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The Garden Collection summary The Garden Collection , series The Garden Collection , book The Garden Collection , pdf The Garden Collection , The Garden Collection b6ea839480 A Few Words Of Encouragement Can Stay With You For A Lifetime Robert And Brianna S Childhood Friendship Grew Into Respect For Each Other And Their Ideas Robert Gave Her The Confidence To Stand Up For Herself Brianna Helped Him See His Artistic Potential And Encouraged Him To Travel For His Inspiration He Found It In The Letters She WroteNow Struggling To Care For Her Six Year Old Half Sister, Chloe, After Their Mother Abandoned Them, Brianna Carlson Receives News That Her Abusive Stepfather Will Be Released From Prison Still Limping From A Once Broken Leg, She S Terrified He Ll Come Back To Hurt Chloe This Time She Decides To Leave TownWhile Traveling For His Family S Jewelry Business, Robert Donovan Designed The Garden Collection, His Newest Line Of Necklaces, Bracelets, And Earrings Returning Home, He Discovers Brianna Had Lied In Every Letter She Sent She Never Received Any Of His Before He Can Demand Answers, She Disappears Without Chloe As Robert Learns About Brianna S Life During His Absence, He Sets Out To Find Her And Convince Her To Trust Him Again

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    Book Review The Garden Collection This is a standalone novel and ends in an HEA This story is told quite a bit through flashbacks Usually flashbacks make a story hard to follow, but this author keeps everything flowing while using flashbacks Sometimes the same scene is told from different points of view, each telling revealing a bit understanding in to the depth of feeling Robert has for Brianna.The violence in the story is dealt with in such a way that it isn t too hard to read The romance was of a suggestive, rather than descriptive nature and wasn t explicit Readers with experience will be able to read between the lines , but the romance is appropriate for a younger audience.The way the whole town falls in love and helps Brianna by tipping her extra so she can buy a dress and by helping to watch Chloe is heartwarming to see The evil characters abound, though Robert s mom, Chloe s dad and grown up bullies all add up to very realistic issues and mean people the reader can relate to.The only situation I found hard to believe was when Robert leaves for Italy after seeing proof that Brianna was being beaten Knowing the depth of his love, how could he go away and stay away for 5 years Their difference in age was not a good enough explanation Watching the family dynamics in Robert s home showed the strange way you can be both the child and the adult, during interactions with your parents.I am a reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock.This book is appropriate for a young 17 audience.

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