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Miss Greenhorn files Miss Greenhorn, read online Miss Greenhorn, free Miss Greenhorn, free Miss Greenhorn, Miss Greenhorn 226f1b64b When Christy Haley Joined An Archaeological Dig In Arizona, Her Most Fascinating Find Was An Irascible Yet Irresistible Ranch Owner The Last Thing Nate Lang Thought He Needed Was An Eastern Greenhorn Who Didn T Know A Cactus From A Cornstalk But She D Already Unearthed His Passion And Discovered Her Rugged Westerner Was A Greenhorn Himself At Love

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    The hero of the first half was a slimy weasel, while the man he morphed into in the latter half of the book was swooney and amazing The writing in this one was not up to par The relationship felt shallow and the motivations were sketchy I was shocked to see that this was published in 2015 as it seemed much dated than that The poor heroine was astounded to see a man s bare chest In 2015 What rock has she been living under Has she never been to a swimming pool Or walked past a magazine rack at the grocery store The h was just a bit too OTT innocent and sheltered to be believable and was too passive in her own life and choices The H blew very hot cold but got super sweet by the end.Turns out that both the H h are closet nerdy late bloomers who were secretly hot I loved the end and believed in their HEA.Safety view spoiler The h was a 25 year old virgin, H 37 year old experienced but ONS only He talked the talk like he was a big womanizer but he was described as not very handsome and women only wanted him for his money so I don t think he got that much action He has been celibate for the last 3 years.No OW drama, slight OM drama with a sweet college student that has a crush on the h, but he s never a contender The h insists she is going to go home and marry the 40 year old pudgy widower with 3 teenagers who had a vasectomy and doesn t want kids He sounds like a real catch She is just being ridiculously melodramatic hide spoiler

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    Love the cover but that doesn t look like Arizona to me Sweet and light Has all of DP s usual fare minus too much of the blow hot, blow cold capers Well, there is some but up to an acceptable level and not those that give you whiplash Liked the h and the H turned out quite nice too

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    Typical but enjoyable DP We ve got a hairy manly chest, a cantankerous H, a virginal sweet natured yet naive h, some soapboxing about this and that, and voila There s a wee twist at the end that I liked and made the H endearing.Christy is a virginal kindergarten teacher in her mid 20 s, who has lead a sheltered and dowdy life She decides that she wants to spread her wings, so she changes her clothes and hair and leaves Florida for the first time in her life In Arizona on an archaeological dig, she comes face to face with Nate, the owner of the land the dig is on Nate takes an inexplicable dislike of her.But it s not inexplicable to the reader as you get both their thoughts in this one, which helps a lot with making sense of the back and forth and hot and cold between them.Some sexy almost times, but this one keeps it clean for the most part.Safety is good view spoiler she is a virgin of course, and he has only been with gold diggers but has been celibate for 3 years There s an OM who has been courting her, but she sees as a last resort to spinsterhood He s off screen and just there to add a bit of jealousy to the H hide spoiler

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    Sweet love story, wish it was longer

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    Sweet Story, Likeable Characters It was pure bad luck that the Hokokam ruin the professor was interested in was on property owned by Nathanial Lang, who seemed to hate science, modern people, and Christine with a passion FINAL DECISION The typical experienced hero, virginal heroine story is elevated by revelations the defy expectations and a hero who at first appears to be heartless but ends up being incredibly sweet.THE STORY Christiana Christy Haley is a teacher from the east who joins an archeological excavation as part of her summer vacation and recent makeover She meets ornery ranch owner Nate Long who is a westerner and who believes that the clumsy accidents that follow Christy are her way of trying to attract him Christy is old fashioned and barely out of her shy, awkward stage She finds she likes Nate but his misunderstandings about her push her too far too fast.OPINION This is a sweet gentle romance between two people that seem to be opposite Christy is a woman who looks beautiful, but inside is shy and awkward She is being noticed by men for the first time and doesn t quite know how to handle herself Nate is a confident sexy cowboy and much sophisticated that Christy or so she thinks What is revealed through the story is that both Christy and Nate have mistaken impressions about one another.This story is elevated by the fact that Nate recognizes his mistaken impression of Christy and is then conflicted because he likes this woman but doesn t want to be hurt by her or to hurt her I felt that Nate is a sweet hero The end of the story no spoilers was simply adorable.WORTH MENTIONING As with many Palmer heroes, Nate mistakes Christy for an experienced woman and attempts to engage in a sexual relationship with her Here, however, Nate is much a gentleman that some Palmer heroes.CONNECTED BOOKS MiSS GREENHORN is a standalone.STAR RATING I give this book 4 stars.

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    I gotta read this one againhaven t rated any of my DPs lately cause I keep thinking she s saying the same thing, and so am I This one threw me a tad, though I gotta go back and re read this little book because I missed where hate morphed into love in less than 20 pages.Ok Ok It s a short book, but egads, this guy was another mixed signal jerkwad Does DP have a thing against attractive heroes or is it just me Can we have ONE hottie every now and then Okay I am working the backlist so, bye for now

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    Highly RecommendIf you re a Diana Palmer fan you ll enjoy this story.She always writes strong characters very descriptive historic backgrounds and always a Happy Ever After.

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    CategoriesContemporary Romance, Small Town Rural Fiction, Western Fiction, Western Romance

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    07 06 2010Gostei do livro, ele n o foge ao estilo DP, pois a mocinha virgem e inocente e o mocinho experiente e interpreta de maneira errada o comportamento da mocinha.Ela uma professora que tem a vida protegida e sem gra a, mas que encontra nesta expedi o arqueol gica uma maneira de fugir de seu cotidiano e pensar a respeito de um pedido de casamento por parte de um pretendente mais velho e j com tr s filhos.Ela se depara com um mocinho estilo DP e TDB, experiente e j cheio de se deparar com mulheres loucas pelo seu dinheiro Como a mocinha bem desastrada ele acha que ela est fazendo de tudo pra chamar a aten o dele, tem cenas bem engra adas Ali s, ele se acha o ltimo biscoito recheado do pacote, kkkkk A mocinha bonita, mas n o tem no o de sua beleza, pois t mida e desastrada.Recomendo

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    Didn t really like Nate He was kind of a jerk and Christy was a doormat I didn t really see the reason why he would blow hot cold all the time Also, her clumsiness because of her poor eyesight got a little old Who would keep tripping falling into people just because they didn t want to wear glasses Was this before the time of contacts They just didn t make much sense to me.

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