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Soul Mates pdf Soul Mates , ebook Soul Mates , epub Soul Mates , doc Soul Mates , e-pub Soul Mates , Soul Mates f4af77634e7 Identical Twins Share A Connection That Even Modern Science Doesn T Fully Understand Closer Than Mere Blood Can Bind, Deeper Than Any Sibling Bond, One Cell, One Mind, One BeginningAlannah Clark Has Found The Man She Wants To Spend The Rest Of Her Life With A Magician But Magicians Have Secrets Secrets That Might Outweigh Alannah S Own Dark Corners But Nothing Remains Hidden ForeverMagic, Thrills, Romance, Suspense, And Sorrow Are The Emotions Of John R Little S Newest And Darkest Thoughts Fans Are Sure To Get A Thrill Ride As He Unleashes His Newest Adventure

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    Review copySoul Mates begins with a tragic day in Nowhere, Minnesota and a genuine OMG moment As a father and a grandfather, I can honestly say there is no worse feeling than being totally unable to do anything in a dire situation which ultimately results in the death of a child.It s nine years later when we are introduced to twins Alanna and Savanna Clark who run away from home at sixteen to get away from a life where their mother was killed by their father who is in prison for life.Parallel to this story line is the tale of Jeremiah Moore whose life long ambition is to be world class magician Eventually Alanna and Jeremiah s paths cross in Seattle, Washington Along the way there are numerous oddities which don t seem to make a lot of sense, but eventually it all comes together in a most unusual way So much so, that I may have to read this book again later, just to see all the clues I missed.Despite the title, Soul Mates, is not a tale where the characters live Happily ever after As a result, I think the author has given us a much better story It is a book you need to be involved in It s not a casual read I wouldn t recommend reading this one in an area with a lot of distractions.Soul Mates is one of those tales that looks like it s going to be about one thing and then throws you a curve ball you never see coming It s is currently available in both paperback and e book formats from JournalStone.Recommended.John R Little is an award winning author of suspense, dark fantasy, and horror He currently lives in Ayr, a small town near Kitchener, Canada, and is always at work on his next book John has published 14 books to date, including Darknet, which came out about a year ago and takes a frightening look at the dark side of the internet.

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    Time, memory, identity Little writes about these themes like no other author A quick read, I kind of wish it was longer Guess I ll just have to wait for his next novel novella.

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    Identical twins share a connection that even modern science doesn t fully understand Closer than mere blood can bind, deeper than any sibling bond, one cell, one mind, one beginning.Alannah Clark has found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with A magician but magicians have secrets secrets that might outweigh Alannah s own dark corners But nothing remains hidden forever.Magic, thrills, romance, suspense, and sorrow are the emotions of John R Little s newest and darkest thoughts Fans are sure to get a thrill ride as he unleashes his newest adventure.

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    For a select group of readers, I m sure Soul Mates will thrill and entertain For this reader, sadly, it did not.The fact that the prologue forced me to consciously suspend my disbelief was disappointing but not a dealbreaker Killer jack russell terriers really And it wasn t the only time I had to suspend my disbelief either.The fact that I knew the first twist right out the gate in chapter two I suspected by chapter 7 I had zero doubts was mildly disappointing but not a dealbreaker.The fact that Jeremiah continually described Alannah as quiet, gentle and fragile all three traits of his dream girl was absolutely maddening I get it the stereotypical male fantasy beautiful, skinny, quiet, fragile, needs rescued, needs taken care of But good grief, at one point I thought I might throw the book if Jeremiah said fragile one damn time.All in all, the story was face paced enough that the book survived without injury The biggest disappointment I liked what I would consider the real twist of the book Luke but his story was over almost as soon as it was gettin good.So yeah, Soul Mates will probably go over best with people looking for a page turner with some mild sex and violence Especially men in their forties who dream of meeting the One and her being barely twenty, beautiful, skinny, quiet and blah, blah, blah If only the dynamic with Luke had been predominant in the overall story2 stars Received trade paperback from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Soul Mates by John R LittleAlannah Clark has found what she feels is the perfect man He is a magician, 20 years older and very mysterious She wants to spend the rest of her life with him But her identical twin Savannah is not thrilled with Allanah s choice They have always been close, closer than normal Will Allannah be able to have the happy life she so desires A fast paced dark psychological thriller Allanah is very meek, naive and innocent in all ways Savannah is the exact opposite, out going, experienced and not afraid to live life to the fullest.Filled with many secrets, twists and turns, I was at the edge of my seat The characters are complex and plot is very original I was hooked from the first page.Those who like a good psychological thriller with a bit of romance should enjoy Soul Mates I recommend to readers 18 I won this book on Library Thing

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    John R Little tells the story of identical twins Savannah and Alannah in the way that only he can The story starts slowly and builds engrossing the reader in the twins life But watch out for John Little he has plot twists and turns that double back on themselves This master of dark fiction has done it again I highly recommend you buy SOUL MATES now

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    Disclaimer This book was received for free as an advanced reading copy through a GoodReads giveaway I m going to try and keep this as spoiler free as possible This book is very all over the place You know how when you re reading a book, and you think, God, where was the editor on this thing, it s too long Well, I felt the inverse and that this book was overly edited I figured out the main twist early on, so I wasn t interested in a lot of that However, the supernatural element felt entirely tacked on, or overly pruned I wanted to know about that Either way it made little to no sense, and should have been jettisoned Other parts, such as the main character s father should also have been given the boot I would have given it a 2.5 if I could, but I rounded down due to the overly graphic sex scenes I m no prude, but this also felt out of place and jarring I think I know why the author editor whoever made that choice, but it didn t work for me Overall, I felt there was a lot of potential in this book, but some choices were made that just made me dislike the final product.

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    Soul Mates follows the stories of two twin sisters, Savannah and Alannah, who are identical but have very different personalities They leave home after their father murders their mother for adultery The girls have a habit of writing the details of their lives and days in a journal, and both sisters read the other s entries Intermittently, the story also follows the life of a magician, who we learn has an anger management problem and has struggled to keep it in check during his life He meets Alannah, who he recruits as his magician s assistant, and they fall in love The two head off to Las Vegas with the promise of a 10 year gig at Caesar s Palace, and Savannah comes along as well, unable to live apart from Alannah Inevitably, the magician sees Savannah with another man, while thinking it is Alannah cheating on him, and tragedy strikes Meanwhile, there is the mystery of the scary boy who haunts Alannah and Savannah, and the mystery unfolds near the end of the book with catastrophic results.There are several different points of view in this book, and several storylines that are a little out there However, the book held my attention and I breezed through it.

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    This is my first time writing a review for Goodreads, so please forgive me for any spoilers I will try my best to avoid them This was enjoyable, and was the perfect read for Halloween The author John R Little did a great job of setting up a creepy atmosphere and while reading this I even had weird dreams So if you are in the mood for something creepy this book would be a good one to pick up There are some interesting themes in this story as well It will make you think about family, relationships, and what it means to have what you want The characters are all well developed, and the story was very engaging The romance element complimented the spook factor nicely, and the author managed to balance them nicely Warning this book is definitely 18.The only complaint that I do have is that there were some small editing mistakes The publisher or editor should have noticed them before having the book printed But other than that I would definitely recommend this book.

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    This is what I wrote for my mid book updateI started this book probably about a month ago I got this to review but I have been busy and I have tried to pick it up a few times I m about half way through it and it has been kind of slow, but it is an interesting story.Overall, it s not what I expected When I read the synopsis I was really excited to read a thriller, mystery book But that s not what actually happened It s not as creepy or suspenseful as I hoped and even thought it would be.It was a good book but slow for a while I will stand by my interesting story comment It really was interesting, but I found it kind of confusing with the time jumps.I was mixed about the ending I think Little did a great twist I was never expecting that and I had no clue until the end My only problem is I was kind of confused by the last page or 2 I m not 100% sure what happened but it was good.Overall it was a good book It was a fast read once I got into it It was dark but not as suspenseful as I thought it would be.

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