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The Fast Metabolism Food Rx summary The Fast Metabolism Food Rx , series The Fast Metabolism Food Rx , book The Fast Metabolism Food Rx , pdf The Fast Metabolism Food Rx , The Fast Metabolism Food Rx c413c688de WANT TO FEEL GREAT, DISEASE PROOF YOUR BODY, AND LIVE AT YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT THEN, EAT YOUR MEDICINE Haylie Pomroy, Celebrated Nutritionist, AndNew York Times Bestselling Author Of The Fast Metabolism Diet, Shares A Food Prescription For TheMost Common Ways Your Metabolism Misfires And Leads To Exhaustion, Excess Weight, And Illness With Her Targeted Eating Plans You Can Feed Your Body Back To A Vibrant, Energetic, And Thriving State So, If You Re Suffering From GI Issues, Fatigue, Out Of Whack Hormones, Mood And Cognition Difficulties, Elevated Cholesterol, Blood Sugar Control Problems, Or An Autoimmune Problem, Food Rx Has The Solution For You

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    I would like to give 6 stars for this book First of all, I grabbed this book because I was looking for something that would provide a diabetic diet that I was suggested by my gynecologist I have a PCOS and a weight loss struggle is a big issue in such cases like mine I knew of my condition for over 10 years but I was never been told to look into my problem from food perspective Doctors would rather push hormonal treatment, alas So, I started reading and recognizing my problems and learning deeper why and what is happening to my body And I immediately jumped into the suggested diet basically, I was overweight like 15 pounds and I was suggested to eat not less, like we usually are accustomed to hear But the point is in eating in a specific order because how the body hormones are interacting with you, and specific amounts of different nutrients And every case is very specific, so you have to know your problem, if it works for me, it doesn t mean it will work for you So far I have been on this eat diet for 60 days, no struggling at all or any cravings, and I ve already lost 12 pounds It s not a diet thing, it s simply learning deeper how to understand your condition and reverse it through your correct gut It sounds simple, but it s a very difficult process.

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    7 Powerful Prescriptions to Feed Your Body Back to HealthAnd as the subtitle continues.it is for G I stress, fatigue, hormones, mood, cholesterol, diabetes and autoimmunity.Fast Metabolism Food Rx is all about repairing your metabolic pathways, using food as medicine and listening to your own body As the author says paraphrased , what good is eating certain foods if you can t metabolize them properly or absorb the nutrients from them She first goes into what is real health and what is metabolism The real key to health is to be able to empower the body and purposefully manipulate what your unique body does with the particular foods you eat page 17 Ms Pomroy does include ideas for exercise and environment but believes that we are most powerfully controlled by your food choices , page 17 and that, to effect any kind of metabolic change you have to change what you are doing page 17 Metabolism is the big picture process of how your body takes things in and transforms them for energy, rebuilding, and repairing page 22 When you change your metabolism, you can potentially change almost anything about how your body works page 22 You essentially have to buy in to this author s theory of how illness and disease happen and to how to reverse it An imbalance in metabolic pathways is at the crux of all chronic disease page 29 In most cases, outside of surgery Food is the only way to repair chronic disease page 30 The author then goes on to give you an introductory symptom quiz to see what your body is telling you pages 44 45 And there is a much detailed quiz in the back of the book to help you determine which chapter s prescription you should do first pages 245 248 There are some foundational rules for good health, such as never to skip breakfast, to eat real food, don t skip meals, do not exercise on an empty stomach, drink lots of water etc and this includes a basic food list to eat from which excludes gluten grains and dairy.Then the book has a chapter with a prescription for a particular group of ailments that use the same metabolic pathways, such as gastrointestinal dysfunction, indigestion and IBS fatigue, low energy and exhaustion PMS, perimenopause, menopause and manopause high cholesterol, inflammation, impaired lipid metabolism mood changes and cognitive challenges metabolic syndrome, blood sugar issues, prediabetes and diabetes immune dysfunction and autoimmune disordersIn each chapter she includes sample symptoms, targeted pathways for repair, guidelines for repair, top 20 power foods for repair, sample meal plans, sample recipes, and some nonfood strategies to include.Not being a professional nutritionist or doctor I can t speak as to the complete soundness of this program but from my extensive reading it does sound reasonable, safe and healthy to me.Since most of my readers are Christian I do want to point out that this book does in NO way address spiritual issues does not talk about the true cause of illness, stemming for Adam s sin or as coming from demonic activity So keep that in mind, that this book is only talking about things in the natural, and from, as far as I can tell, from a nonchristian.This book is best suited for people who are looking for help in natural to some of their health problems and that already believe in the premise that food is medicine or at least that food is a very good way to be a good steward of your own health.Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group as part of their blogging for books program I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    I have been listening to a lot of food books lately to understand the way diet works for health Pomroy claims that food prescriptions rather than medications can help solve the root cause of various ailments and offers a holistic view of health anatomical, emotional and diet based Though the first quarter of the book felt like one long infomercial, there were parts I found really helpful In the low fat, low carb always dieting craze, we have been led to believe that we should look at food from the perspective of what we should stay away from rather than what we should make sure to include in each meal so that every meal becomes an opportunity for nourishment and health This is a perspective I haven t had and realized how hard it is to change my mentality I am generally a healthy person so I didn t have a lot of the ailments this book describes Still, it is interesting to see how food can be used to solve a root issue rather than medication which really only addresses the symptoms The most useful part of this book was the chapter dedicated on how to speak to my doctor, what lab tests to request and how to be in control of my own health Too often, I go into my annual physical without any preparation and just assume that all the standard stuff is enough She lays out a plan where I keep all the documentation and track my own results so that I have better control of what I need She also provides some good tips to make sure my insurance covers as much as possible In the start of 2018, it seems appropriate to resolve to be in control of my own health

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    I discovered Haylie Pomroy almost a year ago through her Fast Metabolism Diet, where I lost 30 lbs and have kept it off I was excited to read this new book because I love Haylie s approach to food Her idea of DIET Did I Eat Today is so radical She WANTS you to eat good food She wants you to fall in love with food, to embrace it, to use it to fuel your body to do what it needs And then she gives you prescriptions plans to follow to help your body heal itself from low energy, high lipid profiles, even autoimmune disease Her answer is never to eat less, but to eat of the things that will allow your body to use nutrients to be the best it can be Thanks to Haylie, I am approaching food not as the enemy, but as a friend who can help me with what I need to achieve.

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    Having followed Haylie Pomroy s Fast Metabolism Diet for two years, I was happy to learn this book was being released, and even happier to receive a pre release copy.The Fast Metabolism Food Rx offers whole food prescriptions for feeding your body back to health It covers GI Stress, Fatigue, Hormones, Mood, Cholesterol, Diabetes, and Autoimmune Dysfunction If you re suffering from any of these, I strongly recommend this book It goes over the disorder and gives you a healthy food method of fixing it.

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    I don t feel like I could give it a fair rating so I m going to leave all the stars blank I m sure this is really helpful for some people but, it bored the heck out of me There are some good recipes in there and I like the pages that tell you what foods are specifically good for brain function, energy, etc I think for me this is a book you keep around to skim over once in awhile but not something I m going to read front to back Won as a Goodreads Giveaway.

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    Not sure how to rate this book First of all I got it as an e book, and that makes it difficult to see or print the food lists, so I now have Haylie s The Fast Metabolism Diet from the library A lot of people have had success with this After an intermittent fasting diet book disaster and a car accident as a result I am on board to eat regularly I will write again after trying it.

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    Interesante informaci n para llevar una alimentaci n m s saludable.

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    Such great information Can t wait to put it into practice.

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    A new approach to wellness and nutrition, how refreshing

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