collar that took is strength and was given a magic potion that took away his free will During his capture ad while drugged he was used to satisfy the desires of others and was also sold to other interesting parties Charlotte in the meantime was upset when her husband of nine months left her and moved in with her then best friend Donna The only light for Charlotte now was her friend Edith who never failed to make her laugh and smile.Charlottes life was about to be changed again when she returned home to find Ulric had trashed her apartment looking for a box she had days before received in the mail He did not believe she no longer had the box and thret4ened to hurt her, even though he knew that wasn t going to happen What Ulric didn t know was that vampires were also after Charlotte and they would pay a visit at the time he was also with her He had no choice but to kill these vampires and knew from that time he would protect her until she was safe That night he took her from her apartment to the safety of a hotel This would be the night that their lives would change in many ways Ulric would come to see that Charlotte was possibly his mate for life, and she would later find out that she was part Fae The time they were together they knew that needed to be together Charlotte needed to make the choice of transitioning to a Fae and be with Ulric for an eternity or stay a mortal and have him watch her die of old age She was not ready to decide on either of the choices.

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    Light of Dawn The Crucible Book 2 By Angela Colsin5 out of 5 starsThe story Light of Dawn The Crucible Book 2 by Angela Colsin is a paranormal fantasy romance book This story is a wonderful look into a magical world of vampires, fae, and other creatures I love the paranormal genre and this book had me from the beginning chapter to the ending page It tells the story of Ulric Dra Kai and Charlotte Mulligan Ulric has been hired to find a cursed box His search leads him to the home of Charlotte What happens next sends them both on the run and dodging attacks while trying to figure out their feelings for each other I loved the characters of Ulric and Charlotte Ulric is a draconian mercenary He has dragon blood in his veins He has been scared by a situation in his past where he was forced into actions that he had no control over He, however, feels very guilty Then he meets Charlotte His instincts tell him that she may be his fated mate, however, his is immortal, she couldn t be his mate, could she Can Ulric keep Charlotte safe while he is feeling such intense emotions for her Charlotte is a woman who has been through a lot She doesn t hold out hope of ever finding true love She leans on her best friend for support through the tough time she is having Then she meets Ulric She is surprised when she finds out that beings such as vampires, demons, and other creatures exist She also is puzzled as to why she feels connected to Ulric Charlotte is a strong woman to be able to deal with what is happening in such a short time While she is skeptical at first of her situation, she quickly adjusts Charlotte has never felt emotions as strongly as when she is with Ulric and is unsure of how she should respond How will she react when she finds out her true lineage Will she embrace her feelings for Ulric or push them away This is a beautiful love story that develops in the middle of a windstorm There are forces that are after both Charlotte and Ulric and you wonder if these two will get their HEA I found myself quickly turning pages to find out what happens next This is a book I highly suggest to add to the top of your TBR list This book does have adult situations which would make it for those 18 years of age or older.

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    The Light of Dawn by Angela Colsin4 Stars Light of Dawn is the second book in The Crucible Series I thought it was an extremely fun book to read It is than just a paranormal romance There was action and mystery as well The author gives enough background information that this can be read as a standalone The story follows Ulric Dra kai who is a powerful Draconian warrior Draconians are descendants from humans that had blood mixed with dragons Though he comes from another realm, he is sent to earth in search of a curse box He is a mercenary and the pay for this box is quite substantial Seeing as a human has possession of it, he thinks it ll be easy to retrieve He soon finds out that getting the box from her turns into an adventure he ll never forget Charlotte Mulligan was living a normal life trying to get over her failed marriage until she received a strange box in the mail She then finds herself being threatened by a gorgeous Draconian and hunted by vampires She s in the middle of a nightmare that there is no waking up from Ulric and her come to a compromise He ll protect her from the vampires while she brings him to the box What ensues is a cross country road trip while evading vampires The sexual tension runs high during the trip and Ulric and Charlotte fall for each other Loads of surprises happen and they find out that there might be a possibility of their being together Can it happen Can Ulric protect Charlotte from the vampires Will they find the curse box You have to read to find out I really liked the fact that there were different types of supernaturals in this book Besides vampires, there were demons, mages and the Draconians It added depth and realism to the story that there were other realms I honestly enjoyed the book.

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    Light of Dawn by Angela Colsin is a paranormal fantasy romance story, that honestly had me hooked after the first chapter It s well written, the plot is amazing, the characters were brilliant and seemed like real people, it s just a great book.Colsin managed to create a world that was connected to ours, but was still different and she did that beautifully There s political differences and sides, hidden histories, just everything was written wonderful The plot was interesting, it s something that s been sort of done before, an immortal supernatural creature meets a mortal and they eventually fall in love etc., but she managed to put a fresh feel and spin on it The characters were relatable, especially Charlotte our heroine She s shown as being stubborn and strong willed but she s also shown as being vulnerable at times, especially in the beginning of the story when she s recently divorced Ulric has suffered in the past, and you get to know some of it in the beginning of the series and is shown in this book He s something of a control freak about things, but it s very easy to understand why he s like that.They were just really well written, as were the rest of the characters, though Charlotte and Ulric are my favorites.Colsin is a new to me author, but after reading this, I m going to be keeping an eye out for any of her books Pretty much my only two complaints with this book is that I hadn t read the first one yet, and that I have to wait to find out what happens next I would give this 5 out of 5 stars I can t wait to read this series and to read feom this author

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Light of Dawn (The Crucible Series Book 2) download Light of Dawn (The Crucible Series Book 2) , read online Light of Dawn (The Crucible Series Book 2) , kindle ebook Light of Dawn (The Crucible Series Book 2) , Light of Dawn (The Crucible Series Book 2) b4dd3a37e674 Hired To Find A Curse Box, The Draconian Mercenary, Ulric Dra Kai, Is Directed To Seek Out The Human Charlotte Mulligan Who Ll Lead Him To His Ultimate Goal Expecting To Get Information From Her With Ease, Ulric Instead Meets A Determined Mortal Who Refuses To Be Intimidated And Draws Him In Like No OtherAs That Attraction Grows, He Comes To Believe Charlotte May Be His Destined Mate, But There S A Problem He S Immortal, Making That Impossible Answers Could Possibly Lie In The Dormant Supernatural Side Of Charlotte S Lineage, But Getting Them Proves Difficult When Vampires Are Out For Her BloodCharlotte Thought She Was An Ordinary Human Living An Average Life Until Receiving An Odd Package In The Mail Containing A Unique Trinket Box Soon After, She S Attacked By Vampires And Swept Up In A Hunt By A Dangerous But Attractive Stranger Who Not Only Reveals The Truth Of The Supernatural World, But Also Informs Her That She S A Part Of ItTrying To Survive While Her Life Is Coming Apart, A Passion For The Draconian Protecting Her Sparks To Life, One She Has To Guard Her Heart Against When Being Mortal Makes A Union Between Them Difficult, If Not Impossible